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why don’t we have a how-to for using this forum?

Search is too broad of a range. Been looking for 30min on anything related to using and resetting my votes. Help? Lol

Maybe add a locked topic under forum rules for this and similar items…

It took me 4 minutes to find this:


@SuuriKoira that is useless. Nice you found it but doesn’t answer any questions. I’ve posted in hundreds of topics and have no idea were those topics are i voted for. Scrolling through my activity list is a huge pain and might not show me ive voted.

What we need is an easier method for accessing our votes or resetting in our profile or something.

I saw a post in that thread that says removing votes, but goes to an off site forum and only says cluck votes and X to remove.

I’ve scrolled through search and there related info on your link on #16, 22, 36, etc… found another link for forum help… has over 680 posts. Thats way to much reading to see if my above response has an answer.

Surprised no one has just posted the answer yet… hahaha

Go to activity → Votes

There you can see which ideas you have voted for:

Then you can go to a particular topic and remove your vote.


In addition to the advice provided by the inscrutable @D_DI, the forum software isn’t an SG product, it’s an off the shelf website provided by Discourse.

Sometimes the Discourse website and forum are better sources of information on the websites mechanics than the E&P forum :nerd_face:


Wow I missed that. Still be nice see a locked topic easily found for such matters lol

I removed some votes but topics still say limit… :thinking:

Have you been a regular in the past?


Apparently still a member… been around about 2yrs… ive cried, laughed, suggested and replied alot in that time… :joy:

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Reading will get more to regular that’s what your missing.