Forum Toxicity- Closed at OP request. Good discussion everyone!


Good thread, Would be nice if the forum once again became a place where you could search for information and answers instead of arguments and bickering.


Hey! Less with the “cat herding”, please.


Accepting that everyone is different, not necessarily “wrong”, is a great foundation that works. Disagreements happen because we’re all different people with a unique upbringing, genetics, environment, perspectives, etc.


Love this thread. We all know the appropriate rules of conduct. But can’t do much about people when they want to really dig in to someone. E.g:

  • starting a is xxxx person a liar thread because you aren’t on the same page with them on where the game is at moment
  • purposefully going on an appreciation thread and trolling it with your opinions on the person being money hungry etc, etc.
  • or something I do a lot, going immediately on the defense and end up attacking anything that even remotely challenges you.

We all know this isn’t the kind of behavior needed. But we just need to implement it. If there are people that do really push our buttons I love the block/ignore option.


@Brobb my dearest cat…please first explain to the community the kitten tickle zones…not everbody knows where it is comfortable for you :kissing_heart:


THE most important thing is to simply egnore anyone who is going toxic. It may help to remember the following saying:

“Never argue with an idiot, they will pull you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

Take a deep breath and go do something else :slight_smile:


I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. I do not think it is toxic but it becomes repetitive and boring.

The threads are repeated again and again. We should get used to putting labels on the threads and help us find the threads in the forum before writing an identical or similar one.

Every month the same story ‘When does the event start?’ Because they do not bother looking for event guides that are also published thanks to @Mariamne

Which hero is better this or this one, ummmm perhaps the special abilities of each hero are not written.

Etc, etc, etc …

… while people do not get used to using labels and have to read the same thing over and over again, at least let me be toxic.


I was just thinking the same. If someone starts to get a bad attitude, don’t engage anymore. Drop the conversation, flag it if necessary, and move on.


None of us can control another person’s behavior. All we can control is our own. We can choose to post in a constructive manner. We can choose to flag inappropriate comments rather than engaging with the poster. We can choose to ignore or block people who always seem to get under our skin. We can return this forum to the friendly and welcoming place it used to be.

Or we can continue down the current path of toxicity and drive away more players


That’s good advice, but it’s hard. I think that sometimes people are just wrong, regardless of how different they are from me. Often it turns out that something I wrote was completely wrong, not just an expression of how different I am from others.

But your attitude is better than mine and the forum would benefit if I were more like you.

I too like this idea. I imagine I’d become invisible to some people. That might be a good thing. But the forum is not something developed by SG - it is third party, and I don’t see a block/ignore option coming along soon.

I always purr if someone rubs my tummy.

This is really good advice too, that, for my part, I will try to be better at following. Seems like it might be tough at times.


People here seem to want to be insulated against hearing any opinions that disagree with them and want to label it as toxicity.


Stop it you, you are being toxic!


I wrote this last night in a parallel thread:

I am truly happy to see the discussion in this thread happening, and thanks @Rigs for starting it.


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

  1. We have forum rules
  2. We can flag
  3. We have moderators

Bonus: when we have to chose between post something snarky and not pushing the reply button we should pick the latter option.


I’m guessing that plenty of people coming to the forums are entertained by a back and forth discussion, nothing so boring as an echo chamber.

I think what most of us want to be insulated against is unwarranted vitriol, name calling etc. and those that cannot argue without it :slight_smile:


I believe what people are getting at is that it’s more about the attitude/tone of the post than the actual message. There are ways to air grievances while still being respectful. We just all need to learn to take a breath before we post when we’re frustrated.


So we’re going to police tone and attitude now?


In the spirit of my newly adjusted attitude, let me first acknowledge that your perspective is perfectly valid and may differ from mine because of our different upbringing, genetics and environment.

Next, I’d invite you to provide evidence to support your contention, if you want to have a serious discussion about it.

Finally, I commit to ceasing our interaction if you choose not to offer evidence, but instead to drag the conversation into a zone of toxicity.

(Also, I offer you my tummy to rub.)


But to be honest I think most people here - particularly regulars - are fairly well behaved.

It’s only a few conspiracy theorists, doomsayers or angry people who get the limelight with their ranting threads or comments

Of course there is the occasional outburst from regulars but I think majority of posts are OK