Forum Interviews: An Audience with @RandaPandah 🐼


Friends, players, contributors, lend me your ears;

Today’s interview is a real golden phizzwizzard as we take a stroll with the inimitable @RandaPandah

Few people manage to project so much personality through their posts as @RandaPandah, who has been there to guide many a newbie as well as orate passionately on the current game meta.

Moreover, her answers are just great fun.

Wash your hands :sweat_drops::palms_up_together:, wear a mask as appropriate :mask: and stay at home :house:.

Remember to #PlayApartTogether

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Next interview is with F2P Commander in Chief @FrenziedEye, a man many people have described as ‘Australian’.


Firstly, I wanna say thank you @JonahTheBard for letting me be apart of this. Now, here’s hoping I can keep this from becoming a full-fledged novel… but really, if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be true to me. Still, do let me know if I need to edit anything out, as I may have gone a teensy bit overboard…

(Haha just kidding, think I can get this published?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Be warned, guys: this is extremely long, and a lot of it might be considered the ramblings of a mad woman… But really, I’ve got all of the time in the world [this weekend], so let’s have some fun :grin:. As most of you only know me for my assistance with others’ rosters [which is pretty straight-forward], knowing little-to-nothing of my true nature, I’m willing to send you [all] this sample. & Then maybe, you can join me, and we can be mad [during this crazy time] together.

How long have you been playing?

The first time I actually started playing this game, was back - almost two years ago now - when my mother (musickarma) first showed it to me. We were hanging out one day, and she needed help beating a level; she was working her way thru Province 20 and found herself stuck on those fire bosses. She already had a full team of 5* @ 3/70 (she’s annoyingly lucky), but it wasn’t enough for her to beat 20-4 on her own, so she started explaining as much of the game [to me] as she knew [at the time]. And as soon as that explanation dove [fairly heavily] into cannibalism, I found myself intrigued (what can I say, I’m a sucker for whimsical :poop:).

I gave it a shot (I mean, it looked like an RPG version of bejeweled so I mean, who wouldn’t?!). Unbeknownst to me, finishing just that one level was enough to get me hooked. So that very next day, with that relentless urge to do some more match-3’s in order to kill some more monsters, I downloaded the app for myself (what was I thinking, huh?!) I even gave up playing PoGo [for this game] (just as I was about to hit level 40 sigh…).

So anyway, technically speaking, I started playing this game near the end of July - when Greg was HOTM - but being 100% f2p back then, I wasn’t making as much headway as I’d have liked (going from playing with 5* to 2* was too huge of a step down [for me]). So in light of this, I like to pretend I started in early August, as subsequently becoming p2p the month after [later] had me regretting not pulling for Greg when I had the chance (as I hadn’t missed a single HOTM after him til over a year in). For some reason, it still bugs me; even though it’s just poor average Greg, I find myself pondering the thought of collecting all of the green HOTM, and how good that would feel (as green is my best color). Ahh well, maybe one day he’ll finally join my team…

What’s your current role in your alliance?

Well my official title right now is as co-lead, but I’ve taken on several responsibilities since joining [Ravens of Valhalla]. I started out as this enthusiastic member, excited to learn more and grow, and no doubt - probably annoyed everyone [at least once] with how overzealous I was [about it all]. Though, clearly one person appreciated it, as I did make co-lead not too long after :sweat_smile:

& In time I became our alliance’s “E&P guru” (as they like to call me), helping all members [in our alliance] with a myriad of [different] things (similar to what I used to do pretty consistently here on this forum). Queries such as team building, hero leveling, strategy, etc along with keeping everyone up to date on what’s going on in game, in beta and on the forums. That, and somewhere along the way I became the alliance recruiter (probably cuz I always liked it here), and I find I do that job best if I help keep an eye on overall daily activity. So I track that, too (with help from another colead) and send stats to em all at the end of the month; that way, they [all] can track their own progress, too :blush:

It can be a lot some days, but I love my alliance so much, that it’s totally worth it in order to see it flourish. & They’re all super supportive, knowledgeable and active, so actually in time, most of my tasks have become a little redundant, or even unnecessary, and I find myself not having to do a whole lot most days [anymore]. I think that’s why I find myself popping back over here more often lately, as I [actually] have a little more time on my hands [for E&P] to post occasionally (but if I’m being completely honest: I mostly lurk :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:). Still, I enjoy dedicating my time to helping people with this game… I mean, what else am I going to do with all of this useless knowledge, and E&P jargon, floating around inside of my head?! Start an E&P jeopardy league?!

