Forum Issue: Poster's name is not appearing

The names of posters have disappeared for me in the past few days. This is a forum issue and not a game issue.

The image below is from my chromebook via Chrome. No names are displayed next to posters.

The second image is from my iphone via Chrome. I’m signed into Google on both. As expected names appear next to each of the posters.

Reading through the forum without having names gets a bit tricky since I only recognize a few people by their avatar alone. Anyone have ideas/solutions?

That is really strange. Is it possibly an extension or add-on in chrome on the chromebook that is acting up? I use an extension in firefox that makes pages dark and it acts up sometimes in weird ways in certain websites.

You are a genius @nevarmaor!

Solution: disabling my adblocker fixed it


Glad you figured it out :+1:

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Use Adblock, it is flawless and well worth it for donationware.

I use uBlock Origin. Effective and lightweight.

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