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Wash your hands :sweat_drops::palms_up_together:, wear a mask as appropriate :mask: and stay at home :house:.

Today, we unravel the secrets of @Kiko, Commander in Chief of all seven Guardians alliances and all round smart cookie.

Remember to #PlayApartTogether

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Our next thrilling issue comes straight from the mouth-brain of the notorious @Math4lyfe


And without further ado, on with the show…

  • how long have you been playing?

Since May of 2018.

  • what’s your current role in your alliance?

Leader of Guardians Reborn (and the Family of Guardians Alliances).

  • which hero are you currently levelling and how will you use them?

I still level by color feeding.
Ice: Costumed Sonya - She will be my fastest cleanser (currently use Rigard+20)
Nature: Telluria - Probably tank
Holy: Jackal2 - Double V.Fast and depth against purple tank wars.
Fire: Jean-Francois - Probably help against Telluria and Kunchen tanks in war. My other reds are all TC20.
Dark: Gafar - For fun and to take a break from 5s; just finished Panther2

Many 5s I am sitting on to see what costumes come out.

  • Which Season 1 hero would you most recommend to a new player?

Rigard. Cleanse, heal, and sturdy. A real pain early on in healing aid wars in the corner.
Second place is probably Grimm. Defense down is great in all game aspects.
Brienne is probably my favorite 3 star s1 hero.

  • What can you see out of your window right now?

Working from home: green grass, a small patio with a dead sage plant and a thriving rosemary plant. Cloudy skies in the mid-40s Fahrenheit. The kids next door are not outside playing their daily game of ‘kick the stump’ or ‘beat the log on the stump’; at least not yet.

  • If @petri was coming to dinner, what would you cook?

Causa. Nordic food looks pretty seafood heavy and a lime+aji amarillo potato cake with essentially tuna salad in the middle would give a different twist on that base cuisine.

  • If you could make two changes to the game, one realistic and one less so, what would they be?
  1. A way to meaningfully use duplicates to improve your roster. Almost any system is better than the one we have
  2. A way to watch your defense in action.
  • If I gave you $1000 to spend frivolously, what would you buy?

I would probably revamp my home-brewing setup.
Grain mill rollers [bought this recently], wort pumps, new boil pots, and if any $ left over maybe an apple press for ciders :heart_eyes:. My last two ciders turned out great, and if you’ve never tasted apple juice straight from the press (or the foam from pressing the apples), you are missing out on a truly amazing culinary experience.

  • this is a really strange and challenging time for all of us across the whole player base and all our communities around the world. How has your alliance been supporting each other or those around them?

Our alliance has been much less strict on our standards given that the pandemic has changed all our lives in one way or another. We understand that real life commitments take priority over a mobile game and we’ve been less likely to kick folks that miss a titan or had no time to log on. Additionally, some of our alliances have lifted the wave strategy in war in favor of letting folks hit when they have the time.

There’s always folks connecting in the Line group that connects all seven of our alliances (Reborn, Heroes, Ascending, University, Rising, Academy, Valhalla, [Llama?]), which is definitely nice to have in an era of physical isolation. A lot of the chat is game-centric, which is a nice escape for many. It also is nice to be able to check in on each other through that medium.

My co-leads in Reborn and leadership in the other Guardians alliances have done a fantastic job of keeping everyone together. It’s a testament to the group (Reborn and Guardians in general) that we can run independently, but still continue to keep up with common tasks in game. I could never do this alone.
We all enjoy the game and know the part we play in advancing the game to the level where we enjoy it; all the while keeping great company. I would be remiss if I did not mention @Kayo , whose voice powers this forum and continues to help give voice to the Guardians as well. Just don’t rely on his swypetype skillz and don’t mention the incident with the Battle Hamster. :hamster::crossed_swords: Although, you could have a AMAA session with him and the mods?

Thank you for including me in this list. :slight_smile: Even though I like to keep a fairly low profile, it’s humbling to be asked to participate among other prominent personas in the forum. A lot of what we do in Guardians is to try to learn and collect AMs, emblems, and costumes while having fun together along the way, even though we are scattered across the globe.


Ok I’m going to ask…

Battle hamster @kayo…?


Cool beans! Really inspiring how you (and your alliance members) keep this nice global network running. Becomes even more important in these times we live in.

And home-brewed cider, YUM!


@Kikyo, I’m very happy to see you pop up here! Funnily, I didn’t know you were the Guardians leader - I guess I never looked at your profile! But I recognize you and am always interested to see what you have to say when you pop up.

