Forum Toxicity- Closed at OP request. Good discussion everyone!


Im seeing a lot of respondents advocating for civil and constructive discussions, which is great. I’m seeing things like “think before you post” and “if it doesn’t somehow contribute to the conversation, don’t say it” and my favorite, “criticize ideas, not people.” All of this is very encouraging.

Unfortunately, I’m also still seeing a few posts which come across as "I’ll be offensive, make personal attacks, insult people and belittle them if I want to. If someone doesn’t like it, they can walk away. They need to toughen up. " These are exactly the kind of toxic posts that drove Anchor away.

The rules of civilised behaviour apply to everyone here.


I agree, lots of flagged posts in a thread does not make for a productive conversation, nor an inviting atmosphere.

I certainly prefer spending my time in the many threads on the Forum where more productive and civil conversation happen.

Unfortunately, often those get drowned out from the noise elsewhere.

The Checks

Posts are only hidden automatically by Community Flags if multiple people flag the same post.

All flags (auto-hides and not) are also reviewed by a moderator or staff, as @Kerridoc said:

The Balances

Other Forum users.

  • People who respect the #forum-rules (you and I can disagree with them, and enjoy different rules elsewhere, but they’re the rules here that SG has set)

  • People who recognize and encourage good behavior in others

  • People who take a moment to consider how they’ve presented their ideas and opinions before posting

  • People who recognize their own mis-steps, apologize, and correct them

Everyone can be part of the solution, or part of the problem.

Each person makes that decision for themselves.


Quite a trend on the Internet these days. The strategy of provoking and thinking you’re the winner because you “trigger the snowflakes”. Sigh


Anything i’ve done or said is no secret

I recieve a great deal of attention in this forum just about anytime i login day or night regardless of what i post where to whom.

People know the attacks i’ve done. People know the kind of crap i’ve spewed. No secret.

And i assumed that by creating this thread that was apology enough and actually i still feel that it is.

And to answer your anchor wave remark, no. I have no reason to ride the “anchor wave”.

I’ve explained to some through pm in Line about some of the factors that brought this on. I shed some light of those factors in the OP. I’m not repeating what i’ve said in line as it gets too specific. And i’m not rewriting my original post in a response to you. I have my reasons for kicking off this topic this morning, but my #1 reason is I’m literally sick of all the drama and bs.

It’s old, tiresome, annoying, and no good comes from it.

If that answer isn’t good enough for you, well i can live with that


Question: Has this thread fulfilled your objective in OP? Eyes the [close] button :wink:


I have them maxed, Celti. I even got a 5* from my TC not long ago. What I’m interested much more are several old HotMs, but the chances are so low that none of them may appear whatsoever and that’s what I’m afraid of as I’ve been saving + buying my gems and coins for several months.

I wish I could get at least one of them :blush:


Yes it has

Closing wouldnt bother me in the least


@Rigs could we link some of the better ideas to the OP to create a nice simple reference? Then we don’t have to scroll through some of the less productive talk.


Sure. Are you asking me to do that? I’ve never done that before


Yes…because I don’t know how to do that either!


@zephyr1 @Rook lol you guys know how to do that?


If you/@Rigs/others want to make a list of the post links or quotes to include, @Rook or I can help with that.


I will have to go through them 1 by 1 but it will have to be later. i havent even been able to keep up with this thread today. i’m on my lunchbreak


I’ll help you link them Rigs.

Thread closed as per OP. Thanks everyone for a thought provoking discussion! :slight_smile:

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