Forum Toxicity- Closed at OP request. Good discussion everyone!


Agree wholeheartedly with the first post. When in doubt, read Forum Rules before posting. Things that get flagged and silenced typically break one or more Forum Rules.


I’m going to say this with absolute sincerity:

What do we really have here? It’s a competitive game where people have invested significant money and time.

Stop and really think about that.

Of course there is going to be friction in the forums. All the things that can go wrong in this game or seem unfair, ascending a weak hero, getting bad boards, being placed in an unfair war… yes emotions will run high.

You really think that you’re going to be able to curb that into some kind of utopia where everybody respectfully agrees and gets along? Of course not.

Even if you ever did actually reach it, it would not matter because people just invent new things to be sensitive about. Today I feel offended because someone called me an idiot. Tomorrow, I’m offended because I didn’t like someone’s tone. Next week I’m offended because they used all caps. Next month I’m offended by their username. It never ends.

Right now you guys are shoveling snow while there is a huge avalanche flowing down the mountain.

The real truth is that it’s WAY easier to encourage people to stop being so overly sensitive than it will ever be try to police all these infinite forms of so called “toxicity”.


Winters, I acknowledge your points and respectfully disagree:

If someone breaks the clearly posted rules, I will flag and hide them.

EDIT: I’m not talking about bending yourself into a pretzel to satisfy the “whining of a snowflake” but of conforming to clear, logical rules of common decency and civil politeness so that discourse is possible.


Then just say how you feel. I onced made a post in thread about skittleskull beeing male or female…I posted he/she might be transgender and was flagged weeks later. Apparently I offended someone which was not my intension. Hence I wrote another post and apologized and never posted something similar again…yes…it is that simple.


I disagree, and here’s why: this idea shifts responsibility from the writer to the reader. Our writing has predictable consequences.

The standard I hold myself to is: would i say this in a live discussion in a room full of people I know? Would I say this over a cup of coffee?

As I read with a moderator’s eye, any post that includes the name of a player or alliance—explicitly or indirectly—is a candidate for a flag. Criticize ideas, not people. This is a forum about a game, not about the people who play it.


If you talk only to game stuff (hero, troops,…) you cant offend anyone but people usually talk about decisions personalising the thing.

Also sometimes people has no patience and understanding.


So what you’re saying is
" Winter is Coming!! "


If we’re gonna start talking pretzels, I’mma have to stop and eat lunch :smiley:


People keep saying that but it’s a shallow platitude not a realistic directive. It’s trivial to come up with an example of something offensive that someone would identify as a personal attack. If the idea is tied easily to specific people, or applies to anyone, then suddenly it’s personal in nature.

Perfect example, that idea right there, quoted above, what if my opinion is that it’s childish? Suddenly that seems like a personal attack on you even though I never made a personal attack. See how easy it is?


Anyone who read Anchor’s farewell (even if they don’t know him personally) knows that this was a big reason mentioned at the end of the farewell - toxicity in the player base.


Thank you, @Rigs, for starting this discussion.


Hmm? I’m sorry, friend. Can you elaborate for me? I’m not clear about this comment…



And this.

You can’t really control the internet trolls, but you can control how you react to them. Feeding them just makes them stronger. So blocking/ignoring them is the way to go. It’s how most forums go about anyways.


I think for the most part the forums isn’t that toxic. It’s not like every post has been counter posted and results into some heated argument. I think there’s a fine balance between encouraging debate and thoughtful constructive criticism vs just replying to someone because they disagree with you and not adding anything of value to the discussion.

What I would hate to see is people are afraid to voice their opinions for fear of being flagged or reported simply because someone chose to be offended. It is seemingly easy to do that on the internet these days, people take offense to the tiniest slight. We just need to be adults and not see everything as a personal attack when another person disagrees with our opinion. It is not that difficult and I would like to believe the majority of us are able to handle some criticism or even admit when we are wrong.


It started with ‘here’s the dead honest truth’ and then the first sentence after was ‘The toxicity within the community has killed it for me’ (and then it went on from there).

I will say before that it was a lot of frustration with feeling unappreciated for all the effort he had put in in a wide variety of areas, but when I read it, this was the section that summarized it and jumped out at me - then this thread.

*edit - I cleaned up my comment to be less specific.


That makes you a part of the problem, then. Fighting for peace never works.


I think one of the biggest issues is, for some reason it became not ok to have a different opinion than other people. It currently seems to boil down to personal attacks when there is a difference of opinion. Having a difference of opinion is perfectly fine. Feel free to express it, but do so in a way where it doesn’t actually attack other people. I think pretty much all the same sentiments could be expressed on this forum in a different way, and it would become significantly less toxic.


Ignore option

Having moderated a forum with ignore list it does quickly fracture into cliches.

Not to mention the headache from only seeing half the conversation when no one quotes.

Or clogging up smartphone screens when whole sections of conversations are quoted and not hidden behind [details] tags. Which are very hard to use on smartphones. Sometimes I save a draft and finish it on a computer.

Personally I am against an ignore option.

It is highly unlikely will implement such an option.

Forum flags

Not to be abused, but flags signal the mods a post has violated a forum rule.

Enough user flags will hide a post until a mod can review the flags ( clear flags or confirm flags or take whatever steps are necessary for all parties involved).

Summarize button

For FAQ questions, like lost recruits when canceling training, the summarize button can be awesome.

Use your likes

Likes help.

But if you do not use your likes then trolls have zero likes but mentors also have zero likes so the software, and new users, have no way to tell the difference.

Please, use your likes.

Instead of responding to toxic posts, use likes to raise up users who constructively contribute so their voice can be heard above the trolls rumbling in the dark.

New mana per turn calculation on defense? We investigate

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Ok, Ill be honest… maybe I just have thick skin from being a table games dealer in a casino… but I dont really see much toxicity in the forums.