Forum Interviews: An Audience with @math4lyfe 🎙️


Well this it folks, the one the critics said was too controversial to post. We’re well and truly through the looking glass.

Wash your hands :sweat_drops::palms_up_together:, wear a mask as appropriate :mask: and stay at home :house:.

Remember to #PlayApartTogether

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The next set of interviews has a tweaked set of questions (we’ve slapped a new paint job on it and called it “Season Two”) and will debut with culinary mastermind @TheChef.


People of the forum, I present, @Math4lyfe

How long have you been playing?

I hit two years February 1st. And I’ve been a part of the Crew family since May 2018… so I’m getting close to my two year anni with them as well.

what’s your current role in your alliance?

Officially… leader… although I have an amazing team that makes my job easy. Off the record, I’d say my role is more motivator, listener, moderator, comedienne, editor… etc.

which hero are you currently levelling and how will you use them?

Telluria!! Finally got her at the end of this month’s S3 portal. I squealed a bit from excitement. I’ve been in dire need of a green healer. She fills the position beautifully. I’m also working on Mireweave and Brynhild… I think they’ll be fun to play with in Raid tournaments.

Which Season 1 hero would you most recommend to a new player?

3* - Belith for her heal and and dispel. Excited to see what her costume will be like. Brienne is a close second, mainly due to her costume. I have two maxed and enjoy using both on the same mono green team.
4* - Rigard… He’s always been a solid choice, a hero that I would encourage beginning players to level immediately. His costume made him a game charger and many players have multiple copies of him for their war teams.
5* - Tough one… Lianna hits like a tank, but Kingston stole some of her thunder. Viv perhaps… although she is slow and squishy, her cleanse is invaluable for those who mono… and her costume… drool. I can only hope I get it soon! My titan scores will definitely improve.

What can you see out of your window right now?

The beginning of a beautiful day! The sun is shining. Temp is a cozy 64 degrees (that’s Fahrenheit, y’all). Windows are open and I’m enjoying the sounds of nature… and the occasional car that drives by.

If @petri was coming to dinner, what would you cook?

Bahahahaha… those that know me are laughing at this question. I don’t cook. So take-out of some kind… Thai maybe?

If you could make two changes to the game, one realistic and one less so, what would they be?

Realistic change… as my roster continues to grow, a search feature would be nice.
Unrealistic change… an undo button… just for one turn… maybe put a cost on using it… like all heroes lose 200 hp or something… hmm, maybe that not so unrealistic. :thinking:

If I gave you $1000 to spend frivolously, what would you buy?

I have a hard time spending money frivolously… I’m sure some would go to gems… I’d probably buy this programmable blender that makes awesome smoothies… and maybe a plane ticket somewhere. :woman_shrugging:

this is a really strange and challenging time for all of us across the whole player base and all our communities around the world. How has your alliance been supporting each other or those around them?

This is definitely a strange and challenging time for us all… luckily, I feel like our alliance already has a strong sense of family so there wasn’t a need for a lot of change. We chat daily, both in game and in our line groups. Most of us have been playing together for quite a while… and therefore know more about each other than just what heroes fill our rosters. We have celebrated birthdays, proposals, marriages, and births. We have supported each other through family deaths, job loss, and sickness. While this pandemic has been devastating in many ways, I do think it has brought us closer. We may live thousands of miles apart from one another, but we are all struggling through the same thing… virtually… together. We have lost a few players due to real life demands… members in the healthcare industry that are working countless hours, helping those in need. I reach out to them regularly, kind of like a virtual wellness check.
There are some great support threads here on the forum. I’ll take a minute to give a shout-out to @voidstrike and @anc1ent1 for all of their positive words. It’s comforting to know that there are multiple platforms available to share concerns and such wonderful people who are willing to lend an ear whenever needed.


Another great interview, not that I’d expect anything less! Congrats on your shiny new Telly @Math4lyfe (I don’t suppose you also have a new telly, aka TV, along with your Telly…? maybe add it to the frivolous $1000 spending list :slight_smile: )

it’s really cool that your alliance is so close. it’s beautiful to see a group created for a mobile game, evolve into something more - very tangible and meaningful!


These are enjoyable! Thank you both for your time!


Glad you’re enjoying them :blush:

There are still more really great folks in the pipeline that I’m itching to post!


I think @Math4lyfe can be summed up perfectly in the following contradictions:

Clearly states:

Follows up by frivolously spending money on something used for cooking

On a serious note from all my limited experiences/interactions the off-topic offender is a compassionate soul who consistently cares for the player behind the screen more than any in-game achievement/reward and that’s awesome. :slightly_smiling_face:


I also liked…

Off the record?

This is an internet forum with 80k plus members :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


And she always puts up with my constant line messages @Math4lyfe “I raided another Crew-Sader” and very patiently passes on the video and forwards me the revenge.

Also when I left crew it took her less 5 mins to reach out making sure I was ok.

Thanks for caring.


Hmm. So making smoothies is considered cooking?? I may have to examine my whole outlook on things now.

Perhaps a follow up question…

When did you realize you weren’t cut out for kitchen lyfe?
… was it when I served Mac and cheese without draining the water?
… was it when I attempted to make a cake and during the cleaning process, struggled to get the the mixer blades off? I ended up hitting the on switch and cake batter was equally distributed from the floor to the ceiling.
… or perhaps it was the words of my child when he was interviewed as a kindergartener. “What’s your favorite thing that your mom cooks?” Response: peanut-butter and jelly.



I can relate

I did this with a garden strimmer. Narrowly avoided needing stitches


Thanks for being a bit of sunshine @Math4lyfe you’re one of kind, even when you call me names :wink:


Ok ok. Its Math4lyfe not English4lyfe for a reason…

I was thinking outside the game descriptors of lead, co-lead, elder or member.

Geez. I’m going to go sit in my corner and count to 15. @Guvnor @littleKAF @JonahTheBard


We both know it’s not plural. Just one name. Lol. :slight_smile:


Great and fun interview, thanks!

I have to add, i love how nobody asks @Petri what to have for dinner :slight_smile:


I was going to ask the same question. Well, @voidstrike didn’t get his nickname for nothing. :wink:


If we have to deal with what he gives us in game…he’s gonna have to put up with @Math4lyfe 's watery mac & cheese.

In response to your follow-ups:
Concerning the cake batter mixer blade, I once didn’t allow enough heat to release from the top while blending a hot berry compote. Explosion of red berry in my parents all white kitchen, one 3rd degree burn on my forearm and a kitchen that looked like a murder scene. So that’s plausible for anyone.

“Cooking” you are altering the state of raw food into another for your means of consumption so…yes.



I always defined cooking as somehow applying heat to food… like, I don’t cook hummus. :thinking:


Not gonna delve too much more into the Voidstrike cooking show.
Hot berry compote - Hot referencing temperature & berry compote referring to an assortment of blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries cooked down with sugar on stove top with some lemon juice & lemon zest until berries are broken down.

I don’t define it as such, but rather anything you do to ingredients to make it more enjoyable for your consumption. But I’m pro-encouraging people to cook on their own.

Blah blah blah…

On topic
…where’s the obligatory Crew family posts in here to refute all of the positive claims people are throwing on your leader? I thought y’all made sure to come in and knock math4lyfe down a peg @Rigs


Or @JAWS_3D or @Boolz_San

Surely someone will tell us the real story?


Pffft. :innocent::innocent:

There may be a promise of free gems.


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