Forum Interviews: An Audience with @Mr.Spock 🖖


Good Afternoon Empirical Puzzlers,

How is everyone?

Our latest interview features a relative newcomer to the forum - @Mr.Spock has quickly established a reputation for thoughtful analysis and pointy ears

He also produces lots of E&P content on YouTube and has provided his interview in video format - enjoy.

Wash your hands :sweat_drops::palms_up_together:, wear a mask as appropriate :mask: and stay at home :house:.

Remember to #PlayApartTogether

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I think @Mr.Spock was another good pick! I’ve watched a few videos and enjoyed them.

Can you speak a bit more about the content creation side? How did you get started? What are you hoping to accomplish with your content? What are your goals and future plans?

VERY interested in the miso maple braised beef dish, if you’d care to type out the recipe.

Underwhelmed by your phone charging game. :rofl:


I was getting nervous!! Whispering to myself… charge it, charge iiitttt! :rofl:


That was awesome! And thanks for the peek inside your deck. Always interesting to see how others level or who they work on… who they already have maxed.


that was cool! you have a nice pleasant voice to listen to.

I was playing while listening (sorry, I have a short attention span when listening - that said, you certainly kept my attention!) and your comment made me appreciate the animation of the troops hitting the gems more :slight_smile:

interesting having two sets of leveling groups. but it makes sense, especially if you’re leveling 5s, to divide the 1s and 2s… I don’t get enough 5s for that to make sense, but I need too think more about that, might be more efficient when it comes to feeder/food cost…

thanks for a great interview!


Yes, that’s what I thought.

ASMR for E&P please @Mr.Spock!


So cool to watch & listen to this video from my alliance mate @Mr.Spock.

He is so modest too … he has taken over my alliance messaging duties during my recent hospitalisation, and has been super supportive during that enforced period of inactivity for me.

He is the most thoughtful player I know by a country mile! Frankly I am amazed he is still with our alliance … he could be playing with much bigger boys and girls! I am just grateful for every day he stays with us.

Live long and prosper @Mr.Spock

Your friend Steve.

EDIT: Actually, @IvyTheTerrible is pretty thoughtful too. Let’s call it a tie. Sorry Ivy!


What warm comments to stumble on today amidst my workday :). I must say, I’m a bit surprised to see my name in the same list as these other very well-known contributors, but I’m thankful for that and so appreciative of the support.

@JonahTheBard thank you for the invitation, my friend, and for your time investment putting together this great series for the community on the forum! I enjoyed the wordplay and general cleverness of that introduction. E&P ASMR might create a rip in the space time continuum, but I’m not saying no :laughing:

@IvyTheTerrible that’s a good idea for a video! I’ll add that to the docket and post a link here when I do. Might be able to squeeze that in this week. Regarding the recipe, here’s what I used as my jumping off point: I do prefer standard oyster mushrooms over the king variety, and aside from a few other little tweaks, the rest is in the execution :). And yes, :smile: my phone was hurtin’ for some juice, but I knew she’d make it!

@Math4lyfe happy to share! I’m still learning myself, but it’s nice for people to say they appreciate the glimpse instead of calling me stupid for x, y, or z reason lol. YouTube can be a harsh place…

@sleepyhead thanks, and happy birthday! Making that change to my leveling has really helped me stay organized. I’m in the thick of my 5* leveling currently but I’ll run out of 4* materials soon and will go back to 4*/3*. I’ll probably keep my leveling scheme the same, but we’ll see. Glad to hear I have a pleasant voice to listen to :slightly_smiling_face:

@Steve9999 you’re a gem and a delightful human being. I’m so happy to hear you’re on the mend and look forward to lots more time in the alliance together :). And I’m honored to share such a title with @IvyTheTerrible :wink:


Hope all is well with you!


Beautifully “Off Topic” @Math4lyfe
I’m doing OK and my “woe is me” thread is here

But lets not detract from @Mr.Spock’s “Audience with” thread … so, Back to Topic please :grinning:


I Love mr spock youtube content, very educational and very useful, really enjoy the content he made :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::+1::+1::+1::+1:

Still envy for the gazelle till now :disappointed:


I remember I’ve suggested an interview with this guy just after the 1st of the series came out! So thanx to you @JonahTheBard for this became true!:wink:
I love @Mr.Spock for his personal and smart way of thinking, and for the plain and gentle “mood” of his argumentations…all done in a nice “down-to-earth” mode. :wink:
Great, great job here…and fun time spent on listening it! :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture:


@mogulemon thanks! You make very helpful videos too :+1:t2:

@Yayo thank you, my friend. I think you’re the one who got the ball rolling here :vulcan_salute:t2:


Thanks again for the content.
Mr spock I’ll check your YouTube account at some point :sunglasses: :+1:


After I got done plugging my phone in before I realized it wasn’t MY battery that was about to die, I thoroughly enjoyed the interview.
I do not believe Mr Spock and I have met on the forums but I’ve certainly seen some of his well put together YouTube videos. Welcome to the forums Sir and hope to see you around soon.


@Dudeious.Maximus thanks :). 152 videos and counting with daily uploads :vulcan_salute:t2:

@PapaHeavy thank you. I recognize your name, and I appreciate the support and the warm welcome.


@Mr.Spock, your video are in my alliance notes along with many other helpful links/Videos I’ve accumulated. My alliance is a training alliance but now many of my team have/are surpassing me in team strength and ability. It’s a great thing to watch and lead along.
So thank you for taking the time to make these videos and help my alliance become stronger!!


That’s great to hear and I’m happy to help! Can I ask what types of videos have been the most helpful? I definitely strive to make content with utility and purpose, though they can’t all be that way.

I have plans to make a lot more guide type videos but I’m trying to cross the 1k subscriber mark first. I’m at just about 900 today, so hopefully within the next few days👍🏻

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Well bring a training alliance I absolutely LOVED your tips on tile play. Trying to explain ghosting during a field aid war with Rigard in the corner…can be difficult. Some are more visual learners and you are using hero’s many of them have. Watching videos of maxed emblem HotM5* do nothing for a team of 2/3/4*.

You’re alliance war hits video was also very helpful in getting them to somewhat grasp that we are a team and the reasons why we let new players take out the lowest level teams or do cleanup. They also see why I tell them that by color stacking it becomes much easier to beat those higher level teams. But not to neglect to think about what the defensive hero’s specials are and what hero’s they have to best offset them with.
Honestly there’s so many that have been helpful it’s really hard to say. I just think they relate to your videos more because they are familiar with the hero’s you are using and see that it’s not a race to get the war hit over. They tend to try to play too fast and not look ahead. “Oh a green match 3, hit it immediately” and are left with nothing else.
You speak their language, mostly, much better than I do. I try to explain everything as we go. Start them out with no expectations. They can opt out of war. Our rule that is carved in Stone “If you opt into AW you must use all your flags” you are free to opt out and just play as well. I’ve gathered a very skilled group of newer players who aren’t so new anymore. Many have been with me for over a year now. Some have surpassed me in team power too (damn you Vela and GM, you should be mine :exploding_head:).

Keep up the good work and I imagine you’ll have 20ish new subscribers shortly. Thanks for all your time and effort


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