Forum Toxicity

What can we do to decrease the toxicity that runs pretty rampant on this forum

And yes i know i’ve been a contributor of that myself on many occasions

But would be nice to see a change and get back to being a forum of positivity

Some players wont even read the forum or participate in conversations anymore due to the risk of flamings and false accusations. Shoudn’t be that way

Players should be second guessing negative thoughts or posts and conversations. Not second guessing positive ones.

2 years ago, the forum was an excellent source of information and conversation

Those 2 things still remain but get cluttered up, missed, or skipped over a lot of the time now due to threads derailing into personal attacks, conspiracy theories, and false accusations.

I don’t know about you guys, but i’d like to start looking forward to catching up on the forum again rather than be indecisive if i even want to read a response or open a thread. Could just be me that thinks this way, but i doubt it.

We have a hand full of staff involved in the forum and only 4 moderators that i know of. Vs thousands of people, the work load is heavily stacked against them. Sure they can flag a few posts or hide some threads or lock some threads. But that’s not enough to dam up the flood when someone wants to go on a rant and just open up new threads or visit other similar threads to finish their toxic thoughts. The bashing of moderators for voluntarily trying to help this forum be a comfortable and organized place for E&P discussions/conversations should definitely without a doubt come to a screeching halt.

We’re all adults. So best start is to start thinking further about what we say before we say it. Simple thoughts such as “Does this contribute anything to the conversation?”, “is this towards an idea or topic, or am i targeting the player(s)?”, “do i have facts behind my theory?”, “will this upset anyone, if so then why? Due to content or topic? How i can i alter it so it has a more constructive approach?”, etc etc. Trying to see both sides of the coin would definitely help improve many discussions in this forum. No topic has 1 side. Both sides should be heard CONSTRUCTIVELY.

Just a little bit of self control, self awareness, respect for others, can all go a very long way.

This thread has actually been in my head for awhile, just figured it would be hypocritical of me to start it. Probably still is but i have no problem taking the heat for that if it’s something i think could be better for the community and/or the game.

When i see in Line or even this forum itself on a daily basis where multiple players say “i avoid the forum due to all the trolls and toxic behavior that goes on”, some of those players could be solid contributors, yet they are silenced in a media that is supposed to be welcoming to fellow players and game discussions. That’s not right and it’s not fair. If anyone should be silenced it’s the ones that contribute to the toxicity, not the other way around.


Ignore option for those that only are toxic people.


This! So. Much. This!



Thank you @rigs to remind the community what this forum should be…a nice and polite place to hang out and get some help and advise!



Sorry for my english…

I am playing the game just over 5 months… i am spending about 1 hour daily reading this forum and in my opinion the quality of threads decreased significantly. If only we could get rid of these two categories of threads:

1st category: bad luck on summons threads… over and over… --> percentages are simple and given… YOU CAN GET LUCKY OR UNLUCKY (for me last two Atlantis - over 150 summons = 2xMitsuko + Horghall)

2nd category: RNG - over and over… people complaining about bad boards, wu-kong not working properly etc. --> the game is based on RNG… it is simple and given… NOBODY GETS CHEATED

  1. Good for you.
  2. I’m at fault as much as anyone.
  3. If I can change, and you can change, everybody can change!

Thnx @Rigs.
I noticed being less active here lately as well because of the negative atmosphere that is present in general.
I try to avoid the obvious ranting toppics (note the: try :wink: ).
We indeed could use some boost of positivity around here! Making people aware is the first step in changing things so I am glad you have started this.

I will try to be more positive myself and try to give the needed example in this.


The fact that active players are taking this initiative on their own is a pretty amazing feat on it’s own. Good job, guys.


I would love the forum to be a good place again.

Just take away the personal attacks and discuss the topics in a civilized way and we are good! It is heartbraking see so many of my friends fighting, insulting, bashing and shaming each other and I desperately hope these days are now over!

Make it all about love, having fun and enjoying the game together :slight_smile:


@Rigs, maybe change the name to Boycot Forum Toxicity, as people are already starting to get toxic…


Just a quick two cents on this subject, I agree that there are a fair number of forum posts that tend to reach into personal attacks and that these can really derail a conversation that was once constructive, that said there needs to be some acceptance of harsh reality as well. The fact is sometimes people get so caught up in toxic words that they often miss the point.