Which hero are you currently levelling and how will you use them?

Well, right now I’m finishing one of my very last teams to 70 (Gravemaker, Clarissa, Elkanen, Vivica and Frida #4). As since I’ve decided to play a little differently [than most], I have yet to use any 4* mats or emblems on any of my heroes [yet]. Plan is to take as many unique heroes to 70 as I can (I’m down to 8 compasses, eek :grimacing:) and then finally start maxing those neglected 5* (poor things have been waiting so long for that Tome, that they’ve been mistaking the battle manual for one all this time…).

So without going into great detail as to why I’ve chosen to play this way (I mean really, this post is long enough as it is), I’ll just say that I wanted the chance to formulate my own opinions on all of my heroes [myself] before making any of those “big” decisions. & As soon as they’re done, I’ll play around with them [all] in war and raids, maybe level one or two more teams, and then I’m off to the races [with maxing] :grin: (I mean, I’m up to 135 level 70 heroes, when exactly will it be enough?!)

Actually, been thinking I may flip the board, and this time, ask the community who I should level and emblem [just to see]. There’s so many knowledgeable players around here, and so many more forum posters that I’ve never even interacted with, that I’d love to hear all of their 2¢ regarding who they think is worth maxing and why - as back in my day (lol a year and a half ago) there were only a fraction of posters [compared to what we see now]. So yeah, I’d love to be on the receiving end [of that], as even though I’ve researched a lot about this game, there’s still so much (I’m sure) I have [yet] to learn.

Which is your favorite hero in your roster, and why?

Easy, but it’s a tie lol… wait, is that easy? Actually, it might be a three-way, but since GM is new to me, I can’t speak to that [quite yet]… Okay where was I? Oh yeah, my two favorite heroes: Hel and Alberich.

Hel because controlling the mana = controlling the game; as soon as you get those 10 tiles, you basically decide who gets to fire, and who gets to die. Seriously, I knew I wanted her on my team since day one (okay, maybe day 47), and so as soon as she popped up in Atlantis for the unveiling of that portal, I went a little bit crazy trying to get her… but she’s worth every penny (including the new shoes I forwent for another year in order to obtain her… :sweat_smile:). & Even though Proteus turned out to be a solid [enough] replacement [for her], there’s really no replacing Hel [in my eyes]. (But no surprise, Proteus is my favorite 4*)

Now, Alberich is my secret weapon; he’s a hero that people seem to really under-value nowadays with Mother North and Heimdall floating around in the wild (doesn’t help that slow mana can be a huge risk in today’s meta). But honestly, part of me wonders if that’s just cuz they either don’t have him, or because it’s been so long, that they’ve totally forgotten about how awesome he can truly be…

Idk, maybe it’s just cuz of the way that I play this game… I mean, I’m only using level 70 heroes for everything in-game, which puts me at a severe disadvantage [in most scenarios], so maybe that’s why - as I need to make use out of any amazing skills that I can. But seriously, that mana gain is stellar beyond compare. Yeah, sure, some people may think that it’s the resurrection that makes Alby special, but to me, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, it’s a nice caveat, but there’s no hero in the game that can even come close to what Alby does [for your mana]; the closest we have [in-game] currently is Misandra’s chain, or simple mana pots, but the latter cannot be used in raids/war, and the former isn’t very reliable - as even when she does chain, it rarely amounts to much.

I mean, as soon as Alby fires, 9/10 it’s a win - as by then, I don’t even need to match tiles in order to charge my heroes. The only time I ever lose [with Alby] is in battles I would’ve lost regardless. Conversely, a lot of battles that I’ve won [with Alby], I wouldn’t have won otherwise [without him]. He’s seriously a godsend.

So yeah, the little dude is amazing. & I have MN too, but she’ll always be 2nd chair; “Alby you my star, you gonna fly far” (breaks out in song for a moment) and I played with Heimdall a bit in beta, but really, “no one compares to yoooouuuu” :notes::musical_note:

BRB, gotta solo coming up… :guitar: (Whatever is playing inside of your head right now, yes, that’s exactly what it sounds like; I’m also a guitar prodigy (no, not really, just roll with it))

What’s your favorite source for E&P play advice?

