Posting in the recruiting section and having an issue were the topic title keeps changing the CAPITALIZATION to lower case when i save the edit… anyone else experiencing this?

Have you tried it without the emoji, or maybe without the bullets in the title? I’m wondering if maybe that’s related somehow.

I haven’t personally run into that issue before, or seen anyone mention it that I recall, so I’m just trying to think of possible things to troubleshoot to start.

I got it to how you see it but if i make the”V” capital it changes everything to lower case

Based on that, I experimented a little, and think I figured it out — if you make it ALL UPPERCASE, it will update automatically.

If you have Recruiting instead of RECRUITING, it leaves the rest alone.

So I think the upshot is that the Forum software doesn’t allow all-cap titles.

If you just make one word mixed case, it should work fine.


Got it and understood thanks for the help!!

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