Solely for purposes of example say forum member x decides to say something like “Joe here is the reason something you have suggested is patently false”. I am entirely happy to hear that critical voice and if I feel it necessary I will respond, likely with a question and or using the old chestnut of agreeing to disagree. That said if forum goer x says a derivative of “Joe you are an absolute “card” for suggesting such a horrible idea and you have no right to even say anything in this discussion etc” I might take offense to being called “card” but if the criticism is legitimate I won’t be too concerned. However not everyone here has the same thick skin than I and some may choose to escalate responding to forum member x by calling him or her something worse. This is a reality that we need to combat, but in no way should reasonable people be silenced simply because of a moment of passion or a lapse in judgement.

As for how to lessen toxicity I think we have three real options as I see it.
1 We accept that some people will not be reasonable and simply give them the platform to speak while using reasonable evidence to the contrary of their argument.
2 The mods have to review every post before it goes live (This is unfair to the moderators who already work far more than they should have too)
3 We do what we can and ultimately choose to leave the forum.

Obviously each option has strength and weakness, but trolls and other ilk will likely continue to do what they want and our only real option seems to be the first. Also please remember that one man’s legitimate criticism can appear as trolling, but still make valid points.

TlDr toxicity in the forum is an important issue, but our options are limited and sometimes legitimate criticism can appear and be interpreted differently by different people.


Guys flag questionable behavior. Calling it out vocally directly makes things worse.


we hear you but right now I (duno bout e rest) feel players have been giving feedback & pointing out what’s wrong with the game, the imbalance which is now tipping the scales & ppl are really getting fed up.

if e developers have only profit in mind w/out considering what players want such as

prolonging the grinding of characters, endless intro of new heros, not improving probabilty of draws (which I’m sure can be programmed) having to use gems for every single thing e.g. most recent buying emblems

how can ppl not get upset & stay rational when all they say is we hear ye but nothing gets done.


Just want a complaints category so I can ignore it forever


Because we get toxic towards each other, even though we all want to same. If you and I are supporters if the same Football team and our team has a bad streak, we shouldnt be bashing in each other heads.
We, as a community, should be a united front.


Allright, since I am an actual Bostrol - as in BOSS TROLL - here are some Rules of Thumb concerning Forum Toxicity:

(1) Just that you typed it out, doesn’t mean you have to post it. This is the NUMBER ONE rule. Bostrol follows this rule to a fault, and large is his graveyard of unposted posts.

(2) It’s only personal if you take it personal. Even when it has your name attached to it.

(3) Some people behave like trash, but that doesn’t mean they are trash. They - for whatever reason - can’t behave better at that time.

(4) You -always- lead by example, it’s just that it’s not always a really good one.

(5) Some people disagree with you. Guess what: they are right. And so are you. We are all right and we are all wrong. The only true winners of a discussion are those that come out with superior understanding of the subject!

(6) A debate and a discussion are two different things, but they are often mixed up on forums like this. Be aware of what you’ve entered into, and know that when you are participating in the dance, you have the power to try to steer it into a desired direction. And - more importantly for some - you also have the power not to.


If players are upset at devs or the direction of the game, there are better ways to go about it than attacking each other.

And being more constructive in our approaches to ways to improve the game or direction of the game will be more helpful and likely draw more consideration from devs rather than hopping on in a mad fury and starting a “devs of this game suck” rant.

Maybe i’m wrong but guess it wont be the first time


We can do a lot!

  1. Don’t write on this forum if you’re angry or frustrated. Take your time to relax

  2. Improve your personal life to be less stressed, frustrated and angry. You forum nerds need more ■■■ :joy:

  3. People will always complain or making wrong accusations. Be like Dante, Dator and UCLAPack? Sorry… I mean, don’t be offended because of all the idio** in the world.

And at the rate we’re going, we’re going to exhaust and/or break them.

Maybe it’s time to expand the moderation team a bit and not have such a heavy load on a small group of people.

Yes, we can all try to be our best selves, but that doesn’t mean that the cat herding needs to be handled by such a small group.


Good thread, Would be nice if the forum once again became a place where you could search for information and answers instead of arguments and bickering.


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