The forums :grin: I’ve been coming here ever since I first found it - about a month into this game - and so I’d say well over 50% of my knowledge [regarding this game] came straight from [this] horse’s mouth. But to be even more specific, I have to give a shout-out, as @Kerridoc was my #1 source for that knowledge (in other words, if we’re keeping with the horse metaphor, he was my lead stud - at least, I think he was? Idk enough about race horses to try and push this metaphor on anyone :joy:). So anyway, unbeknownst to him, he became my E&P mentor, equipping me with the tools that I [still] use in order to help people [with this game] to this very day. I’d say that out of everything that I’ve learned, a good majority of it came straight from him [and his posts]. So even though he’s no longer around [here] anymore, I wanna say thank you Kerri for being my E&P guide, this one’s for you… (don’t worry, it’s not another song; my voice is still hoarse (horse? :wink:) from the last one…)

Raises water bottle, and pours half of it out on the concrete

Do you have a particular memory of great victory, a tragic defeat or a moment of madness?

Are we still talking about E&P? (Cuz I think I may be going mad typing this all right now, can’t be sure… define madness for me)

Hmm… well I’m sure I could name off several, falling under each of these three categories, but I’m trying to be as brief [as possible] (I said possible - as in possible for me) so I’ll just stick to one:

I frequently have moments of madness [in this game] (I mean really, how can you not?!), but what comes to mind most frequently (seriously, it still haunts me in my sleep) is the time that I went into battle [in war] before my morning coffee. Now, anyone with any sense would know that’s a terrible idea, but I just had to learn it for myself…

I went in all sure of myself, started building my team, then I immediately forgot who I was facing (I mean I’m 27 and my memory works about as well as my 102 yr old great-grandmother’s, but even she knows that you don’t go to battle with anyone before you have your morning coffee). So yeah, anyway, I went back to check to see which heroes I was about to start a brawl with, and instead of hitting the “edit team” button [again], I chose to attack this person with only 2/5 heroes [selected] on my team (my two very best, too - Hel and Alby facepalm).

Now, what would make this story really great was if I was able to triumph over this misstep, nab a win by the skin of my teeth, out of what was surely a total loss, and then go on to celebrate how awesome of a player I am…

…but I didn’t.

I honestly don’t even remember if I took out the tank… lol all I know is that that very memory lingers in the air every time I start building my teams for war… but unlike [back] then, I make sure I’m fully caffeinated up (cream and two sugars please) beforehand. So yeah, lesson learned…

What Season One hero would you most recommend to a new player?

Hmm, hard to pick just one, as I do my best to find at least some value in all heroes, but if I had to choose:

Practical answer: Bane. As when a new player is just starting out, he’s the best that you’ve got lol; he’s the first step in a long line of heroes, helping you get to where you need to go [a little bit] easier. Plus, he’s the only hero that the devs will ever gift you without grinding/paying, so appreciate him, darn it!

But for those a little further along: Wu Kong as unless you’re willing to shell out a small fortune, or are one lucky duck, he’s the best chance you’ve got vs titans. & Since titans are where the mats are, and you need them in order to progress in any meaningful way, I’d confidently label Wu Kong as thee most important S1 hero in this entire game.

What can you see out of your window right now?

Basically, all you guys get to see is the yard. I mean, it’s either that, or I guess I could take a photo looking thru our other window… (but you don’t wanna see that). & Currently it’s preoccupied, as it’s where we keep our telescope to creep on the… moon? Though, there’s another window where you can [safely] stare blankly at this brick wall. It’s really a great window to look thru when you wanna reflect on your life, and your choices, helping you justify your reasons for continuing to play E&P. It’s also great for bouncing ideas off of; some of the most productive conversations I’ve ever had have been with this [very] brick wall.

Okay, I decided to go outside to take these photos (my windows are dirty… okay? & I don’t feel like messing with these shutters; as soon as I open em, I’ll never get em back down), but still… not too shabby of a place to spend lock-down. Especially when you’re as introverted as I am, where you find this current norm a blessing in disguise; it’s almost like a mini vacation. Best part about it, though, is that everyone is [now] forced (by possible legal/health implications) to live the same way that I’ve been living [by choice] all this time. Mwahahaha… welcome to the shut-in life, suckers :smiling_imp:

& Since I see a few isolation newbs [in] here tonight, I’ll share a few tips with you [all]:

  1. Avoid showering for as long as [the] people around you can stand
  2. Pants are for suckers
  3. Laundry is annoying, so why not wear the same thing all week?! Not like anyone’s gonna notice, anyway…
  4. Don’t you dare say hello, not to anyone… Not even your mother. If you need comfort, go find a wall to talk to.

