Forum Toxicity- Closed at OP request. Good discussion everyone!


Imagine if Al Bundy and Married with Children were launched today. Half the West would be up in arms about fatshaming and misogyny.


I simply think if the developers didn’t care only about money a gave us at least higher chances for summoning (old) legendary heroes, the game would be more fun. I don’t wanna say the toxicity would disappear completely but I believe it would be decreased…


@Rigs thank you for starting this thread!

So many great comments. I wonder if people could self-monitor & put out a few positive comments for every negative. It works in marriage and parenting (the clinical ratio is 7:1 positive:negative).

Since the root of anger is sadness, how about we all slow down & when someone posts a toxic post we give him a cup of coffee or an ice cream and help slow it down. :coffee:. :ice cream:. I watched some nurses (I can’t remember whom or where or I would link!! sorry ) just join empathically with someone mid-rage and just being heard made all the difference.

This is a random game and the moderators deserve kudos for their constant reminders in the middle of angry mobs. But it’s disheartening to be disappointed too, and maybe we can focus on the feelings vs the vitriol. “Dude, that stinks, but the sun will come out shining on that 5* tomorrow or Friday. Here, have some pizza :pizza: and a hug if you want one :hugs:

Or as my kindergarten teacher used to say, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything (back) at all…”


^^ These are the kind of posts that trigger me. So inane. I won’t flag though.



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@Reseted, this is a statement, not an opinion. And this thread is about countering (not fighting) those that spread toxicity with decency and civil behaviour, yet he proceeds to fight fire with fire.

And i still like to hear from you want you have found out about my mindset?


I’m afraid I don’t agree with your statement. Even if there were higher chances - they would still be chances. Meaning some people would still not get what they expected and would therefore come to the forum to rant… because some people tend to rant when they don’t get what they want.


@Rigs whoop whoop. Here is my point of view about the negative/toxic posts and how to - maybe - avoid them:


i said FTP GAMING i never said anything about a person in most post at all accpet that certain types of players would. not be here if the game wasn’t free


Im new as a poster on this forum. There are very few places online where I actually comment not because I’m some kind of elitist “you guys aren’t worth my time” but because toxicity is so rampant online. Everything is flamewars and trolling, with people calling anyone with an opinion other than theur own “npcs” or “bots” or “paid stooges.”

It isn’t just here.

When Im awarded a new badge I see how many others have it. I have made like 3 or 4 posts total and only 1500 people have the last badge I was awarded. That tells me that there are not a lot of active forum posters. Small communities divided into even smaller competing groups that themselves fission into more competing groups due to conflicting egos, with the more likely posters to be the same people who already comment online elsewhere and with things like different cultural standards and contexts from around the world and the polycentric nature of the English language as it is now and the inherent lack of contextual cues that make up 80% of in person communication, it is amazing there is any positivity in forums like this.

What it comes down to is that the environment here is created by each and every poster and the baggage brought with them. If you want change, be the change you want to see.

I don’t even read rant threads, for example. I’ll get drawn into them. Everybody at some point gets burned out.


@DracoLovesRi there is a lot of vitriol towards moderators and beta testers in the forums. Moderators by definition help set boundaries and help communication between devs & players; it’s a thankless uncompensated job that they do cheerfully in a balanced way most of the time. Beta testers same.


When you have all your heroes of 4 * to the maximum. You will have time to put all your Tc to work exclusively at level 20.


Thank you everyone. Appreciate it.


Just to let you know, i did not flag you. I asked for your opinion and i can take whatever you say about me. And maybe you are right in a way. I do care about myself and others, but I only take offense to things that tend to have the nature of a personal attack.
This is not one, as it is your opinion about me and everybody is entitled to their opinion.
I agree with that post up to a certain height though, people should not claim compensation for something that is probably not even a human error (server outage) or simply because the game didn’t give them what they wanted, that’s just how the game works.
But yes, to state that most toxic posts come from free to play players is not correct.

Every raccoon has a tale, but not every tale has a raccon


:joy::joy::joy: I remember it, I remember it!




LOL at this thread proving the exact opposite of what it was intended to do. I heart the interwebz

(I really don’t, this is pretty lame)


Did you read the OP where i admitted i have contributed to the issue i wanted to shed light on?

Did you read the post further down where i specifically told a player to click my profile and look at some of my posts to get an idea of what a toxic post looks like?

Or did you skip that and jump straight to bashing which is exactly the kind of toxic behavior i was talking about in the OP. Prime example.


Rigs, can I ask you for your LineID?



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