Many share your love of Brienne. I’d love to delve a bit deeper here:

  1. What situations are you preferring her with / without costume?
  2. I have been hesitant to max any more three star duplicates as I almost never use two of any of the ones I’m already holding (exception: Gato, and I’m probably going to max a second Bjorn) since I don’t compete in events. Where I’m going with this is, is there any situation where you foresee yourself using Brienne and costumed Brienne in the same raid?

I know nothing of Causa. Would you be willing to share the recipe and maybe say something about the historical or cultural history / importance of this dish?

Lastly, while I don’t have a follow up question, I really enjoyed reading about how your alliance family is supporting each other and facilitating social connection. Thank you for sharing that, as even just reading it gave me a little bit of a boost.

…and I’ll add to the voices that need to hear about @Kayo and the incident of the battle hamster. A very intriguing teaser, to be sure.


We have lost our goat, Bruno says the llama is being hidden in the Reborn penthouse and now we have a Battle Hamster too, please @Kayo enlighten your fellow Guardians and the forum :smile:


We love having our @Kikyo as leader of the family. So glad I found the Guardian Family when I did and have been with it for so much growth. Although I too would like to know about the hamster and when did Llama get moved to Reborn’s penthouse? I thought it was still spitting and making a mess over in Ascending’s penthouse from the last time you visited.


As self-appointed Voice of the Forum, I can only speak for everyone when I say that @Kikyo is an awesome Leader!

Like any alliance we’ve had ups and downs - the occasional riffraff coming through. She’s great about letting people play they want to play when we’re in the ups; it’s a crazy concept, letting adults be adults, I know, but somehow it works! And steering the ship back on path in a down. Firm and fair when it comes to making the tough choices.

The Family itself is really supportive and moves freely together, with great Leaders at each level.

As she noted, Kikyo keeps a low profile around here, but when she speaks, people listen.

Cheers to Kikyo, the Guardians family - well deserved recognition - and jive work!

I’d give details, but as a loyal and faithful servant, I’d have to break rank, so maybe another time :wink:


Wait, your title says ‘proclaimed’

Did you proclaim your appointment? Or appoint yourself proclaimer?

Because there’s a lot riding on the answer.


If I may add something here, one of the great traits of @Kikyo is her ability to recognize awesome talent, as proven conclusively the moment she approached me and tried to recruit me. That was a lucky break for the game because I would never join an alliance that would not want me.

Once there, I realized what a great job she does managing a family of alliances, despite the trouble of having to deal with @Kayo as well, a man who speaks for all and therefore contradicts himself regularly. Just yesterday I asked him what he thought of JF, and he answered me with two 1000+ posts threads proving to me beyond doubt that JF needs to be nerfed and buffed at the same time.

But don’t take my word for it. Come join us and see for yourself. Those Yelp reviews are genuine, we don’t write them ourselves, our Uber rating goes to 11, and just recently, Rotten Tomatoes gave us 5 stars out of 4. Why Kayo was shopping for rotten tomatoes and how he managed to come back with some stars instead is beyond me though. Perhaps he was trying to get food for the mysterious llama.


Are you the self appointed ‘riffraff’ ?

Lmao kidding, of course.


Thank you for the kind words. :slight_smile:

Which Brienne to use is very situational, which is evidence of her versatility!

I generally assess what the defense is stacked to do to see which Brienne to use. If it is heavy on dispellers, I’ll obvious choose the costume and if it is heavy on cleansing, the original Brienne runs rampant. Also, if the defense is either defense up or attack debuff, I will time Brienne to counter it. On defense, I like her costume more since there are less cleanse options available. Although, in rush attack there are widely available slow defense buffers, so I might lean toward the original Brienne in that case.

It’s possible I may use both variations at some point, but I haven’t really thought about it. My nature stack of 3* is already full of utility heroes instead of damage that I’m not sure I’d fit a 2nd Brienne in. (Muggy+20, Shrubbear,Brienne) I generally use Melia+20 and Bane/Arman along with them.

The only 3* duplicates I maxed so far are a couple Namahages. I’m considering a couple of Costumed Banes (maybe Balthazars). That’s for the longshot hope of placing high in Rare Challenge Events someday more than a reflection of raids or tournaments. @Bruno82 has mentioned enjoying having 2 Gunnar to use on offense as well.


Next time I make it, I’ll write down the amounts of ingedients I use. I go by taste when making it, so I cannot definitively state amounts here. It’s a Peruvian dish a good friend showed me how to make, and we made it many times along with other things like Papa a la Huacaína. I usually use red potatoes since the type you are supposed to use is hard to find in the US. The aji amarillo can be found as a paste or jars in latin grocery stores.

