Forum Interviews: An Audience with @Aquaginera_7DD 🎙️


Hey nonny-nonny! Jonah the Bard here and it’s a beautiful holiday Monday here in Merry Olde Lockdowne England.

In this interview we meet @Aquaginera_7DD, leader of the lauded Seven Days Departed. Although 7D have plenty of competition, they remain one of the best known alliance super-families with a wealth of accessible gaming information and advice.

Despite heading-up such an organisation, @Aquaginera_7DD finds plenty of time to share his calm and quiet wisdom on the forum, too.

Wash your hands :sweat_drops::palms_up_together:, wear a mask as appropriate :mask: and stay at home :house:.

Remember to #PlayApartTogether

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During our next interview we’ll be basking in the sunshine that is @Chadmo :sun_with_face:


I started playing E&P in December 2017. I basically missed out the first six months tho… First HOTM I remember is Alasie. Never heard of HOTMs before. :smile:

I am the leader of Seven Days Departed (7DD) and the 7D Family. We have a great leadership team and great members so it is a smooth sailing ship right now. :sailboat:

Last hero I maxed was Clarissa, the current HOTM. Still experimenting some team combinations with her but I will likely use her in a 3/2 purple-heavy team. So her elemental link protects three purple heroes from specials. Right now I like her paired with GM - two very fast heroes and heavy DOTs.
I am currently holding onto my mats until the balance changes are live. I will probably max Brynhild, Lepus and a second Mitsuko, depending on how things turn out. :slight_smile:

Been thinking about this question since I read the first interview of you… I will split this question up and answer it from two perspectives:

  • Design: Guin. I just love her artwork. Imo the best looking hero in the game. :heart_eyes:
  • Usability: Hel. Her versabilitiy is just insane. You can take her against any tank / opponent and her special will always be of great help. I was fortunate enough to get her 2x.

Probably my alliance. :smile: We’re fortunate enough to have a lot of very experienced players in 7DD so there’s always great advice. We’re more than happy to share our experience and knowledge on our Discord server, so as someone not in my situation I’d probably go there when seeking advice: (Not sure if that’s allowed or not @JonahTheBard? If not, I’ll remove the link :smile: ) Jonah: Yes, that’s fine and I definitely left this note on purpose

I try to keep the positive memories and view everything from a positive perspective. Two memories are on top of my head right now, one specific and one being more general.
The specific one is my first ever 6/6 in wars. I rarely go for 6 OS attempts as my roster doesn’t have the depth to have a realistic chance at 6 one-shots. It all came together that war though - I went mono green with my last hit and managed to get a big cascade off at the end which sealed the deal. :tada:
The more general memory is about all the great and close wars we’ve had with e.g. Aggressive and CP. Countless wars which were decided by just a couple of points and several attacks were still ongoing even after the war clock was at 0:00. We even managed a draw one time vs. Aggressive - our first time ever. :smile:

I guess I gotta go with the obvious choice here: Rigard. He’s hands down one of the best healers in the game, especially with his costume bonus. I still use him every war. :muscle:

The sun rising over the forest that lies in front of me. :sun_with_face: During lunch break I usually take a walk through the forest to get some fresh air and stretch my legs.

Ts, nothing! That’s what you get for ignoring my tags when reporting a bug, @Petri! :stuck_out_tongue:

Gotta keep it traditional I guess. As a German I’d serve him some local beer and a Bratwurst!

  • Give beta testers more information and hence, a better perspective about the intentions of the hero / feature being tested. Like this, we can provide better feedback and also see the full picture of the impact this hero / feature is going to have further down the road.
  • New people should in some way have a chance to catch up. Especially with emblems, it would probably take years for a new player to catch up and be able to participate in a top 5% alliance. Idk… rather discouraging if I were to start now. :confused:

Your pick which one of those is more realistic. :smile:

It might sound cheesy but I personally wouldn’t buy anything. I am happy with the life I live. I’d donate the money to an organization that helps children have food, warm clothes and a good education. :slight_smile:

I think we are very accommodative. Luckily we’re in a position where individual titan hits don’t matter too much - titans will die anyway. As long as everyone hits and qualifies for loot, damage output doesn’t matter.