The idea is: you must isolate yourself to the point where you lose all ability to communicate with other humans productively. So until you’re at the point where your only [muttered] response [to another human] is “uhhhh…”, you must marinate in your own juices, by your lonesome, a little longer.

& While you wait, you can look forward to all of the deep conversations you’ll eventually end up having with yourself, your pets, and your house plants :grin: Things like how you no longer have any true sense of time [anymore] (it’s been Tuesday for four months now…), how to go about “getting rid” of your significant other without leaving the couch (as anything more than that would be too much work), or who on earth you’re gonna call, once lock-down is officially lifted, to come dissect the bird’s nest that is now your hair… (rock that look, girl; it’s what’s in-style nowadays… trust me)

In case that’s not enough socializing for you, and you find yourself needing to talk to someone (well, at the very least, some kind of mammal), go ahead and turn on your TV. Switch channels til you see your local news anchor - as even in your darkest hours - s/he will always be there to give you the most up-to-date information on the hour, in your area, every day. They’ll be one of the few [human-based] interactional consistencies you’ll have to depend on [during this time]. & That way, you can be prepared for when the the state [two states over] is 5° hotter than yours (cuz yes, you do need to know that). & After all of that, they’ll be polite, and wish you a good morning and a good night (better than what I can muster out of my Amazon delivery man). So really, if you can get all of that with a flip of a switch, who even needs to socialize?!

That, or you could always claim one of your daughter’s stuffed animals as a support animal, and he can keep you company as you walk all the way to the other side of the house. Yeah, sure, a little more paperwork than the alternative… but at least that way, when your family says you “need” therapy, you can safely say that you’ve got it covered. & Let’s be honest, at least he won’t tell you how much you stink after only 3 1/2 days without bathing. I mean, really, I know I have at least another solid day or two [out of this shirt] before the B.O. really starts setting in… Quit trying to convince me of otherwise; it won’t work.

Anyway, if you guys have any questions, don’t call me.
(& Yes I’m still wearing Fridays clothes, and no, I will not put on pants; you put on pants, get out of my house, shoo)

How did this simple question turn so wrong? (Should’ve just went with the picture of that brick wall and left it at that…)

If Petri is coming to dinner, what would you cook?

Well, all I can say is that he’s got great timing… A year ago, we’d be eating buffalo sandwiches with ranch (you heard me, I omitted the ‘chicken’ for a reason). But I’ve really upped my cooking-game since then; I mean, I learned how to boil noodles and everything. So I’d make him choose out of these three options:

Mediterranean baked veggies with chickpeas and couscous, basil sun-dried tomato spaghetti with almonds or… some other variation of the two :rofl:

So basically… Pasta of some sort. Preferably without meat, as I’m no vegetarian, but meat is just not my thing. & If you have a question about it, I’ll refer you back to buffalo sandwiches (they’re seriously so good; a huge step up from my previous go-to meal: ketchup sandwiches)

& I’ll admit right now, that even though this whole thing is filled with a hint of satire, I am for real about both buffalo, and ketchup, sandwiches… Don’t knock em til you’ve tried em! (Yum)

If you could make two changes to the game, one realistic and one less so, what would they be?

Realistic: I’m hoping this is realistic; I actually just took a personality test that found me to swing more in the idealistic range, but oh well I’ll try:

I’d like to see the Hero Academy (or a variation of the sort) actually fill the void many have with this game regarding heroes - especially when it comes to f2p. Something where they actually have a shot at pulling S2, or past HOTM, the same way as they [currently] can pull for S1 legendaries [thru TCs]. It just doesn’t seem right [to me] that we’re already on S3 with absolutely no sign of new heroes being added into the pool for our [purely-grind] players. I mean, I’m not even f2p, but I can only imagine their frustration; this game can get pretty dull and repetitive without the chance/hope for something new that might actually spice things up, and maybe even improve, a modicum of [your] game-play. So even though this may seem a bit unrealistic [to some], I’m really hoping for the sake of the game, and it’s players, that it’s not.

(I mean seriously, what’s so wrong with allowing f2p an actual chance at different heroes, that are well over a year old, reasonably? There’s always more heroes to chase for p2w, so why not spread the love around?!)

