Forum Toxicity- Closed at OP request. Good discussion everyone!


I’d say that there is a very simple rule that every forum member can follow:

We discuss the game not players.

So, before you submit your post, read it again and if there is something in the post regarding your opponent or any other person, edit the text.


That’s like the government saying

“Just follow the law it’s very simple”

You think every is going to?


Thank you for phrasing your problem with this idea in a positive, constructive way (although perhaps the last little jab was unnecessary).


No. But it’s worth trying. As you mentioned government and law: the more developed country is, the more people will follow the government message just because they understand the reason behind laws. For the rest of people there is law enforcement. This is a matter of education, I believe.


Alright. I get what you’re saying and if you don’t want to be part of the solution that is totally fine by me. But the way you are responding here makes me feel that you would like to be part of the problem.

I think I know who you are talking about, but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt if they have shown me in some way, that they are willing to change.


Moderator’s Note

There have been several flagged posts in this thread, by several different authors.

The flags were submitted by a multitude of users. No one person was the submitter of the majority of the flags, so please be clear that no one is targeting anyone else with flags.

Please keep this discussion about Forum civility…civil, and on topic, so it can continue productively.

Disagreeing and having opinions are completely fine. It’s how they’re expressed that determines compliance with #forum-rules.

And that’s the purpose of this discussion, after all.


No, but the question remains why they won’t follow the law, or rules in this case.

No one is asking everyone to sit in a circle and sing kumbaya. They’re just asking people to keep discussions civil.


Yes they are asking for things to be civil, but while they are asking for it they are also contributing to the problem by stoking the fire.

Water puts fire out, not more fuel.


Civil can be different to a lot of people

Civil might be fine to someone and offend the next person, Im not going to name anyone but I’ve seen “civil” from a couple users, and I wouldn’t say that it is

But again I don’t get offended on the internet,


I have been playing this game since Christmas. So relatively new to this. I don’t play any other on line game. To be very honest I do have to search high and low to find the positive stuff in this forum that will help me with progression. I now tend to ask for help and advice from the alliance I have joined. What I really don’t understand is all the negativity about costs and hero pulls and feelings of skullduggery. Not sure if people have outgrown the game and need to try something new or if we just need to sit back and realise it’s a game of patience and strategy and lots of luck and if you want to pay to play you are probably going to move forward quicker. But play for free is just as good it does detract from the game. My view is that if I became so disillusioned with something I was doing and ceased to enjoy it I would look to change it. And if I can’t change it then I would look for something new / different. Don’t want to offend anyone, that just the way I look at things


In a thread about the Christmas event you and I almost got into a heated argument about whether it should stay as-is or be more challenging. I remember the “almost argument” because we both backed off, breathed, and agreed on a solution that would be good for all.

That’s how we stop the toxicity. We respect each other’s opinions, experiences, and abilities and either find a solution we all like or simply agree to disagree and don’t troll the opposition. When a respectful discussion gets heated the mud-ladened arrows start to fly. Once we let that happen its almost impossible to regain control.

To prevent the arrows we can:

  • Judge if someone’s a troll based on their own thread/post, not on similar threads/posts others have made.

  • Ignore or report the trolls; don’t mock them or even call them a troll once someone rightfully calls them out. Responding to and mocking them breeds aggression, which spreads to other threads.

  • Don’t make fun of other players. Period. Someone says SG is doing their best? If you don’t agree, simply say “I don’t really agree with this, but I’m happy to agree to disagree.” it’s really that simple. I see way too many people getting mocked for saying possitive things about the game, some of the heroes, and especially SG.

  • When you see a problem don’t just ignore it. Politely ask the combatant to stop what they’re doing and consider a better way to get their opinion out. Ignore or pour water on the flames if they throw fire at you afterward.

  • And above all respect the other players, mods, and yes even the SG mods at all times. Step back, take a breath, and don’t let yourself get sucked into the emotional mess that causes a forum to become toxic.

We all need to work as a team to respect and help each other when we’ve let our emotions get past the barriers that should prevent them from causing problems. Respect others when they say we’ve gone the way of the toxic, and try harder to take time to breathe before posting. We all make mistakes sometimes, but if we all work together and forgive the mistakes this forum can become a welcoming place again.


We will continue discussing whether to agree.

But at least we are being able to communicate.


I’m actually here to have my point of view challenged and changed.

But I’m weird.


I love a good debate where people challenge and test me and shake my ideas to see if they break! But I really don’t enjoy a bad debate.


I agree, mostly. In my house growing up there was heated debate (politics, religion… all the good stuff!) every night at the dinner table, that was normal conversation. Neither my father nor I would think about it very long after leaving the table. And usually any guest we had was of the same persuasion. No problems.

However, one time we had a guest that was uncomfortable with that level of banter. So, that was unfortunate and a good lesson to all. That heated debate with harsh words and tone can be fine and good, but it really depends on who the parties involved are, and how well you know them. Here in a public forum, we don’t know each other intimately and it’s just good manners to keep it more polite than we would with our inner circle of friends/family.


Can you explain how the flagging system actually works

What’s stopping me from having 8 different browsers open with different accounts and flagging everyone who disagrees with me


Re read the OP and a post i posted furtherdown

I admitted im no saint


As an experienced player I can tell you that the chances for getting a legendary hero are horrible. What I find unfair and unacceptable is the fact that somebody using just ONE hero token can summon a hero like this + there are cases they got even a bonus draw, while others do several x10 or even x30 pulls and get nothing but 3* and a few 4* heroes with no bonus draw.

As a beginner you will love every 3* and 4* heroes but after some longer time, you’ll get disappointed.

I love the game but the chances should definitely be improved asap.


First allow me to thank you for a thread full of truth, we’ll said :clap:

What can we do to decrease the toxicity that runs pretty rampant on this forum

While I’ve not been a member of this forum as long as many others, first, I think it’s human nature to occasionally go off on a rampage. However, I looked at the categories available & was thinking, if possible, since we cannot control others emotions, could a section be made specifically for those who can’t seem to control those rampages? It would allow venting outside the more positive sections of this forum. Just a thought.

And yes i know i’ve been a contributor of that myself on many occasions

As for this, kudos on owning what you’ve contributed to as I’m sure, st some point, we’ve all been guilty of this.

Lastly, for me personally, I’m grateful for everyone here that has helped me learn about this game that :::lowering head in confession::::: I’ve become addicted to :joy:
Let’s all try to be more diplomatic IF you must complain. There’s no reason to attack others, we are & should be, a community that helps each other, makes suggestions & have a few laughs here & there :wink:
Happy gaming everyone :blush:


The Forum software is Discourse. There’s documentation and discussion available on their website forum (it’ll look familiar, since it’s the same software as here). If you search for flags, you can find several topics discussing how they work.

The Forum software can identify duplicate accounts based on profile data and IP addresses amongst other things. It can also identify suspicious behavior.

Not to say it’s impossible for someone to achieve, but it’s definitely not what’s happening in this case.

And Forum Rules prohibit duplicate accounts, as well as flag abuse. So if someone were to do that, they would be banned per #forum-rules.