Forum login and image display issues since maintenance

Hi guys,

Had trouble logging back in after maintenance, log in by email and password reset emails have an error in the link.

The weblink is “https://smallgiantgames/u/…” Etc

It’s missing the words either side, the correct link should be “

Eventually logged in by manually editing but you might want to take a look at it @petri


I was logged out but the first two attempts to log in got me a dns error. Not sure if it is connected.

Thanks for the report, we’ll investigate this issue here. Seems like refreshing helps.


This issue should be fixed now. Please try again and let us know here if you experience this or other issues related the forum again.


Not sure if it’s related but it seems any images added in the last day are not found.

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Many recently posted images are not displaying - even when posted by @zephyr1, so must be serious!



The issue with “images can not be loaded” occurs on both my iOS devices and my windows PC running Firefox, always the same images, even the ones I posted myself yetserday

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There is a 403 access denied message on certain images, the resource link being

Thanks, I have escalated this issue to Discourse and they are investigating.


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