Forum Interviews: An Audience with @DaveCozy💩

@DaveCozy, congratulations on your parenting! I have some friends who recently delivered and they said it’s actually been really great that both of them could be home without regard to their employer’s ma/paternal leave policies.

Who’s your driver of choice for MarioKart?

Thank you for your ongoing work on the status effects threads. If you could give the mods one buff (doesn’t have to be an actual thing - I mean, all the status effects are made up), what would it be. Also, feel free to slap an ailment on the plebes, if that’s more your speed.

I haven’t waded into the Puzzle Combat thread. Why do you play it? What do you like about it? I have limited gaming time - why should I make time for that?

@Saphirra, Jonah was already interviewed.


ah! it was so close to the last title that i didn’t bother opening it. :joy: Thank you @IvyTheTerrible



It’s almost as bad baby shark


Another great read. It’s super cool to get a peek into the life of a mod. Thanks for all you do. I know some of us forum-folk can get a bit rowdy at times.


Loved learning about you DC! Not having time to yourself is the reason you have a kid! Cheers and thanks for keeping the forum a great place to learn and discuss.


For multiplayer, I like King Boo the most. He laughs maniacally while sticking his tongue out everytime he hits someone with a shell or whatnot – he’s got nothing to lose, he’s a ghost!

For time trials, it really depends. I usually pick the heavyweight Metal Mario for most courses since heavy drivers have the best top speed. However in the new modes they’ve introduced in the newest game – particularly the out of control 200cc engine speed – you really need to pick a lighter driver for their better handling in several courses.

I don’t believe we need more buffs – we’re already kind-of OP here in the forums. For instance, we can cast a silence on anyone Silence :wink:

But on a serious note, those powers are last resorts and we check in with staff and the other mods when using them. With great power comes great responsibility.

I enjoy matching games, and it’s been fun to play another E&P like game but with a different kind of flavor. Different heroes with a different kind of meta.

The matching mechanics are a bit more complicated but they offer more options than Empires. For me, that’s my favorite part of Puzzle Combat.

Click for specifics on matching mechanics in Puzzle Combat

For instance, the same match-4s that produce dragons in E&P instead produce bullets that clear either 5 in a row or 5 in a column – they’re always opposite of the 4-match you did to produce them: so vertical 4-match = tile that clears 5-horizontal, and horizontal 4-match = tile that clears 5-vertical.

The other type of match is a 2x2 square, this one produces a fuses tile. This is more similar to a dragon in E&P, except instead of clearing 5 in a “+” shape, it clears 5 in an “x” shape.

You also still have your standard match-5 that produce diamonds – or in this game, they’re grenades – that clear all of that color from the board. You have to make those in an L-shape, T-shape, or a straight line like in Empires.

Well that’s really up to you :slight_smile: I like the game, but I also agree that time is limited. I don’t mind making the time for it but that’s ultimately because I enjoy playing both games – I don’t mind flipping to farming Puzzle Combat when I run out of flags in Empires (those Season 3 avatar missions are draining my WE anyway :sweat_smile:)


Great interview! Thanks for your hard work on the status ailment thread.

Including, and especially, the “FINALLY finding a Margaret and not killing her” one, sounds like something demented Pokemon or a Japanese role playing game would come up with to get that super-special-secret weapon/character/item/whatever

Valen and especially Scarlett, interesting and great choices. Scarlett was my 3rd Red 4* but she still comes out a lot for Raids and especially for Titans, so I completely approve.

And congrats on becoming a new parent! Whohoo!


@DaveCozy Such a great interview! Had so much fun reading it and getting to know you. :blush:

This definitely made me laugh . Especially after watching “Naked and Afraid” show for hours last night. :see_no_evil: :rofl:

@JonahTheBard Thank you so much for all hard work on making and sharing all these interviews with us. Got to learn so much about all the amazing people that make the forum so great. :heart_eyes:


lame, is that a scripted ad for puzzle combats, come on, we deserve better :fox_face:

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Great interview @JonahTheBard. I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of the mod series.

@DaveCozy I just wanted to say thanks, for all you do as a forums moderator. I also appreciate all the info you share on PuzzleCombat here and on both Discord & LINE. It’s been a joy having you in Misfits. And belated “Congrats” on the new addition to your family, I’d spend money on a cleaning service too. :laughing:


Actually having summoned @DaveCozy bot multiple times to provide status ailment consultations, I can confirm he just enjoys the slight change of pace PC provides him from the EP grind…

…robots deserve a forum too…


No offense, just wrong expectations when high class moderator interviews high class player and all I get is talking about covid, puzzle combat and how you’re doing today stuff (except the question for favorite hero and why, that’s a good one) Was expecting game play insights, tactic talk and alliance/game play experience, :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah except that’s not the pattern of these forum interviews…they’re more just something to pass the time and have some form of social interaction in the current quarantine climate.

I understand your disappointment, Dave’s a really insightful player who’s gameplay nuggets of wisdom are quite entertaining to sift through.


I get it, enough other threads for detailed game stuff, just wrong expectations :slightly_smiling_face:


To present a counterpoint, EYE am the one who asked about Puzzle Combat and hearing the explanation was really beneficial to me - I now know it is not something I want to explore further (just not into the war art and theme, though the mechanics sound interesting). Also, I read about E&P plenty - the interview is exactly the sort of stuff that intrigues me about posters who I sort of know but don’t really know.

Which really leads me to a conclusion that’s pretty much universally true for every piece of content everywhere: not everyone is going to want the same things / be happy with it.


We all want a no pants revolution


Let’s also not forget the basics here… that these interviews are posted in the community content area… not in the gameplay help and tactics section.

This is a fun distraction that allows us to see players in a different way. A glimpse into the personal side of things… and I’m very appreciative to @JonahTheBard and the interviewees that have contributed thus far.


we will get there, but please wear a mask then, or 2 :upside_down_face:

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Not sure whether to be flattered or insulted :stuck_out_tongue: Trying to get rid of the tree by making him do the fire? :stuck_out_tongue:



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