Forum Negativity, Representative of the whole player base?

There are some players who think that I am an SG defender (I do defend them on some topics) despite the fact that I complain a lot against SG :rofl:


You’re assumption would be incorrect in this case. Today’s issue with being unable to access Costume Chamber because it was hidden behind Omega is a great example of pushing too many events… Or it could be maybe people don’t want to (or have) the time to play for multiple hours a day. Nice rationization and use of “I disagree with the statement being made, so let me try to discredit and demean the original by stating my personal belief as if it were fact”…


Forum negativity?

It’s one thing after another with the clowns at SGG. Almost weekly there’s something new that irritates the player base. How much more can we take it? The pendulum has swung for me finally. I can’t find any reasons to continue to defend them, other than capitalistic ideals.

Let the players vent. They’ve paid enough into this game (be it money, time or both) to be afforded that right. Don’t like it, don’t read it.


People who don’t spend SHOULDNT have a chance at the top.

Exactly, an ancient Chinese saying, if you don’t want people talking sheet about you, don’t do sheety things.


In case it wasn’t clear, when @DoctorStrange said “top” it was referring to final level/stage, not 1st rank.

And why is that?? Why should people who dont spend not be at the top?

Let me here this one it should be good

You see this phrase yourself right? Only the upper tier players say nonsense like this. Money will never equate skill and anyone one of you saying otherwise are the problem in this game along with SG. A game is supposed to be won by the players with the most skill to navigate the field.

Tell me how unlimited rebuys into a tournament is skill?? I wonder how long the world series of poker would run if rebuys were unlimited throughout. Just like here, the real players would be left behind and some trust fund champion would be thrusting a trophy that means absolutely nothing to the masses.

Whenever someone finishes an event in first place here 90% of the players here first thought is, “I wonder how man items and cash said person spent.”

Why would anyone wanna play with pompous people like that


Those who spend are what makes the game possible. And I don’t mean whales I mean those who chip in for only VIP, those who make some contribution.

For free, you should be able to participate but if it’s a serious way to spend a lot of your enjoyment time, a serious hobby, like someone said earlier if you play tennis you get a nice racket when you get serious, or you get the proper gear to climb mountains. In this game if you’re truly serious you should spend some money on it, to let your skill at play be enhanced by what you have access to in the game.

Do you spend to buy a book you want to read or a movie you want to see? This is no different. Just because something is offered for free as a way to try it to see if you enjoy it doesn’t make it morally right to just freeload forever.

It’s offensive to me, as someone who works in the creative arts who can’t put food on the table if everyone wanted my work for free to see people take a perverse pride in not contributing to a thing they’re so involved with they spend lots of time on a forum about it.

As if those who spend money have no skill and are buying their way in and those who don’t spend are noble crusaders fighting against “the man”. I’d like to see anything that justifies the comical notion of “P2W”, there is no amount of money in this game that guarantees anyone a win. I would argue that many of the big spenders do so because it’s their main hobby and they’re probably at a good level of skill since all the great heros in the world dont tell you which ones to use to make a great team or how to best play a board.

I hope that met your expectations


You know that F2P also give income contribution for them aren’t you?

There is a reason they change Mystic Vision duration from 12 hours to 8 hours and then to 4 hours. I think watching Mystic Vision is more priority for F2P than P2W. Majority of SG’s income from Mystic Vision come from F2P.

F2P also serve as a buffer to increase tournament participants so top 1% can include more than 10.000 spot. Without F2P, maybe that just 2000 spot? If so, a lot of P2P will get frustrated as their investment hardly bring them to top 1%.

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Not necessarily, there would just be more ppl in the higher tiers and push for more competition. I’m not sure why so many are so interested in pushing the narrative of us or them…


Were you talking about the tournament part? If yes, than you are so wrong.

Suppose there are 1 million F2P out of the 1.25 million participants. If you get rid of all F2P than the participants will only be 250 thousands. That means top 1% will only consist of 2500 players instead of 12.500.

If there are 20.000 P2W, previously around half of them can enter top 1%. But now only an eight of them can.

It is not more people in higher tier (top 1%) it is way less.

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I can only speak for myself but I never miss a MV and I play gem quests etc.

Just watching MV brings in income I don’t dispute that but again if someone spends a lot of time with the game and doesn’t make any financial contribution then that doesn’t sit right with me. To go to the movies and spend 2 hours with that entertainment what does it cost to you? How many hours a month does this game give you?

Also I think P2P is a much less offensive and divisive way to describe a player than P2W which is very inaccurate as there is no way to pay for a guaranteed win and it suggests those who pay have no skills. Both inaccurate.

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I’m saying in general, if someone wants anything bad enough they will challenge themselves to get there. I’m not going to play numbers games with u. My point is wanna play? Do it how u want but don’t judge or label ppl that do things differently as the enemy.


If someone spend a lot of time in the game, they are definitely watching Mystic Vision regularly.

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Yup, so technically we pay them 2x, Strengthening my argument that us that pay take the hits so f2p don’t have to and the game evolves.

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Seems you mistook me for someone else. I never blame P2W, I blame SG. It is SG’s action, I never ask P2W to be responsible for SG’s action.


Fair enough but u have to see how the venom is spewing in our direction and I’m running out of towels to clean up :laughing:

I know P2W pay them much more, and they got what they paid for (in-game resources). In term of forum, P2W, C2P, F2P have equal rights, we don’t pay to get more rights in the forum.

Like this one? I understand why you don’t give like for this one:

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Please consider using the less offensive term P2P.