Forum Toxicity- Closed at OP request. Good discussion everyone!


How would you know? You can only speak for yourself. And do you really flag/report people for “the phrasing and attitude” of a post? Wow.


A thread about toxicity and being civil has suddenly become toxic. This is the world we live in now.


If you’ve been playing the game a long time, chances are you’re reasonably comfortable with how it works. If you weren’t, you’d have quit already. So it doesn’t surprise me that the older players tend to support the status quo.

That said, I’ve actually seen plenty of older players argue for changes (or to keep potentially bad new ideas out). The leading voices speaking out against pay-to-play events are old players, for example.


I have never flagged anyone personally. I base my statement on what gets flagged in this topic.


I would like to exercise my right to agree with you. :+1:


you known whats toxic. people who spend no money asking for SG to keep giving them free stuff. Every player who has something either worked to farm it, worked to try and purchase it, and or purchaed when it came avaiable.

there are your three options to receive stuff in this game. if thats too much to understand or too much for you to go through as a player find another game.

im over the free wanting more free and posting with constant rants of why they cant have this free, this person rolled once and got this and i got nothing so i deserve something free, i cant figure out how to use what i have so give a me a free 5 star after i tried enough cause its your job to keep me competive for free.

most of the toxic posts are free players taking shots and people who simply go to work. they think everyone that has a good team spent thousands and thats just not true at all, and if they did its their money let them do what they want with it. if it bothers you thats a you problem that you need to keep to yourself.


Phrasing and attitude can be a reason to flag. I feel that you are mocking another member with your post (this is my opinion, don’t flag me) and that can be a trigger for others to do the same or maybe even attack you over it.


I won’t flag you bro. Promise.


:joy::joy::joy: @Rigs I thank you for creating this thread.


This is why we can’t have nice things.


When I first read that, I read it as “increase the toxicity”! LOL! :joy:


This, @Reseted, is a post I can flag for example because of it’s phrasing and attitude. The poster states, what he thinks is, a fact, that is based on assumption. He is angry at the entire F2P part of this community, while in reality, he has no proof that it is true what he is saying.

In response to the post itself:
I think you’re assumptions are wrong and a bold statement like this is exactly what this topic is about. What if a F2P player comes on, reads this and thinks you are talking about him/her while they have never complained about anything.


This thread has the same degree of hypocrisy of Countries dropping bombs to bring ‘democracy’ in other Countries (often rich in petroil or other prime materials).
Yes, this is the world where we all live.


Yes, I’ve been playing quite a long time. I met a lot of great people and I often support this game by buying some offers. That’s why I go on playing, but at the same time I call for better chances of pulling legendary heroes. I’d also like to get the same chance of getting particular HotMs as the players playing earlier than me had…

I don’t see why adding old heroes to Elemental Gate should be any problem. I don’t see why a long mission for getting one particular hero should be any problem… and so on.

I love the game, but I’m disappointed to some degree.

This is something @petri @mhalttu could possibly change or at least express their opinion. Would that be a problem?


It’s just the climate we live in now. People can’t just laugh off something anymore. We used to laugh at stuff that offended us. Now we lash out. Keyboard warriors.


That’s another topic all together. Lol


A great many older players have called for adding older HOTM to places like TC20. That’s one of the most popular old-player requests.

But we should probably take discussions not related to “forum culture” to a different thread. I know that focusing on game changes is really important to you. This is just the wrong thread for that.


Absolutely true,
when you see a tomahawk missile coming towards you, you know democracy is on it’s way.


Apparently I don’t spend enough hours a day on the forum. I’ve seen a number of complaints about attacks on the mods, but have never seen an attack on a mod.


That speaks volumes about your mindset. His was a perfectly fine post imo.