Forum Interviews: An Audience with@ScottySG 🎙️

Another amazing interview @JonahTheBard. I love that your adding staff members as well. More please!

That’s so sweet @ScottySG I’m sure your dad would have great time.
I hope you enjoy Mireweave as much as I do. It’s all about the stacks with her. :grin:


Maybe it’s only realistic compared to his other requests.


Found one for you.



I use Aegir maybe somewhat unconventionally. I will generally put a line up of Kiril, Isarnia, Aegir, Frida, Triton. Sometimes I may swap out Kiril but generally he will be there. The only other options would be grimm, sonya, captain D or boril and to be frank, Boril has no space in this team because of Aegir. Then, I hold my phone up really high to get better blue reception and hope for blue tiles. The idea is that Triton will increase Aegirs healing and Kiril can be my bearded backup while Isarnia and Frida do their thing. As a huge fan of color stacking, even if my board is rotten, this team can usually take a few punches while I wait for blues.

EDIT: This is my personal play style as a player with what I have available.


Go to Karaoke song? Whilst I do play guitar and sing, I’ve never had the intestinal fortitude to do in front of an audience (my kids excluded). Theoretically, go to songs would be:

  • One Headlight by the Wallflowers
  • Glycerine by Bush
  • Mr Jones by Counting Crows
  • Drive by Incubus
  • All for you by Sister Hazel
  • Fast car by Tracy Chapman
  • Kryptonite by Three Doors Down
  • Please come home by Dustin Kensrue

Plus about 50 others. I like moosic :rofl:


I approve of all of these choices… no better time than quarantine time to try something new. You have the forum’s support… as long as you record and post it here.


You know what’s funny? This is a sneaky social engineering way that I’ve found pretty reliably indicates the answerers age range. Good list!


I play three of those songs myself but I highly doubt @ScottySG and I are in the same age range :rofl:

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It is already bunch of this thread suggestion:
:stadium: Idea: Ability to watch war fights in progress [MASTER]

Interesting… :thinking:

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I more so meant that it is more realistic compared to my previous unrealistic answer. I’m not stating it could/can/can’t be done. Please do not read into this answer too much :upside_down_face:


You have an SG next to your name, Scotty, therefore your word is the gospel truth on which we have an unshakeable faith :innocent:





Don’t scare him away so soon!! We neeeed him.


having or showing a sensible and practical idea of what can be achieved or expected.


Thank you for the fast clarification. Devs willing to speak to us are rarer than topics with 2000 likes.

And now we see why Devs are so quiet.


Too to backpedal now @ScottySG !


And stop stealing my material. Geez.

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@ScottySG. Thanks for taking the time to share a bit of your personal life with us. It’s kind of hard to see you as monsters when it appears you are just regular people! :slightly_smiling_face:

And yet, I feel like I have been a lone voice almost trying to get people to pay attention for weeks and weeks. I had mine up and running in 5 days (remember those 3* mats for a BLUE 4 star you replied about? No? Didn’t really expect you would.)

She (and I say that because guys usually don’t wear bikini tops!!) is awesome. With a mana troop (you only need a lvl 9); 6 tiles to charge or just 3 reflected tiles. The most common criticism is she doesn’t do enough damage but she is relentless (and i would dispute the crappy attack stat claim too).


And I’m glad you asked! Think about implementation; what are you going to do, stare at your device for 24 hours straight (during AW) in the hope that you are not too underpowered, not too overpowered but just right!!(???) and therefore attacks will commence at your earliest convenience??

Nahh, can’t see that happening AND you would have to be in real time communication with the entire enemy alliance AND hope that they are not just winding you up!!

If nothing else, the complaints about the ‘broken’ feature could well be comedy gold!

Good Selections! Last vacation before the COVID lockdown I sang Easy by the Commadores while in New Orleans. Brought the MFn’ house down!

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