Forum Interviews: An Audience with @Novo 🎙️

I must say this is some of the best homemade beef jerky that I have ever seen. And I am sure that it taste even better.

Very nice write up and thank you for all the things you have done to make the game better for everybody.
Tools, but not for me for my hubby. As a forklift technician he has to buy his own tools for the job and they can be quite pricey depending on what he needs. He usually puts this off to ensure our home and family needs are always meet first.

Sounds like a fantastic mate you have there. Definitely a keeper.


I have very much to enjoyed reading all of the interviews, thank you for doing this.


I agree. Great interview. I personally love my Boldtusk. Thank you for participating in @JonahTheBard’s interview @Novo , it was very good


Novo you are such a wonderful giver! Jerky recipe please? :grin:

Morro Bay is beautiful, massive, shrouded in mist in the early morning. My husband and I were there in 1999 and have never forgotten it.

Loved this interview!


That’s not frivolous!

Pleasure to read more about you Novo! Will respond back with more after I write my solilquoy in Mysteryspin’s thread.


Great learning a little bit about novo. She is an ideal part of this community. The creation of the calendar is huge for a lot of us obsessed, planning E & P fanatics. On top of the that she is always kind to other members, especially those who for some reason love to correct her calendar the moment a quest didn’t drop. And interesting opinions and banter, just she a HUGE asset.




What a great interview! Thank you @Novo for the wonderful work you do. I check your calendars all the time.

I went to school in the central coast. Lived in San Luis for two years … then Morro Bay until I graduated. Took the kids to visit last year, to which the response was, “Whoa, that’s a big rock!” :smile:

I love these interviews @JonahTheBard. Keep them coming!


1st off, thank you everyone! I’ll admit I was honored to be selected to be interviewed as I still feel like such a noob sometimes. :joy:

So that picture was from my first ever attempt at making homemade beef jerky and honestly, it came out amazing!

This may be a bit lengthy, but will include jerky recipe, I swear!
Back in early December the hubby and I went Christmas shopping and ended up buying more stuff for our home than actual Christmas Gifts :sweat_smile: One of the items we purchased was this :bacon: baking rack for the oven.

Seriously never pan frying bacon again.

The packaging stated it could be used to make other stuff like chicken wings, which I have made and also come out fantastic and of course the beef jerky.

I primarily use top round/London Broil, but you can use whatever cuts of meat you prefer. I cut the strips a bit thick as there will be some shrinkage while it’s cooking in the oven. The whole process takes about 3 hours for me since the lowest my oven goes is 200 degrees Fahrenheit. I also flip the jerky pieces at the half way point for even cooking. I also have all the dry ingredients pre-measured in a small container for when I decide to make this again, though next time I am planning on making teriyaki flavored jerky.


Woo hoo congrats @Novo, such an awesome interview :slight_smile:


Thanks @anc1ent1. I know this may come off as cliche but he really IS my best friend (with benefits! :wink: :wink: he made me say that) :rofl:


@IvyTheTerrible @rook @akionna
As much as I hate to admit it I am quite fortunate to live where I do, with so many great locations within driving distance. Which we usually do in summer to get out of the oppressing heat from the San Joaquin Valley. The San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay areas are our usual go to day trip destinations. But we would like to eventually head up north and visit Eureka, CA since the furthest we’ve ever been is San Francisco.


@ThePirateKing there wouldn’t even be calendar posts if it wasn’t for you sharing the one I had made back in July. So from the bottom of my :heart: THANK YOU my dear friend!


Boldtusk was my go-to Red for the longest until Telluria revamped my defense and became my healer and allowed me to bring in Jean-François as my Red in my Rainbow Defense.

Currently leveling Kiril in Ice because he is a valuable hero, and I don’t have any healers that are decent among Ice heroes except for him now.


Awww, it would have been highly irresponsible of me as a friend if I did not present your talent and hard work to the EnP community. I am just glad that your amazing work has been truly loved and appreciated by everyone in the community, and helped countless players including me. I remember those initial days, when we used to discover your calendar from wierd places like Instagram, Reddit, FB etc, and used to have a laugh about it. Fun times. Anyway, as always, I wish you the very best in life for you. Stay safe and take care Anna :slight_smile:


I’m so jelly, I tried so hard to land Telluria with no luck. Congrats!

I am also glad I saved an extra Boldtusk though; still hoping to pull his costume that way I can have a maxed regular and costumed one.

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@novo. You had me at Cayucos. I would be there now if not for current lockdown situation. Morro wonderful too! I have a nautical map of that area mounted in my den. We’re lucky to be in CA. Thanks for all the calendar work. My alliance loves it.


Hi @IvyTheTerrible I’ve been thinking about this for a bit, and looking at the calendar also wondering where would this even fit in.

Well, there is space. This is speculatively speaking of course. But assuming it’s a monthly event similar to the #costume event, then it could potentially fit in on either the 2nd or 4th Monday of each month.


I’m not going to say another great interview again @JonahTheBard, but another great interview.
@Novo, I concur 100% about the loot tickets!! The lack thereof has hampered my AR farming quite significantly!!
But YES, I do buy every fast lane pack that shows up simply for the Loot tickets!!


I’ll admit I’ve given in to loot ticket temptation as well. Even though I said I was going F2P this year. :rofl:


I’ve recently curbed my spending significantly. I just miss those loot tickets. At one point last year I had over 1k, now I’m lucky if I have over 100


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