Forum Interviews: An Audience with @NittanyLionRoar


It’s Wednesday everyone, enjoy your wars!

Today with have a video interview @NittanyLionRoar, renowned Leader of Xtreme Panda and YouTube diva. I understand this interview is actually live streamed and NittanyLionRoar will start from the beginning every time you click on the link :thinking:

Xamples of @NittanyLionRoar’s videos include all kinds of top lists and custom advice such as these on war hits:

Wash your hands :sweat_drops::palms_up_together:, wear a mask as appropriate :mask: and stay at home :house:.

Remember to #PlayApartTogether

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Next time we will be graced with the presence of Glorious Bar Steward and healthcare extraordinaire @NPNKY


So, here you are :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s what the critics are saying:

@Dudeious.Maximus… you can talk all about it now!


Really great interview! Thanks @JonahTheBard. And, @NittanyLionRoar, dill pickle chips rock :+1:


Clever. Very clever. :blush:


Perti - “Hey Jonah, how about a series of uplifting interviews to encourage the community during a time of global crisis?”

Jonah - “Nah, not really my thing”

Petri - sighs “…you can include puns”

Jonah - d6cd65fbfde9172ab4c2b59e1cb75cc3


O. M. G. That was a-mazing!! Thanks @NittanyLionRoar!

I agree that the outer banks is a beautiful destination. That’s my vacation spot every summer. Usually camp at the KOA down in hatteras.

What grade do you teach? Have you been enjoying the teacher memes?? I’ve had a good chuckle for sure. Definitely miss my kiddos though.

@JonahTheBard another great one for the book. Nicely done.


You kind of look like a regular man’s James McAvoy. Anyone else getting that?


Was it the goat legs?


What a great live interview.
Cinematography was grand!

So nice to feel like I’ve actually met you @NittanyLionRoar,
Thank You for inviting us into your home or at least your wonderful backyard.

You are a very down to earth person who possess unique skills and personality.

You have done so much for this game to help others understand the mechanics of everything.

As usual thanks for being a part of this whole thing and continue the good work.

10 stars is my review !


That was amazing. I don’t really have anything else to describe it. All my life I’ve never seen anything like it.


that was great! I usually have a short attention span for videos / movies / anything I have to watch, but you got me listening until the end. Well done!

I love your thought process answering questions (e.g. this is asking for my FAVORITE hero, not BEST hero…)

and I agree - you should totally be proud of that amazing patio.


Haha wasn’t my fault he posted it on his YouTube channel like a week ago! :roll_eyes::wink:
Top stuff! Always like nattylionroar videos always good knowledge and simple to understand.
Alot people upset basil wasn’t in the video, yes @JonahTheBard even on youtube too cats are more over than anything!


@NittanyLionRoar This video interview was simply fantastic, like all your videos usually are! I just wanted to personally thank you; watching you content helped me so much.

I’m so glad I’m not the only that thought that. :laughing:

@JonahTheBard can we please get a #interviews so that we can set it to watch for new content that comes out.


What a great video! So happy to put a face to the voice. When I joined a little over a year ago, Nittany’s videos were the absolute best to start with. Super cool knowing he’s a teacher, he speaks like one on his youtube instruction vidoes and it’s so helpful with learning.

I too love Dill Pickle chips (well all chips in general). Keep an eye out for Flaming Hot Dill Pickle Lay’s chips, a delightful spin on the on note sour chips.



They should all be #playaparttogether (I know I’ve missed tagging a few)
Would that be close enough? There aren’t many new threads starting with that apart from the interviews, so you won’t get a lot of false positives.




Outstanding interview and yes, pickle chips!
Very nice to have a face to put to the voice now as well. Be safe.


Thanks everyone! Haha, by the way, I said “I work in a school” but I am not a teacher. I didn’t necessarily want to be super specific in a public youtube video (it took me this long to show my face) but I am a school counselor for middle school kids. It’s my dream job and definitely gives me my energy every day. I really miss seeing the kids, but I’ve still been able to communicate with them through the school closures.


Kudos to you. I spent 2 years teaching middle school and it was the worst two years of my teaching career.

High school is definitely where I belong.


Hey, @NittanyLionRoar, cool idea to do a video instead! I have watched a few of your videos and enjoyed them. I especially liked your discussion of underrated heroes. Discovering non-mainstream ways to think about and use heroes is one of the game aspects I most enjoy.

To that end, my first question is: what is a synergy or tactic you feel is underused or misunderstood by most of the player base? This can be a hero combination, tile strategy, or any other thing - however you interpret the question is fine.

Secondly, I’m not really sure how to phrase this as a question, but I’ve always been curious about the experience of being in a top end alliance. Could you speak a bit more to that? Perhaps addressing the benefits and difficulties, the pressure to spend, perform well on titans, war hits, etc., be constantly available, etc.

Lastly, what are some of the things you find challenging about being an alliance leader (I realize you didn’t say it is difficult, it’s just that asking the prosaic, ‘what’s the best thing about being an alliance leader’ is less interesting to me)?


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