Forum Interviews: An Audience with @Guvnor 🌳

Nah, all of the colour goes to whoever I’m levelling :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m exp hungry not ham poor :wink:

You must be something pretty special! Spill the beans! How did you acquire this honour! Only spammers want me (inconsolable sobs…) :pensive:


He sent me a message and asked :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Lol! Thank you, but no I’m not special. Although, I dare say, the Groot alliance family is. If you ask @Guvnor nicely maybe he will extend an invitation to you as well. There is a link here on the forum. :sunglasses:


I really don’t think I’ll ever be part of the “big” league but thanks for the thought!!

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Hey @Guvnor, I’m late to the party, as last week was crazy. But I had bookmarked this and today am trying to catch up. Thanks for sharing! I appreciate all the modding and posting you do. Like many, I feel the thread you made on chasing Guardian Panther was an innovative and informative post.

DaveCozy already made a strong case, but I want another opinion. Why should I make time for Puzzle Combat in my relatively scarce gaming time?

I have the power to arrange the upcoming war match-ups. What alliance do you most want to battle?

I also have the power to arrange your next raid draw. Which poster do you want to attack?

Quick comments:

  • You have a good dog.
  • Impressive library! I particularly appreciate how well organized it is.
  • Cool BK + Elena interaction! As I have neither I didn’t know / never thought of that! Also, to be fair, SGG can sometimes be a bit lax about whether special skills are proc-ed from top to bottom or not, so…

Thanks. I did umm and arr about posting it… Considering doing a sequel with Gravemaker in Atlantis… Think I have data from both times I did it… :S

Tbh if you have limited time it’s probably a “you shouldn’t” answer… I started playing PC cause a) I had some spare time and b) i was filling that one with an alt account on a second device…

Playing PC meant I can do it on the same device as EP, giving more access and more dedication.

PC is different in some ways but in a lot of ways it’s just a reskin. So I’d say the main reason to play is that you have the time and that you love EP but would like something a little different.

It’s also got some fun aspects that it’s still in development so you get to watch each feature get developed, tweaked and released. Like I got to watch the birth of Alliance Wars in PC… Plus I’m in a top 75 alliance now so there’s that :stuck_out_tongue:

I like fighting people I know… So I’d say that it would have to be one for the following three alliances… All of which I’ve gone visiting :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Misfit Toys -> has @JonahTheBard, @DaveCozy, @Rook and a number of other forum regulars in there
  2. Pirate Horde -> similar reason cause I know the people (@zephyr1, @voidstrike, @loki to name a few)
  3. Helios / Crew Saders -> would be entirely outgunned but hey… Fighting @Cvs or @Rigs/ @Math4lyfe would be fun… Ish

Someone not fielding Telluria :stuck_out_tongue: not cause I can’t beat her, I’m just bored of it… I upped my telly raid limit to needing 30k food (normally my limit is 20k food)… Maybe @voidstrike just to show him once and for all I’m the better EP player (linky link: Hype R Bole - Best player in this game)

Thanks :slight_smile: he’s definitely a good boy

Library is actually ordered more than you can see in that picture… The books are split into 3 sections: 1) reference books 2) novels 3) kids books
Inside those categories, the books are ordered further. For example the novels are then ordered alphabetically by author surname. Then within an author’s name, the books are ordered chronologically by series. Then within each series, the books are ordered chronologically (not necessarily the same order as released by author)… Yes I may have some issues…

Re the bk Elena thing, it was actually queried but nothing changed … So working as intended right…?


Kinda feelin left out here guv


The ̷i̷m̷p̷u̷d̷e̷n̷c̷e̷ assumption to put us number 2…this forum seems all about disappointing me this morning…

First no pants discussions without me…now @Guvnor just throwing me to the 2nd place wind…I can’t even…

What other calamities do you have for me this morning forum?


Still workin on it.

We haven’t had our morning discussion of calamities for voidstrike yet, still wating for math to put on pants. Day is still young. What you’ve seen so far was carry over from our last meeting


Thanks for that…I prefer to get my flood of disappointments out on a Monday so I can doom and gloom for an entire week instead of a partial week.

…You’re the best player in my heart…
…along with the other best players in my heart…your use of best was in reference to being my favorite right?

Also it’s better I stay at the pinnacle…people don’t take these claims seriously and your contributions deserve the utmost A+ level of seriousness applied.


Saders was actually an after thought (hence the “3 alliances” but listed 4 :stuck_out_tongue:

Idk if I even meet the Saders reqs

Lol so I’ll just toss in a shameless plug here:


This hurt. A lot.



To be fair, I don’t think I’d actually like to battle the telly and Vela setup you you guys run

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Only in the forum from time to time, I stopped playing one month ago :slight_smile:

Had to have a look on Josha Stradowski :face_with_monocle:


I WANNA FIGHT @Rigs and @Math4lyfe tooooooooo!
And honestly, everyone I know. I just wanna fight them.

EDIT: Except @Rook, she knows my weakness. THATS CHEATING


I’m guessing the next best thing is to fight WITH @Rigs and @Math4lyfe :stuck_out_tongue:

Go for a Saders visit or something

Or just find a fun thread that looks like it has potential and have at them :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Oof. Please don’t… still recovering from reading all the negativity in some of the others.


Want some RAMEN? :grin:

How have you been, @GOON18?

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