Now if that’s not realistic: I’m all for a loyalty program, a pity timer of some sort, or even possibly trading (if done, and thought out, correctly). Man, even removing S1 from a few portals, and replacing them with literally anything else, would be a huge step up.

Not so realistic: Okay well… I’m back at this hero thing again (heh), but since playing with new/different heroes is my favorite thing about this [game], it’s really no surprise as to why I’m pushing so hard. Especially considering those who never, or rarely, have the chance to pull new heroes, whether due to bad luck or an unwillingness to spend, I truly believe that all players - that have the dedication enough to continue the grind every single day - deserve an opportunity to improve their rosters thru those very same means [somehow]. As [for me], playing with different heroes is [at] the heart of the enjoyment that you can get from playing [this game], and therefore, I think we should really focus on how we can go about spreading that [enjoyment] around to [all] players in a reasonable way.

So I’d personally love to see the odds upped to a more reasonable amount (ie still a % on the lower side, as to not completely shift this game into another direction). Something like the 2-5% range, where a player could reasonably expect a new 5* now and then, even without having to sacrifice new clothes, a night out, or even a vacation to do it. I mean let’s be real, these new heroes should not be worth [on average] the same price as a used car… That’s just silly, and outlandishly expensive for one new, virtual toy. Hel, I’d even be okay if we just saw an up in the Tavern of Legends, and event portals odds, as those are truly atrocious.

But before I head into full-on rant mode, or start rambling away anymore on the subject, I’ll just leave it at that. We have enough threads that delve much deeper [into that matter] and I’m not looking to derail this thing anymore than I already have… :wink:

But really, for all who oppose [this], what would really be so bad?! I mean, really, who wouldn’t want better odds?? I think with a little creativity - by possibly using team cost and having it play more of a part [than it currently does] - I think a majority of possible downsides could be corrected thru that [alone]

(Okay, now I’m done)

If I gave you $1000 to spend frivolously, what would you buy?

Honestly, I’d probably try my luck in the event portal… lol kidding (kinda?.. I’m terrible) but if I really wanna be serious, and I can’t save the money, I’d probably use it toward a shopping spree.

I’ve lived in the desert for a couple of years now, and still have yet to shop for shorts. Consequently, I find myself wearing my old Hollister shorts that I bought in the 8th grade, and various ex boyfriend’s basketball shorts that I stole/borrowed-and-never-gave-back [over time], to keep cool in the summer (which, here, is like ten months out of twelve…).

So yeah, it’s probably time… But since this is only a hypothetical, and I’m really not $1000 richer, I’ll just muster thru a little longer… as really, who needs pants in lock-down anywho?! I mean, I’m 4’10"; any extra-large sized t-shirts automatically become dresses on me, so: BOOM! Problem solved. Shorts? Meaningless.

How has your alliance been supporting each other or those around them [during this difficult time]?

You know, we’re not a chatty group [Ravens], so it’s hard to really speak [on that]. If I’m being totally honest, we have some players whom I’ve never even heard more than three words from… lol. Though, what I can say is that they’re an incredibly dependable, and supportive bunch; we’ve [all] been together for a long time [now]. So even though I can’t quite quote a perfect moment shared between the 30 of us - that beautifully encapsulates our support [for one another] in these hard times - I can speak to their dedication to this game [and our team].

I think, for a lot of us, we kinda need this [right now], so us leads are being more lenient [about things], with our players being more understanding [about it all] as well. I mean, ultimately, we’re all here for the same thing: to play, kill time and enjoy E&P as much as possible - which means killing titans, triumphing in battle, and winning wars. Some days, you only get 2/3 and you move on. On a bad day, you’ll get 1/3 and subsequently rant a little - but even on those days, we [all] still move forward. & I like to believe it’s so that on the days where we do hit 3/3, we can celebrate it in joy together - without any bitterness present at all [toward one another].

& The #1 reason we can, so successfully, pick up the pieces - move past our losses and look forward - is because of our leader. He has a way of turning even the toughest of defeats - the ones with the sharpest of edges, that leave you with that horrible aching sensation in your brain - into nothing more than a weeks-old bruise you barely notice, or even look twice at. & Really, he accomplishes that with his consistency: the consistency of sharing something simple, yet meaningful, and to me - that’s what makes it so profound; it’s truly amazing what a simple “good morning” or “good work” everyday can do for the morale of your entire team.