This! When I think about the amount of money I spend frivolously on this game, I just think how much of a difference this money would make if donated to a children’s hospice/ shelter.
No more Tavern pulls! That money is going to charity.


wow! @Aquaginera_7DD , I don’t think I’ve encountered you much here on the forums yet, but I am impressed by your level-headed, rational, humble and thoughtful answers. For one, you exemplify the spirit of beta-testing: wanting to review new heroes/features based on their impact on the game. And I really like your answer on wanting new players to be able to catch up.

Finally, your humility re getting 6 one-shots in war, and being content with your life and wanting to spend that $1000 on donations.

Really cool :slight_smile:


Now I understand what you meant by noble answers @JonahTheBard :joy: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :+1:


Yes, we need some unfettered gluttony to balance the scales :thinking:


@JonahTheBard Thank you for the opportunity! :slight_smile:

@genuineness Sounds like a good plan :+1:

@sleepyhead Thank you for your kind words. :slight_smile:


Another great read. I’m thinking that these should be printed and perhaps published, @JonahTheBard . :wink:

I appreciate the glimpse inside the 7d world. Thank you @Aquaginera_7DD.


@Aquaginera_7DD , l read all questions and your answers and I’m so proud that I’m in the alliance which has a perfect leader like you. Thank you


Pred!! :heart_eyes: Glad you’re part of 7DD!

@JonahTheBard This is still my favorite edit :joy:


As someone who started their forum career with a very girly profile, I should have known better than to make assumptions based on an avatar :flushed:


This is one of the servers I frequently visit as well when I need E&P advice :slight_smile:

That was another great interview


Can remember as we spoke the first time because of your Line/Forum picture design with Brienne - was trying to avoid gender specific words like this all the time ^^
I think at the end I asked Rilf ^^


Such a great and inspiring interview. There are people who are on the top of their game, a true star in whatever gaming hobby of entertainment they choose. The fact you give so much back to the community and help players get better, speaks a lot about your character.

Cheers to you! We need more of these people in the world.


Thanks for being a great boss @Aquaginera_7DD!


Actually, not looking at the edits, that jumped out at me too. I always thought you were a she with the Brienne avatar. That was the first thing I picked up from the interview - it’s a dude or Jonah messed up (nope, no mess up).

Well, I should know better too as I have a Clarissa avatar right now. Someone pointed out to me that her art looks like a porn star and I think that’s funny. She is currently replacing my Rudolph avatar which I like as he looks like a jackass.

Thanks for the interview.

And @JonahTheBard, I’m old enough to remember your old name, though I don’t remember exactly what it was. Something like Annalucia and I think you said it was the name of some girl you liked back in the day, no? Too lazy to look up and I’m sure you’d share.


Bards naturally love the sound of their own voices.

Yes, my first incarnation was @lesleyannia, whom my daughter created, and I used the Sonya avatar in game.

It led to a few minor misunderstandings and when @petri offered me the mod hat (and a handful of shiny stickers) I decided to change it to better represent the real me.


I second this wholeheartedly!


@Aquaginera_7DD, I’m sure I’m not the only one who is curious about the experience of being in a top alliance. I don’t have a specific question, but could you speak more about that? Maybe what you get out of it, why you chose that path, the pressures, etc. What is the alliance’s focus? I assume war, in which case, why (or why do so many top alliances focus there)? I mean, it can’t be the loot from wins and chests…

I’d also be interested to hear you speak more about the alliance family concept. Why does 7DD embrace that model? How do you coordinate across the alliances?


I guess we lost against one of the 7D family last war :see_no_evil:
But the war before we won with many points ahead :upside_down_face:


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