Forum Interviews: An Audience with.... @pois1 🎙️

There will be one ever other day all this week :zzz::partying_face:


Pois1, it was and will be a pleasure to play together and support each other at “БГ Пустиняците”. You are a great team player! :beers:


Enjoyed reading through it and found myself wishing it was longer when I reached the end. Excellent idea @JonahTheBard


I also manage 4 acc’s and on them all daily but one of them is in my training alliance and the other 3 in my alliance.
Reason for it at the time was I enjoyed the game but I was only on an acc for about 10 to 15 minutes at a time as there wasn’t much to do at all thus opening other acc’s allowed me to play for longer periods of time.

These days though although I still maintain each acc they are becoming a handful as there is so much more to do now than there was 12 to 18 months ago.

So yes 4 acc’s is currently keeping me busy also ATM.


@JonahTheBard, suggestion to maybe link some of @Pois1’s work to this thread for anyone who’s unfamiliar?


Hi Ivy,

I created the second account to play only with 3* maxed heroes and see how far I can go, that account name is Pois1 with three stars at both sides.
Third account was created to sandbag tokens and only use them on Christmas each year, that account name is “The Collector”.
Fourth account is “Rita Vrataski” and it was created to go crazy about the troops. Buy troops, train troops, just invest everything in troops.
Fifth account is “Yreguoth” and it was created to try a different tactics and buy the offer from shop, the one which gives four epic hero tokens and stuff. Also this account is going to win a 1000 Raids in a row because the previous attempt at 1000 ended by a trivial mistake at 669 wins (took one hero to a Raid and lost).

None of these original strategies is in place now. I just use the accounts to kill 1-5* titans myself and collect all the stats. Apart from titan hunting I barely play the alts at all.

Content Creator stuff:
It started when I was looking for a list of heroes and found out there is none or at least none I liked visually, so I tried to create a better looking one and it went from there. I spent hundreds of ours trying to put different stats together, monsters, quests, heroes, summons, drops etc.
At the moment, since I cannot really go anywhere, I have a lot of time to work on some other things. I am preparing an avatar overview, new Season 3 loot drop stats and some other things.
This work never stops since I have to update a lot of my previously created tables regularly but it is still something I like doing.
Hopefully some of the players find it usefull and use the stuff I made to help them when they need a quick information, that is the idea.

More links:


@Pois1, Rita Vrataski is awesome! :dagger: Woooohoooo! :star:


@JonahTheBard what a wonderful idea that allows us to get to know some of the forum’s top contributors. I enjoyed learning more about our dear @Pois1. Looking forward to more interviews.

I agree, adding some links would be great.


What anche amazing idea @JonahTheBard!:wink:
I want more of this…and I hope you can bring to life Mr. @Scarecrow and his very useful tips and his personal way to see the game dinamics…or @Mr.Spock, @IvyTheTerrible, @PapaHeavy, @Rigs and his intriguing, ironic way to see things, @DoctorStrange, and so many others…I’m going to look for all those interviews, 'cause I like people with personal ways of thinking and seeing things! Really, really amazing thread!:wink:


Been here since april 2018 , if you was coming to dinner i would either make you some stir fried pepper steak over rice or some homemade stuff pork chops with a side of bacon wrapped asparagus and twice baked potatoes from scratch.

I would change the amount of gems given for doing things and would definitely have scaleable quests and alliance dailys for the groups to earn gems.

Simply put the game is to stingy with gems.

Great post this was needed in this rough time we are going through. And with 1k would invite all of the great people i have met her to fly to a bar in vegas(flights 39 dollars right now) to smoke and take a picture for all of the great forum people we have and say f this Corona virus we ain’t going nowhere …be safe everyone and let’s make it through this together.


@DoctorStrange, I really, really appreciate the sentiment, and I’ll dig out my passport in anticipation.
I’ve had to edit it just a tiny bit to keep it family friendly :innocent:


I’d be happy to contribute. I’m new on the scene relative to a lot of these great contributors but I feel I’m finding myself in this game and have a lot of thoughts. Thanks for the shoutout, dude :vulcan_salute:t2:


Good idea,I’ve linked some under the interview


You are the man, sorry been drinking tough time here in america. I came from nothing and was supposed to be nothing and I refused to believe that, it came at a cost and if this virus takes me out make sure that everyone knows that loving every equally is the only way to fix any of this. Fk corona fk yeah to the human race.


You’re in luck - Jonah queued me up and I’ve already written out my responses.


Awesome read and great follow up to questions @Pois1


I’m looking forward to that, @IvyTheTerrible. I really enjoy your raid analyses


Ahh this shall be a good one as well. I look forward to it.


It’s so controversial and sweary I’m not sure I can publish it :smirk:


Do the magic hand thing and clean it up


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