I took on the mantle [of lead] for only a couple of days [while he was away], but even then, I found that I couldn’t consistently do what he does nearly every single day (though, in my defense, it’s really not in me to be short, sweet and to the point - as any of you still reading would’ve probably guessed by now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). So being honest, he’s the heart of that alliance - the glue that keeps us together - and I can’t be more thankful for having him around to lead us toward victory, and away from defeat.

So in all, we’ve always supported one another - even before the world turned in this direction - so I guess it’s just the same as it’s ever been: comfortably balanced between staying active, enjoying this game, while also remembering to enjoy life as well.

Although, I’ve gotta say, it’s definitely been hard for some of our members [lately]. Not necessarily because of the state of the world, but more the state of the game, as we’ve been seeing a lot of changes recently, and not all are sitting well [with everyone]. Just like what [most] everyone sees when they open up this forum, those very same frustrations reverberate within my alliance, and I don’t doubt in most others, as well. Which obviously makes it harder, as everyone has their own opinions, and ideas, on how things should be. & That alone, in and of itself, can create a divide; when people can’t set aside their differences of opinions, or experiences, and come to some sort of compromise. & Truly, I think that’s at the heart of the problem [here].

So I know that it’s [another] idealistic notion, but I hope that we all [including SG] can find a middle ground, that leaves [most] players and this game, in a more positive state [than it is now] - as I fear [now] that time itself is not enough to fix what is [clearly] broken here.

So yeah, that may not answer your question in full - at least, not to my satisfaction - (nor do any of my answers really (my bad)) but it’s about as close as I can get while being true to who we are as a group, myself and my own experience, so hope it’s enough.

Final Words

Wow, so yeah, that was a lot. You’d almost think that I don’t even possess the ability to answer a direct question to-the-point, without rambling… Or maybe, I just enjoy the sound of my own voice [in my own head]. Ha well, hope at the very least, it’s legible and maybe one person makes it thru this whole thing :sweat_smile:

If not, oh well, as at the very least, I had fun typing it :blush:

Thanks guys for sticking with it! Stay tuned for a future roster post regarding who I should level, max and emblem (no promises tho; depends on if I can muster up the energy to also type that all up too, phew :sweat_smile:), and remember to:

…I meant face; silly auto-correct :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: that was much longer than I thought it was (and I knew it was long :sweat_smile:)…


This is a cool idea!! Hope I don’t miss the thread :slight_smile:

Thanks for the not-just-a-glimpse inside your gaming mind! I admire your out-of-the-box thinking… even if it may have given @Xero786 some anxiety. Lol.

I’ve enjoyed your posts across the many areas on the forum. Of course, your knowledge of the game is just amazing, but you’ve also disclosed plenty of reflective thoughts in the community content section. Thank you for being a somewhat open book. Your words have been read by many of us fighting our own personal battles, and have helped in so many different ways.

You are appreciated.


Awesome read. Thank you @RandaPandah!

You have a beautiful yard, I am jelly. Here I am in lockdown in a one-bedroom apartment. :slightly_frowning_face:
(but I’m actually okay with that, as I’m also a homebody myself)

And thank you for looking out for us lower spenders and supporting our rights to have access to fun heroes too! I mean, I’m fine with the ones I’ve got for now… but I really don’t see how it would break anyone else’s game if I was able to pull a couple more S2 heroes or old HotMs for free…? Still gonna take me forever to level them up either way, and by the time I do, the top players will have probably already quit out of boredom anyway. :man_shrugging:

Again… thank you for the entertaining read.
And please do not ask me when was the last time I showered or changed my clothes… because I honestly don’t even remember. :laughing:


Thank-you so much for this interview @JonahTheBard and @RandaPandah. This was really great … I read every word :wink:

Seriously, @RandaPandah you were a massive influence for me when I started reading the forum about 18 months ago. Your posts stood out for me as beacons of knowledge and positivity. I really latched on to them, and you absolutely helped me with my hero prioritisation and roster development.

Just wanted to say thank-you.


To address @RandaPandah’s knowledge of the game, as I recall, the devs read her posts and said “we want her in beta,” right? I believe that’s how it went down. Compared to most who had to apply. That’s saying something.

And I made it through, ignoring two flagged posts. But it worked out well. One needed approval for using a naughty word. The other was a mistake and dude asked to disregard it. :slight_smile:


Great read RandaPanda. Honestly read every single word because it was a delightful rollercoaster of different thoughts. Two things that stuck with me is E&P also took over PoGo as my game of choice. I still play it because walking and raiding is dangerous!

