Forum Negativity, Representative of the whole player base?

For me and my entire gaming family this is just a place to escape real life and have fun and a social aspect on the same playing field as one another. yes one of my houses are top 100 and we’ve come to the realization that it probably won’t be forever, but so be it we stay for one another and we still like the game. We know our limitations.

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The forum is a small sampling of the whole player base, and not a representative sampling. Most forum users are passionate about the game. For most players the forum is an unknown because they are generally not that engaged in the game. The forum users are far more representative of the top alliances than the player base as a whole.

The passion of the forum user can easily lead to negativity when something is perceived as having an adverse affect on a player’s progress in the game. Negativity reinforces negativity and you have a feedback loop that only enhances it.

I am a bit of an outlier. I am not in a top alliance, and have no wish to be. I am not spending on the game, other than time. I am, however, engaged with it and play daily. Part of my motivation is to see how successful I can be without spending. I originally came here to the forums for game information, and stayed for the social aspect. The negativity really set in when Telluria was nerfed, and hasn’t let up. That was around the time I stopped being so engaged in the forums and lost my regular status here.

But many of my fellow alliance players are not even aware that Telluria was nerfed that badly. I’ve told them but it doesn’t sink in. They’re not that engaged.


I want to thank you, OP , bc I’ve been feeling the same way? To the point even that now I only occasionally check the forums and the subreddit … there’s a lot of noise going on, and it’s too much for me , quite frankly, at times :disappointed_relieved:


You missed out on quite a few:

  1. Someone dares to defend SG/not abuse SG, i.e. a “fanboi”
  2. Someone defends an unpopular hero
  3. Someone dares to disagree with something someone else strongly believes in

Uuuuhhhhhhh I am so, so tired to hear the same BS excuse over and over again.

There is a difference between giving offers for 1-10$ and 80$+.
Actual video game developers charge once 60 bucks for AAA game and they make millions, tickets in cinemas are dirt cheap and movies make millions, yet somehow SG just needs to shower us with stacks of offers that reach ridiculous amounts because otherwise they won’t make money?

Give me a break. (Btw I’m not f2p)

I play one MMORPG with less players than EP, I’ve been happily giving them monthly subscription that equals EP VIP because it’s worth it and in this amount I can achieve and get everything i want. No other offers or payments necessary. The company still makes money and is still in business. Just look at that.

Anyway, this went off topic and I’m done.



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In my mind it was loosely mixed in #3 :sweat_smile:

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my 2 cents -

  1. I get it, excessive negativity is tiring for those who still enjoy the game. for what it’s worth, I’m one of those. I do enjoy the game (but only because I manage my expectations, don’t aim too high, accept I can’t compete at the top etc.)

BUT then,

instead of just listening (like @Sarah2 has excellently said) or ignoring, or even replying in a calm way, many posters instead reply in an escalating way either by ridiculing/mocking, calling people words like “selfish”, or laughing/ acting sarcastic. (note: I know most of these reactions come from well-meaning intentions… but the

What do you think will be the reaction of someone already upset, when this happens? And yes, some people take it too far - but you don’t defuse a bomb/put out a fire by further inflaming them. I agree with @The_Seeker here, that’s what happens when we meet negativity with blaming and ridicule.

PS I agree with @yelnats_24 we should definitely do our best to be mindful of others.

  1. There are also many sensible, well-thought-out complaints - many of them constructive. lumping all negative comments under the description “negativity” drowns out the constructive feedback.

I think most of the people I see here who generally like and defend the game, are open to discussion / do want to discuss. no?

  1. for those who are unhappy with the game direction, consistently and constantly being met with overly positive and sarcastic reactions can also be tiring. Again, people feel like they are not being heard, and as @Annjul said that makes people angry. i mean, where else would one go to be heard, other than the forums?

So in the end I think it’s balance. I think the following 3 camps need to adjust - (I don’t want to call anyone out, and I think a given poster can jump between camps, and we’re all human so maybe someone is just having a bad day and overreacts a bit no?)

  1. the overly negative camp: reasonable complaints are fine, but flooding 20 threads with “SG suxxxxx this is another money grab OMG why do people want to spend their entire life savings on this” should calm down

  2. the overly positive camp: at some point, we do have to acknowledge this game isn’t perfect, that some of SG’s decisions and implementation could be better, and that some of the complaints here are actually reasonable no?

  3. the LOL why do you all care so much about a GAME camp: people care about things they like. Sarcasm is like, super difficult to portray on an online medium, where facial expressions and tone of voice cannot be seen (the majority of communication in real life is non verbal after all). And also… when someone cares about something, being told that “it’s no big deal” is really one of the worst things you can do to that

So in short - as @yelnats_24 said, a bit more mindfulness and patience from all of us here can go a long way.


sorry you’re feeling annoyed and done @Annjul . believe me, I’ve been there - sending you some empathic vibes. for what it’s worth, I think you make good points in an articulate way. and i completely agree, people get angry when they feel they are not heard - and generally, most of the points I see here have some sense so they deserve to be heard/aired IMO.


