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As do I.

Healers on defense are easy to kill and/or avoid. They’re much more effective when you’re in control of them.

I used to be one of those people who complained that the defenders had all the advantages in raids, because they have attack and defense bonuses and gain mana every turn, whereas I as the attacker have to depend on tiles and it takes me 3x longer to charge up my specials. What the heck, right? Seems totally unfair. Until I figured out that the defense heroes don’t charge up as fast if you don’t hit them with any tiles. Ah hah!

I now consider ghosting to be an absolutely essential basic E&P PVP skill. Learn it, live it, love it. Even occasionally comes in handy in PVE against some of the particularly nasty higher level bosses.

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Also titans. You can ghost tiles on the outside two columns against them to either charge up Wu (Ranvir / Tarlak / Miki if you’re lucky) or get rid of non-useful tiles.

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Lucky enough to have Miki. Quickly burning through my massive stockpile of mana potions keeping him charged up, though.

@MysterySpin now I understand the inspiration for that bar fight scene in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie
:hotdog: :rofl:

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Life hit me like a truck…I’ve updated my post accordingly.

Edit: I’m safe, healthy, etc. Just a server crash and restoring systems for work that is quite extensive.


Thinking of you, Voiders :fist:


@MysterySpin, it’s good to see you on this list. I’ve always been partial to your humor and you certainly didn’t let me down, not to mention your solid advice as it was quite obvious from the beginning that anyone who’s friends with @FrenziedEye is not only slightly insane they 100% know this game and won’t steer you wrong!!

See @JonahTheBard, absolutely nothing at all about another great interview. Totally managed to quit saying another great interview that at all!!! YAY therapy!!


Just take it one day at a time. I’m proud of you

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