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How is Regular status set? I had been regular for months, but am no longer. Others like @Wharflord contribute meaningfully and often, but are not Regulars. @Rook any insights?

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@Kerridoc, you can tack this status on by going to your badge page.

Edit: Oops, silly me, I should’ve read it closer. Because I remember you had this Badge before. Did you get promoted to another status that you can set?

There’s a blog with the explanation of the forum software defaults for trust levels here:

I don’t know if these particular forums are using different settings though.

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Nope, I seem to have been demoted from Regular to Member. Which I find puzzling.

It’s worth noting that if you no longer meet the qualifications for Regular, according to the Discourse blog I linked to, you lose the status automatically.

I guess it’s possible that I haven’t read 25% of all the posts, particularly because I don’t read alliance recruitment. Ah well.

I get by reading just General, Ideas, and Bug reports mostly, and sometimes community content or looking something up in a player guide.

Aside from the ego boost, the only thing I usually get out of it that’s useful to me is the ability to edit the Recruits II token thread title when I’m first in with the results.


now that you mention it… yeah, mine is gone, too.
Not that it ever meant anything in the first place. :wink:

Lol how would I hurt myself. This forum isn’t exactly running with scissors

@Kerridoc, I still like reading you without Regular Banner :smiley:

I don’t use the Regular banner because I’d rather have my comments stand or fall on their own merits, than be influenced by some arbitrary software designation of status. What someone like @Kerridoc or @Wharflord actually posts is a lot more interesting and useful to me than what the forum thinks their member status is.

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So you actually have to choose which title you are using. Testing it out.

I would like a “Not a Moderator” title.

Yes, we are currently using the Discourse default settings (expect that trust level 0 / new members cannot create new topics). We can look into adjusting them though.


Having Regular status let me help the mods a bit by cleaning up thread titles or moving threads into the correct sub-forum. Ah well, I’ll just have to get it back. It’s a shame that there’s no way to see one’s own stats that go into the calculation.

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Closing due to old age.

Newer thread on this topic is here: Regular Status: when will I become a Forum Regular?

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