The brief keys are:
*Use a sandy-textured potato
*Peel them after boiling while hot
*Use oil (olive or vegetable), lime juice, and aji amarillo paste (jar or made from peppers) when mashing the mass
*Decorate with parsley and kalamata olives
*The filling has hard boiled egg and avocado slices piled on top of a parsely-red onion heavy tuna/chicken salad.

I’d have to look up the history of the dish myself, but have seen it as a common thing to bring to social gatherings. Perú has hundreds of potato varieties and different culinary influences. Personally, it was something my friend and I enjoyed making together while hanging out.


Another excellent interview. I’ve been sharing them in my alliance as there’s little nuggets of gold in each one. This one was of particular interest to me because I’ve been trying to convince a relatively newer player to level Rigard, she a bit hesitant. I imagine this will help push her in the right direction.

Thanks for doing this @JonahTheBard. I appreciate you taking the time and it’s quickly become my favorite forum read. I look forward to the next interview as this is another one that helped me early on without knowing it and is very low key and modest like our current interviewee


Your picture looks very delicious, kudos for mastering that dish. Now, I’m going to have words with my Peruvian best friend, as he has been hiding it from me… When I finally do get to visit him, I’m going to drag him into the kitchen so he can teach me!

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Phew… because I’ve got enough for the next week already :laughing:


All the interviews are top notch…although I would love a further study into all of them with more questions and just getting to know the individuals a bit more.

@Kikyo you sound like a wonderful pleasant leader; thanks for giving us a glimpse into your day to day as well as a snippet of your Empires rhythm (at least the leveling part).


Maybe @JonahTheBard can collect those follow up questions for round 2. :woman_shrugging:

I agree… I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading the interviews… especially in this anti social time we’re in right now. :pensive:


I can elaborate a bit more about myself, I suppose :wink:

I have lived in western Washington (Olympia and Sumner) since the end of 2016. I moved out here from Norman, Oklahoma, where I went to university. The move was initially to help my sister-in-law with my 2 year old niece while my brother was deployed in Afghanistan. Once he returned, his unit was moved back to Oklahoma and I decided that I’d rather stay here than move back :rofl:. Where am I from in the US? Well, take your pick of California, Georgia, Oklahoma, Washington, Colorado, or Florida as where I either lived or visited family regularly! (the list is the order I’d rank them) The list probably explains my equal fondness for beaches and mountains.

My job is a data analyst/programmer for a small company. It’s not exactly what I went to university for, but I make a decent wage and am allowed to work remotely from, well, anywhere, according to my boss/CEO :slight_smile: . Those perks keep me around :wink:

I adore animals, they seem to like me almost all of the time. We always had a pet when I was growing up, whether it was a snake, guinea pig, cat, dog, lizard, etc. My current Dog-Daughter is Yuna, whom I adopted in 2012 from an animal shelter at age around 6-7months. She definitely destroyed a lot of things in my apartment in Oklahoma, but I lived there so long that it didn’t matter! My doggie :heart::dog2:

This does not preclude me from liking cats, it just means they are less comfortable when Yuna is around :cat2:. I’ve been lobbying to get my boyfriend to get a puppy for Yuna to help raise it with us :slight_smile: .

My hobby of fermenting/brewing takes up a bit of free time, but I also enjoy exploring the national parks nearby and hopping to small breweries/wineries/meaderies to sample things other folks create. There is a fantastic meadery in Tukwila with a very strange kilted owner that will only provide mead to bars/events that are Viking/Renaissance themed. He is really jovial fellow, though! Personally, I love adding fruit to my creations :mango::rhubarb::apple: (or they already are made of fruit lol).

The rain in Washington doesn’t bother me, as I enjoy curling up in a blanket with a book on those days. Plus, it’s never as cold as it gets in the middle and eastern portions of the continent, so a simple rain jacket and some boots allow one to still go outside. I despise the cold, so rarely getting below 20 degrees Fahrenheit while still enjoying seasons is a great fit for me.

I used to play video games more when I was younger, but now the time and money required to play/master them is a bit too much for me. E&P is only 1 of 2 mobile games that has been able to capture my attention, ever. So kudos to SG for the design of the game. Nowadays, I would rather play board games with friends and enjoy a nice dinner party with a small group of friends or learn something online/from a book.

I’m also extremely unlikely to meet anyone from online. It just changes the dynamic and makes me uncomfortable. There’s something reassuring and beautiful to me about simply caring about each other despite the fact that we are mostly faceless and anonymous. Even in real life, I tend to compartmentalize my friend groups and get a little stressed when they cross over the group boundaries. I don’t mind other folks from the game sharing or meeting, but I would strongly prefer not to.


Great interview, great pictures and just amazing communication you have going on with your family alliance. Thank you for sharing. Yuna is adorable by the way, those eyes and that puppy smile. :dog: :heart:


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