It seems more prevalent
That we invalidate other experiences
and… prove them wrong
Rather than state a case and move on.

This philosophy is laced with negativity by neglecting a multitude of metrics:

  • Amount of money spent
  • Amount of time spent
  • Placement within the Tiers
  • Base development
  • Troop development
  • Roster development…

And some immeasurable ones

  • Amount of luck harvested
  • Level of skill

All our experiences will vary wildly…!

Obviously these level 50 something players with max’d 4* mana troops and shiny-new, fully blemmed-LB 5* are enjoying their beer and popcorn. Give them another year or so and let’s see if they keep tabs on value in the game and in their bank account :beers:

I think this thread could deliver sustenance if it wasn’t so black and white.


extremely well said @Pompitous !

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I’d argue that it’s been SG promoting the disengagement I proposed here, but I guess that’s semantics haha!

Jokes aside, what I really think is that SG wants monetary engagement (which more events obviously helps with), but don’t care TOO too much about non-monied engagement. To those who don’t spend on the new portals, the unspoken message is, “we don’t really care if you like/play these events or not.” Maybe that’s shortsighted (I would argue that it is), but they clearly have made this their strategy, so…

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Some of us have to try to speak the truth to all the constant tarring and feathering.

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Sorry, I can’t help but say something when I see this expression. My ire for it comes from politics, but it’s a rhetorical device used in many debates, and it always irks me. The questions had a point. Don’t try to act like they were earnest question you don’t already have your own answers to. It’s a cop out.

Yeah, like shunt said, it’s an investment in your own entertainment. If you put money in this game expecting the return to retain value for years, that’s on you. It’s never been anything but a P2W mobile game, so this should have been expected.

On this, we can certainly agree!

Ever wonder why they declined to make a forum for PC?


This is why we can’t have nice things.

Can I like this 10000 times? What a perfect analogy. If you’re spending SO much time in the game why is it seen as a badge of honor to be a f2p martyr!? If someone is spending 2-3 hours a day on the game my god spend a few bucks on it.


That question is for specific person who have already answered it.

Well, there is no feature for personal message in this forum.

I have NOT spent $30,000, $3,000 or…
‘No money at all’ either.
I genuinely have no idea how much value a drug lord or oil baron would put into any of those figures.
I have no idea how much anyone here values money…

Obviously… I do value the money I did put in, some time ago… and have a frame of reference for my gameplay now. And my gameplay then…

I also work on using “I” in my posts
And sometimes fail…

When a reply to me is

I don’t think it’s abnormal to begin with a defensive posture

Especially when name calling is involved…

Or are you also a drama queen?
Like me :wink:

Also @gregschen,
With respect:

Yes, of course they did!
Isn’t this also a cop out?
What post is pointless?
Shunt had a point also. We all do.

I’m not attacking you for spending money. Why would I? I have also spent. I’m attacking SG for ratcheting up the creeps at a pace that devalues the so-called investment… more rapidly

And then… Afterwards…
Completely stepping over our aged heroes to add sparkle to new releases
with an Imbalance Update

If I’m pointing a finger at players. It would be because they act bewildered that there is negativity among us


It is just people that are vivid to argue in defense on SG, at this point I just skip over those people and read only relevant and useful posts

Fair enough. It was mostly just the phrase “just asking questions” that irked me. You didn’t really use it the way politicians and pundits often do (i.e… to back off when the point they thought they were making gets challenged); that was unfair criticism on my part.

I do still think that the point you were making is mostly wrong (i.e. that anyone should expect some form of long term “return on the investment” into this game when they buy gems/offers/etc., regardless of how much $.) Discussed further below.

Not sure what you mean?

To be clear though, I am admitting here, that I unfairly accused you of a cop-out in the first place (because I’m apparently tirggered by people saying they were “just asking questions”). Just not sure how/why what I said might also be considered one?

Right, so, to get back to the point you were making, and to tie it back to OP’s, I’ll say that I generally don’t think your point is a bad one, but:

  • I’ll stand by my assertion that anyone who puts money into a mobile game should do so with the expectation that there’s a chance it’ll simply be gone tomorrow, for a million different possible reasons, or no reason at all. The T&Cs say so, it’s what we all signed up for, etc., etc.
  • At the same time, SG has to balance that lack of obligation with a game that people want to keep coming back to, despite the lack of obligation. Obviously, one way they can help that happen is by not catering to whales, and keeping power creep minimal. Also obviously, they’ve not chosen to do that!
  • I can certainly understand why anyone (again, regardless of the amount they’ve spent) would prefer that SG slow things down, so the money and time they put in to building their base and deck can stretch longer. I just think there are right ways to complain about this sort of thing, and whiny/dramatic ways, and I think the former is always going to be more likely to be productive, both directly by SG possibly listening, and indirectly by not giving off bad vibes to other players who are also forum users.

And finally, just to be super clear, I don’t personally consider YOU, @pompitous, to be one of the whiny/dramatic ones!


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