Forum Interviews: An Audience with @Rook 😸

Pics of the kitties?


Thank you another wonderful interview, @JonahTheBard.

@Rook has always been a light of positivity. Pair that with her fair hand and sense of humor and you’ve got the perfect makings for a moderator. Thank you, rook! I know it’s not always easy, but you sure do make it look that way. :slight_smile:


Tagging @zephyr1 for the gentle reminder.


This is Goldycat (the rogue, always into something)

This is Dulcimer (the sage, who washes her paws of all Goldycat’s misdeeds):

You’ll note Goldycat is sulking, and Dulcimer is trying to get out of frame. :grin:


@Rook, what is your most feline trait?

In your opinion, what is the best song that has the word cat (or any form, including kitten) in the title?


Good looking yard!

I have no idea what The List is - enlighten me?


Most Feline Trait

I have several. I sleep too much, I love to play, I get distracted at the drop of a hat… :grin:

Best song with “Cat” in the title?

Actually the only song I know with Cat in the title/Lyrics (by Harry Chapman) is “…and the cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon, little boy blue and the man on the moon, when ya comin home dad? I don’t know when, but we’ll get together then…” Very sad song. :slight_smile:

Where is this [in]famous list?


Hmm :thinking::thinking:

Rook if you could have any hotm ever, which one and why?

If you were going to sing a song for the entire E&P community to hear, which one would it be and why?

Was your avatar originally chosen to give you a competitive edge by crossing the paths of your competition before they do summons or attacks?


Btw nice interview, sucks about the hail whackin your roses

Cool cats but i expected one to be black tbh

Curious about your thoughts on mist as I’m considering leveling one myself

Why so focused on purples? Are you guys facing a lot of yellow tanks in wars?

This is so rook…lol

And as is this lol


Answers for @Rigs:

The HOTM I most tried for is Vela. I loved her look. If I could spin a wheel and get one just on looks, I’d choose her.

I have sung The Queen and the Soldier (Suzanne Vega) before, for various Line folks. If my voice would cooperate, I’d do Slouching Toward Bethlehem (Joni Mitchell) because it’s so eerie and awesome at the same time.

My avatar is older than my gaming here. I think maybe 9 years?

The next cat will be black and has already been dubbed “Kiki Batman.” (don’t ask) :joy:

I just finished Mist; haven’t actually used her yet. I’ll let you know. :wink:

I have a bunch of purples because that’s what the game seems to delight in giving me. But I get good things in purple, so I’m not gonna complain too much!


Yea cause i follow directions so well…

Why kiki batman?

Never heard either of these songs and why in the hell wasn’t i invited to the Rook Concert?

Hmm did you play 9 games in those 9 years, with this bein the 9th? If so do you plan to retire the avatar if you retire from this game?


There is a Miyazaki movie called Kiki’s delivery service, with a little black talking cat called Jiji. My daughter likes the cat, but prefers the name Kiki to Jiji.

And Batman because…Batman. :rofl:

Concerts happen at odd times, usually one on one, subject to my memory and voice cooperating. Usually they are tiny affairs. :wink:

Nope, that avatar is MINE.


Kiki is a better name, agree with the kid. Jiji reminds me of what some people call their grandma which is ok but not for a cat lol

batman makes sense lol

Hmm may have to suggest an idea to SG for their next contest…

The eternal cat lol must be egyptian


Could not have said it better myself, completely agree 1000% with what @Math4lyfe said!

also @Rook, beautiful cats you have! and I’m so sorry for your roses, hope they get better.

A trampoline for your kid, would be awesome!

And: Kiki’s Delivery Service! I haven’t watched it but have heard such good things about it.

Cyprian: I completely agree, though mine is only +3, but I recently discovered the joys and tactical applications of riposte. Now my Cyprian rotates into my mono Purple stack!


Thanks Sleepyhead! Actually that pic was taken after the last storm. They are almost recovered:

As you can see, the other roses have been blooming for awhile:


I’ll chime in here since Rook’s isn’t ready! She’s fantastic. I’ll go by game phases:


I actually think she has a place here, barring a surfeit of elite level options. Currently, I roll out (firing order): Mist, Jackal, Leonidas, Joon, and Wu Kong. Reasonable tiles, the mana slow is a desired effect and has good synergy with Leonidas (and this is critical, since I can’t really afford to have the titan fire their special much as I have no healing on the field), and making other specials hit harder isn’t nothing. Sure I would rather have 60-70 more tile damage, but that’s not an option for my lineup.

I realize some feel she’s a C grade at this task and I can understand why if you have Vivica for team survivability and, say, Musashi. But for less god-tier rosters she’s very viable and a better option than Gretel or Onatel (which are my alternatives). B grade in my mind.


Hard to say as I don’t encounter her in that role much / at all. So obviously not super well suited to high level Diamond defense. I mean, what 4 star is? I’m going to reserve judgment on this until there’s a four start tournament she’s likely to show up in.

Intuitively, I’d venture she’ll be good but not great. I mean, she strikes me as a better Little John. Desired effect, but one that won’t get max value due to AI stupidity.


I’ve used her a decent amount in Diamond raids and she’s robust enough at +6 that she often fires before dying. And she’s the right speed (her defense down vs. specials) to easily get synergy from the rest of your yellows or whatever else you brought. I haven’t really found I want to displace Jackal, Joon, Onatel from my anti-Kunchen team, but she excels against other purple tanks and in mionor stacks with Joon. Superb attacker, a lot of fun combinations possible.


When I’m churning through my last flags with the lesser part of my roster it is really nice to know I can field Mist with, say, a Sonya or Caedmon type and have a reasonable shot at getting a snipe kill. I’m sure YOU get this, but to make sure I’m being clear for other readers - it is HARD to generate kills with your last flags and heroes that can do it are much more valuable. Which is why she fights in almost every war, where a hero like Costumed Skittleskull (slow + full AoE = more total damage but no kills, which is often an undesirable trade) often stays benched.


This was a good one. :slight_smile:

I don’t usually ask questions, but what food would it be?


Great interview! Rook, I always appreciate your fairness with the members…in fact we have a great group on mods here. I love how you mentioned Wu to new players and how you explained it. I have trouble recommending Wu because there are two types of Wu owners; Those that LOVE the extra damage and those who ONLY see the misses. Wu’s glass is indeed both half full and empty…all depends on the owner.



Great interview @Rook and @JonahTheBard


Cheesecake, naturally. And I am loathe to share. :grin:

@IvyTheTerrible This is a great explanation about Mist! promptly adds her to rotation


great news, glad your roses are on their way to recovery :slight_smile:

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