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Howdy compadres,

I have for you another golden nugget of forum splenditude; this time we delve into the world of @FrenziedEye, leader of the alliance the Beacons are Lit!!

Notable for his positive stance on being F2P, I always enjoy his ability to blend passion with a grounded and civil argument.

He’s also a rugby and animé fan and adept with a Lord of the Rings reference, so he’s a bit of a kindred spirit.

Wash your hands :sweat_drops::palms_up_together:, wear a mask as appropriate :mask: and stay at home :house:.

Remember to #PlayApartTogether

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Thanks Jonah for the questions :slight_smile:

Since 8 January 2018 apparently, according to Google Play. It feels longer than that to be honest.

This is the first game that I have played continuously for over 2 years, and I don’t think that’s healthy.

I have traditionally played console games that usually take a couple of weeks (at most, a month) to complete so this was a big change for me.

This is off topic but my favourite games in no particular order are:

  • Street Fighter
  • Dragon Age
  • Valkyria Chronicles
  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
  • The Last of Us
  • Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising
  • Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped
  • Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations
  • Professor Layton and the Unwound Future
  • Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time; Bugs and Taz: Time Busters

At the time of writing I am the leader of the Beacons are Lit!!

Due to Real Life (I’m OK), I’ll be stepping down or will have already stepped down by the time this post is published. So I’ll likely be an Elder.

My main priority is levelling my dupe Gandalf so I have another healer for war.

I typically raid with at least 2 healers so I need to make sure I have more to hand.

Other projects include (nothing flash):

Dupe Merlin is nice but he isn’t too sturdy.

Costumed Gandalf. My latest pull.

Three reasons.

  1. Green is my favourite colour.

  2. I think Gandalf provides more HOT than Telluria and the defence all is nice, although granted Telly has minions. With my mana troop at level 23 I can get him to fire in 9 tiles. He will be in most of my raid teams I think particularly because of his utility and dispel all.

  1. How could the Beacons truly be lit if I didn’t have Gandalf the White?!

Everyone on the forum really, even the most irregular members or newcomers can sometimes offer some interesting perspectives.

However there are a few standouts on the forum that I like to read in particular: @IvyTheTerrible @MysterySpin and of course @zephyr1’s beta beat posts are pretty invaluable.

While not strictly totally gameplay related, it goes without saying that the resources created by many on this forum are pretty awesome too, particularly:

@Novo (Calendars)
@Lumi (Jeeves)
@cap (Level Guides)

I’m sure I have left off others and I apologise.

Then there are of course those who have already left us like @Mariamne and @Kerridoc who were a wealth of knowledge and / or contributed enormously in this area. Pretty sure my first post on this forum was answered by the Doc.

My last resort is of course to just ask a question on the forum. That is the beauty of this place, everyone is so knowledgeable and willing to help.

As a sidenote I shamelessly admit that sometimes I have an ulterior purpose with tagging others in my questions / posts and that is to court controversy or stir trouble in the forum for laughs :rofl:

Great Victories:

My ‘victories’ are not raid or war based, but based on heroes I have collected.

  1. Pulling my first ever healer Kiril was my greatest victory as a noob. This game would be impossible to play without any healers. I remember having to get by with two Kirils at one stage.

  2. Pulling Zimkitty on the first day of November 2018 with a single EHT.

  3. Pulling Telluria on March 30, 2020, from an EHT received from a titan chest…

Tragic defeats:

  1. Wondering why I couldn’t beat level 2 of Avalon Rare or the Easter Event a few months into the game.

  2. Using gems to continue several rare quests to snag ascension mats. This was back when I didn’t have any healers.

Moments of madness:

  1. Almost quitting the game twice. First time was due to the lack of healers and frustration with pulls. Second was due to Aegir being buffed and having missed the opportunity to pull for his buffed card…

  2. Not pulling any non-classic 5* for the whole of 2019. But @Rook has had it worse…

  3. Hoarding up 25 EHT to try and snag Margaret (yes, Margaret) because I was desperate for ANY green 5*. I don’t remember pulling even a 4*… I don’t know what I was thinking.

Rigard, there is nothing better than a heal all and a cleanse.

Cloudy day in Sydney.

