Forum Interviews: An Audience with.... @pois1 🎙️

Hi Ivy,

I created the second account to play only with 3* maxed heroes and see how far I can go, that account name is Pois1 with three stars at both sides.
Third account was created to sandbag tokens and only use them on Christmas each year, that account name is “The Collector”.
Fourth account is “Rita Vrataski” and it was created to go crazy about the troops. Buy troops, train troops, just invest everything in troops.
Fifth account is “Yreguoth” and it was created to try a different tactics and buy the offer from shop, the one which gives four epic hero tokens and stuff. Also this account is going to win a 1000 Raids in a row because the previous attempt at 1000 ended by a trivial mistake at 669 wins (took one hero to a Raid and lost).

None of these original strategies is in place now. I just use the accounts to kill 1-5* titans myself and collect all the stats. Apart from titan hunting I barely play the alts at all.

Content Creator stuff:
It started when I was looking for a list of heroes and found out there is none or at least none I liked visually, so I tried to create a better looking one and it went from there. I spent hundreds of ours trying to put different stats together, monsters, quests, heroes, summons, drops etc.
At the moment, since I cannot really go anywhere, I have a lot of time to work on some other things. I am preparing an avatar overview, new Season 3 loot drop stats and some other things.
This work never stops since I have to update a lot of my previously created tables regularly but it is still something I like doing.
Hopefully some of the players find it usefull and use the stuff I made to help them when they need a quick information, that is the idea.

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