Also ketchup sandwiches brought up a great memory. When I was 6, I had to make my own brown bag lunch for school. As forgetful and lazy as a little child could be, I often made hastily prepared mustard sandwiches.

Either way you are a joy in the forums and your passion for this game is fantastic!


@RandaPandah I was really looking forward to your interview, after reading others of your posts elsewhere in the forums. You are knowledgeable, kind and fun - and this really comes across!

Bullet-pointing bits that stood out:

  • How cool is it that your MOM got you into the game?!?
  • PoGo: is that Pokemon GO? wow, E&P beat PoGo!
  • 135 heroes parked at 3/70! I admire your patience… now THAT is playing the long game
  • How amazing is it that you were basically recruited into beta because of all that you’ve done!
  • Proteus is also my favorite 4*. I have 2 of him. I do not have my hopes on ever getting Hel, but I know I will use her a lot if I ever do
  • I’ve done that “attacking in war with not a full team” mistake too… I still facepalm over it, and thankfully I have only done it once… I also lost that attack. What stings is that I wasted my then top-3 strongest Blue heroes. ah well!
  • Beautiful yard, and even more beautiful was the advice you gave for shutting-in. I think some of my overly-extroverted friends could do with that lol
  • I wanted to clap when you were talking about improving odds for F2P. Thanks for your compassion and empathy :slight_smile:
  • Please, continue being idealistic. That positive vibe is extremely refreshing!
  • Your alliance and leader sound amazing, and I can see where some of your positive vibes spring from!

Your interview brightened the dull dreary rainy Saturday I am having. thank you!


Some are 4.70. This is 4* and 5* heroes.


thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: but still… I absolutely do not have that level of self-control!


For all of you who actually made it through that whole thing… I have a little treat:

Dinner is on me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That is an epic pool of ranch :nauseated_face: But hey, anyone willing to feed me and the rest of the forum deserves an epic amount of likes.


Crème de la crème

I have always been about the yummy fat molecules. Mayonnaise sandwiches when younger and Cream cheese sandwiches when older. Really, if you cannot taste the rest of the sandwich under the condiments, why not just stop with the condiments?

Wonderful Feast

I loved @Kerridoc 's post. They always explained why a roster choice, team choice, or titan choice was a good idea.

give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Both @RandaPandah, and @Kerridoc, have taught so many players, and by extension their friends, to fish Empires for a lifetime.

I have pockets !!!

I disagree.

No pockets. A common complaint from Gryphonkit when shopping in the women’s section.

While I do not need to circumvent airline carry on limits, I do enjoy a good pair of cargo shorts.

But no need to go Edna Mode meets Rob Liefeld, like some German designers


I love ketchup, mustard, hot sauce… ranch? Ehhhh is okay on a salad, when used sparingly (though I prefer Italian, vinaigrettes, Catalina, or blue cheese)…

Mayonnaise? No thank you!

Pretty sure I’ve eaten plenty of plain bread and ketchup sandwiches in my youth, though.


Thank you @RandaPandah, for giving us a teeny tiny glimpse into the bottomless pit of knowledge and wit that is your brain.! :slightly_smiling_face:

As a fellow introvert, I totally get what you’re saying… and not just about the current situation… almost throughout your post.

Thanks again for taking time out to write your experiences. More than worth a read!



I too read to the end of your interview. Although I’m not sure that would count as dinner :thinking:.

I got introduced to this game from a family member as well. I thank my sister every day :confounded:.

Enough about me, I’ve read lots of your helpful posts throughout the forum and am so glad you continue to share your game insight with fellow players, as @Kerridoc did before you. You’re a part of what makes this community awesome!

Thanks again.


You need an epic pool of ranch to balance out the epic pool of buffalo sauce… the spicier, the better

Condiments. Are. Delicious. :heart_eyes:


Seems like a bite of toast and a shot glass of ranch would do the trick. Not a ranch fan unless it’s legit homemade buttermilk ranch.

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I personally prefer mayo to butter for my sandwiches. I only use butter for plain buttered toast and grilled cheese sandwiches (mayo tends to burn too much).

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@RandaPandah thank you for being a constant source of information and inspiration on the forums here.

And for being as mightily entertaining as you are too :+1: :clap:


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