Roast pork with veggies. Very easy to cook and very satisfying.

If he didn’t mind I would go out and buy a doner kebab with chilli and garlic sauce for the both of us.


I’m cheating here and none of these are new ideas but they are worth repeating:

"Training room" or “Viewing room” - Allows all alliance members to watch a live raid.

"Raid a friend" - Search for someone to raid

"Fog of war" war condition - Enemy teams in war can’t be seen until attacked. Or only the tank can be seen.

Alliance search toolkit - Self explanatory


A monthly or fortnightly quest that rewards us with 2 EHTs or say 100 Valhalla coins.

Not realistic:

Upon reaching level 100, receive a free hero of your choice.

Trade 10 classic 5* and gems for a guaranteed but random old HOTM.

Have all the people who left E&P gathered together in a game called “E&P Alumni”

Covid restrictions permitting I’d buy KFC every day for as long as that would last.

Apart from a separate chat topic on Discord, we actually don’t really discuss the subject much in-game except in passing. But we do wish each other well and check in that everyone is OK when that’s needed of course.

There’s a certain view that games are an escape from reality and bringing the topic up in full in-game is supposedly in “bad taste”.

I respect that POV but I’m not sure I really subscribe to this view - I’m always happy to have the real-world chat and provide whatever support I can :slight_smile:


Omg I knew I liked you @FrenziedEye!! Which is your fave? Origins? DA2 or inquisition?



I totally feel you.

I spent so much time, energy, and resources on heroes, troops and items trying to get the snowman avatar in 2017-Dec after playing seriously for 90 days.

My old Twilights Bastion teammate still taunts me with the snowman avatar.


lots of relatable bits here @FrenziedEye -

  1. FFX was the only Final Fantasy I finished, while FFVIII was the only other one I started! I also like Crash Bandicoot, though my favorite is Crash Team Reaching (I have horrible hand-eye coordination, and at least with the racing I don’t die all the time)

  2. I remember my first seasonal event, the Christmas one. Also couldn’t make it, and I kept trying and trying before giving up… and I remember my first challenge event was Teltoc, I didn’t read carefully and took my (then-only 3*) Bane… whoops…

  3. Kebabs, yum…

  4. Green is also my favorite color!

  5. and just to make 5*, yes. Healers. Also glad you’re OK and you’re not stepping down from leadership cause of any real-life problems.

thanks, that was fun! And oh yes - as F2P I still clearly remember every summon that produces a non-vanilla 5* (and even the 4) … it’s a small thing for some, but it means the world to us!


Lmao. This is awesome.

Thanks for a wonderful interview. I’ve always respected your thoughts and opinions on the forum concerning the game and of course I’ve enjoyed your contributions to the non-game threads. :slight_smile:



Can I sneak an invite, @FrenziedEye?


The best thing about these interviews is finding out how our members are all over the globe. Wonderful insight on a treasured member of the forum! So did you step down as Alliance leader?

I will go to Austrailia some day…love the people. My cousin married someone from there and I just adore all his friends and how fun and kind they are.



a great read @FrenziedEye. Chiefest of Calamities.


@FrenziedEye, I’m flattered to have received a call out! Always happy to interact with you and I commend you for another fine installment of An Audience With!

It was fun to read about your game history and development. I’m sure some of those moments were frustrating at the time, but I hope they are now only amusing in hindsight.

What are you going to use Gobbler and Sumitomo for? I’ve held off on both for a LONG time as I don’t see the use case, but very much welcome your thoughts and being shown I’m wrong. With you on C. Melendor - I have three maxed for war and recently considered doing a fourth. As I am flush with green healers (Mother North, Telluria, Heimdall at 3.70, and Brynhild is waiting), I realized that was silly and excessive.

Sounds like E&P Alumni has a LOT of potential! What’s your vision for the game?

Favorite SF version and go-to character?

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How do you check this does anyone know?

Edit : So I managed to find the first date I visited the E&P page in the store which I guess is when I installed it. Been wondering this for a while. March 27th 2019, by far the longest running mobile game I’ve ever played.


Sorry guys I went away and have only just settled down today.

:rofl: :sunglasses:

Haha too kind.

