Forum Interviews: An Audience with @BarryWuzHere 🎙️


Happy Friday you fantastic bunch,

Wash your hands :sweat_drops::palms_up_together:, wear a mask as appropriate :mask: and stay at home :house:.

Today, we have a very special guest, beloved data diviner, @BarryWuzHere

Barry is best known for his essential farming guide

Remember to #PlayApartTogether

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how long have you been playing? :hourglass_flowing_sand:

  • I’ve been playing two years and a couple weeks

what’s your current role in your alliance? :bar_chart:

  • I’m officially just a regular member in We Are Groot, Vol. 1, although I love helping players play the game well and efficiently, so I’m often answering questions about troops, heroes, or farming. I kinda miss teaching new players, as we don’t have any but that is one of the benefits of an alliance family; I can help newer players in the group chat.

which hero are you currently levelling and how will you use them? :muscle:

  • Ugh, I’m mostly running out of heroes worth leveling right now. I’m taking Jean-Francois to 3/70, and honestly, I don’t know if I will max him when I get enough rings or not, as I’ve already got Tyr and a few other red 5* heroes at 3/70 waiting but Tyr seems most likely.
    Also, I’ve decided I had too many feeders and 3* mats so I plan to max at least one of every 4* hero in the game, even if I won’t be using Agwe, Boomer (finished), or Gobbler (half done) likely ever, perhaps once a year when tournament rules favor them…

Which Season 1 hero would you most recommend to a new player? :man_student:

  • You said new player, so I’m going to restrict myself to 4* season 1 heroes, since truly new players shouldn’t even be starting 5* heroes yet. I’d recommend working on a good healer. Boldtusk, Kiril, or Rigard. If you don’t have any of them, Melendor and Sabina are almost as good and fill a different niche. For some reason I always got healers early in the game, and have never really played without using them. I also got Delilah when I’d only been playing a couple weeks, and she was the exception to my rule about new players not starting 5* heroes—she was amazing for me as a new player.

What can you see out of your window right now? :telescope:

  • Looking out my portlight, I see the boat across the dock from me. The boat dog isn’t there, but his bone is still on the foredeck.

If @petri was coming to dinner, what would you cook? :bento:

  • I don’t much like planning meals, and have no idea what @petri likes, so I’d probably do something old favorites. A sesame wild and brown rice pilaf, with some grilled marinated veggies and chicken, and a spinach salad.

If you could make two changes to the game, one realistic and one less so, what would they be? :crystal_ball:

  • Serious change to the game: A useful Alchemy Lab.

  • Frivolous change to the game: A French Maid Justice costume!

If I gave you $1000 to spend frivolously, what would you buy? :moneybag:

  • With $1000 to spend frivolously, I’d probably try out a bunch of different kinds of single malt scotch and maybe a few other whiskies. I haven’t had the budget to try enough kinds to really find my favorites yet.

another great interview! LOL @BarryWuzHere, at Justice in a French maid costume… she can dust the sins off of evildoers or something like that. Maybe whack them with a giant baguette.

Mmm… Whisky… just the thing for these extraordinary times.

and kudos for wanting to help new players! Even now that I’m no longer “new”, I still refer to your farming guide all the time!


I like the new avatar, Sleepy :grin:

Is that Proteus’ new power - Grapefruit of the Deep?


thanks, oh Bardy one :wink: Indeed it is. Proteus (affectionately nicknamed Proty), is my favorite hero (my 2nd 4* hero ever and the biggest game changer for me). so, to honor him…

and incidentally, his nickname has nothing to do with the comic book character Proty… though it would be hilarious if we ever got a white slimy blob as a new hero.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I wonder if she’ll do windows.

Another great interview. @BarryWuzHere I have your farming guide saved on my Google Drive and use it all the time; it’s a treasured resource. Thanks for all your data mining, it’s appreciated.


This is fantastic! Thank you for your data mining project. It is my most checked resource. From the whiskey/whisky you have tried, what is your favorite?


A man after my own heart…it’s amazing the different varieties (aromas, palette, finishes) that are present and available at such a wide range of price points. Drinking scotch also explains how you maintain your sanity while data crunching.


Frivolous yet one can still hope :crossed_fingers: :smiley:


Come on m8, How many days, we need to know exactly, :smiley:

Do you live on the boat, that I’d be awesome, I love being on the water.


@BarryWuzHere, like everyone here I owe you a large debt for your work on farming data. I still use it regularly, often changing up what I need for each Atlantis Rises. Currently that is Large Bones and Leather Strips (2.3.4 N was my decision for anyone who’s curious).

Fire Heroes

I think I’d go with Tyr over Jean-François, but don’t sell the Frenchman short! Especially if you don’t have Gravemaker and a level 11+ mana troop. My SO has both but NOT the mana troop, so is often finding more usage out of JF. If you have to make 9 tiles to fire either it’s better to burn everyone and have the buffs. I have GM and still wanted JF - just for the defense flip utility, but alas…

Unpopular Four Stars

Fascinating that you’re upping heroes like Boomer, Agwe, and Gobbler! Do you really think there IS a tournament that favors them? I have found that four stars without emblems are increasingly difficult to use in tournaments and war (and I assume those unpopular heroes will have none). Like, when am I ever going to justify Boomer over emblemed Proteus, Rigard, and Tiburtus?

Boat Dog

Interested. Please post picture if one becomes available. Always need more dogs, but especially in the time of quarantine.


JF … I do have gravemaker. Two of him maxed, one +16, and my red mana troops are 23,17,11,11. (You may now proceed to burn with envy, sorry) I’ve told a few people this before … First world problems … you’re raiding with dual gravemakers, both of them are charged, and you have to wait a turn before firing because all targets are still burning.

That’s why I suspect Tyr will get rings in my roster. That and while JF looks great against Finley, Mitsuko is great against him too.

No I really doubt Boomer will be good for anything. But I’ve done all of the others and I hardly use unemblemed 4*s now, so a 4th Grimm, or a 3rd Kiril or BT won’t get used either.

Here is Ollie, my neighbor’s dog.


great interview! i love it!!


I was introduced to Macallan scotch early in my whiskey drinking days, and still like it more than I believe it fits in my budget. :rofl: I’m also happy to drink Jamison’s. But there are soooooo many more choices. If the bars weren’t closed, I understand there is one with over 200 scotches in my neighborhood.


I agree with you… how can one hold the title of “data miner” and not give a precise number?! outrage! :rofl: :rofl:


My thoughts exactly

WHAT are the odds of that hey, lol


That number ended up in the tailings pile outside the mine…those don’t get counted as accurately!


Hello @BarryWuzHere. Thank you for your Essential Farming Guide! I have it bookmarked on laptop, on my my cell … and I even have a screenshot for the elemental chests. Because, for the life of me, I cannot remember which province has what monsters.

Also …

Could be, you need a new project … to collect data … and get a precise number of scotches in your neighborhood.

You know. For research. And accuracy. :smile:


not just the number… but the taste ratings of all >200 scotches!

you know… for those who want to farm whiskies in your neighborhood… :slight_smile:


Ahh another great interview @JonahTheBard, if I wasn’t positive that Johnny Carson was dead I’d swear…heeeeeeeeres JONAH!!

@BarryWuzHere, is my hero of elemental, S1/S2 and Atlantis farming. I believe your Barry Farmz Here is posted at least 4-5 times in different sections of our LINE group. Many of my alliance don’t have the Energy to use their eye holes, so I simply plastered your farming Spreadsheet everywhere!!! Appreciate all that hard work and the effort now going into S3!!