Gee, I wasn’t very clear there was I. Did you know that I have not finished Inquisition or Uncharted 4? It is kind of embarrassing. Not that I didn’t want to but because I just got caught up with everything.

The storytelling in Origins was amazing. You have no idea how many saved games I have where I saved at every juncture in the story so I could reload and see what I did wrong or what could have been.

I’ve replayed that game 3 times I think on different difficulty levels, siding with Morrigan, or being a goody two shoes. Reminds me of Neverwinter Nights.

Inquisition was amazing too and I liked how they developed some of the story and let us explore the world further.

Let’s not talk about Dragon Age II, it wasn’t terrible but it was just very different lol.

Good to hear we were on the same page lol.

Oh man I love CTR, I forgot to add that to my list. Hot Air Skyway is the best track in the game.

Yep! Indeed!

Thanks @Math4lyfe :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

Ha! You’d always be welcome.

That’s very kind of you. It was a bit chaotic. I stepped down and passed it to @Dayman1 but it was kindly suggested I hang back onto the reins and let the others take care of things. @Dayman1 and the others have helped a lot so it is sort of in the style of @zephyr1’s “everyone does leadership” model.

I went to a tourist shop the other day and saw that one of the magnets said: “Australia: Bloody far!” I suppose that’s why everyone thinks of us as exotic…

We do have lots of amazing scenery and some have argued that we have an Aussie kind of ‘genuine friendliness’ but TBH I think you can find that anywhere in the world if you look hard enough.

Thanks @Saphirra !

That’s kind of you Ivy and thank you for that :slight_smile:

I was desperate and ran out of things to level lol.

I don’t think they will get any use actually.

I pulled the Kiril costume and may put him on my war team actually. Now have a Caedmon costume and Gandalf dupe to keep me occupied but that may not last for long…

Exactly like E & P but with heroes tributing every Alumni and with better odds… :rofl:

Probably Alpha 3 for nostalgia but Third Strike is pretty cool.

I think Blanka doesn’t get a lot of love but you can never look past Chun-Li and her thunder legs…


I liked the DA Inquisition map stuff BUT found that it got a little repetitive in some aspects… Was still fun but wasn’t quite the same as DA Origins.

I actually kinda liked DA 2; was very very different feel but still had the key DA elements… In some ways I almost think that DA2 was more true to DA Origins than DA Inquisition was…

But you’re right, I LOVED DA Origins probably the most… Have replayed it a dozen times now playing different roles… I do seem to have a preference to play mostly as a mage tho… :S :stuck_out_tongue:

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The first time you play the game is something I wish I could do again.

You knew you were getting into trouble with some of the dialogue option choices lol…

It’s like oh, is Alistair going to hate me for choosing this. Oh but…Leliana might leave my party if I pick this… lol


I played SF2 a lot as a kid, and almost always played as Chun Li.


I don’t know how I missed this before but it makes me sad to see this series is ending or nearing the end of its run.


Let’s call it a hiatus, to regather momentum :blush:

But I’d rather people were sad to see it go than indifferent :wink:


gather momentum? Will it help if the next interviewees-in-line start rolling down a hill? :wink:

I do look forward to this interview series a lot, and will be glad to see it continue!


Excellent interview @FrenziedEye! Always appreciated your posts here.

You mentioned so many things that I’d love to reply directly to, but I think it’s best if I just take on one topic at a time so I don’t go too far off the rails…

I’m mostly a console/PC gamer myself, but I’ve never been a fan of games that are simply “completed”. I despise linear storylines!!! I’m the guy that will spend months or years grinding the same sandbox, doing every single side quest, replaying dungeons, exploring every part of the map, leveling up every aspect of my character, collecting everything, looking for every hidden item, etc. If there is a main questline with a final boss and ending storyline? I specifically avoid that part of the game just to make sure I’ve seen and done everything else there is to see and do beforehand. By the time I actually do take on the boss, I’m a level 457 warrior with a +500 power legendary sword and armor set and I basically one-shot the boss. If there’s nothing left to do after that? I start over again as a level 1 sorcerer instead. :grin:


I’m exactly like you!! If there are 4 paths, I take the 3 random winding paths to get all loot / sidequests THEN come back to the main path!! Lol!!

And cheers for the compliment!


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