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@TheDufus68 Glad to have you posting. :slight_smile:

This thread has a list of all of the Missions:

There’s no Mission specifically for maxing every building, but as you’ll see on the list, there are several missions for leveling specific buildings.

You can also always view the Mission List in the game to see what’s available:


I just joined the forum.I have some questions but i am not able to create a post. Can someone help ?

Thank you

Hi @angel_dust, and welcome to the forum!

If you take a look at the first post in this thread, you’ll see the requirements for getting to Trust Level 1, which is where you’re allowed to create new threads. Have you clicked on the message from Discobot yet? That might be all that’s left to do.

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Thank you very much Garanwyn! I did and it works now.


Is there any way we can get more options on alliance banners?? I would like to have an all black flag I cannot believe its not on here

Hi @RAIN-13, there are some threads in #ideas-feature-requests which you can vote and comment on to help support adding more alliance banners to the game:

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More options for alliance banners… more colors, symbols, etc… I agree with pretty much everything I’ve read here… I really want a black alliance banner and more options… more countries are playing and more people are in it… This game may have not expected it would get this big, time to upgrade with the people … it’s not like you can’t, all the money and growth in the game… it’s time to add all options… I support everybody in this thread

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How can I have my forum account deleted?

Hi @TayTay. Only SG staff can delete forum accounts. If you’re confident you’d like your account removed, I can ask them to take care of that for you. But it may take a little while to process.

Thanks for your fast reply @Garanwyn.
Yes I’m confident to have my forum account deleted
Thanks for helping me and taking care of that!

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Sure thing. I’m sorry to see you go, but I’ll let staff know you’d like your account deleted.

Thanks been thinking I’m crazy not finding how to post

Good afternoon,

I am new here and would like to know how to send private messages to users. According to the friendly robot I have the ability to do so but I cannot find the button in users profiles.

That’s all. Thank you!

Hi @LurkerL, welcome to the Forum!

Private message functionality is limited to Staff and moderators on this Forum, but you can tag a user in a public thread like I tagged you above, e.g. @zephyr1 would tag me.

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@zephyr1 Right. Ok I gotcha. Well thank you for clarifying. I appreciate it!

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I came to the forum to Express a certain opinion. I don’t give a ■■■■ about your level of trust. Leave the tests stupid the type of “read 30 posts” for students.

Hi @Damon, and welcome to the forum. If you simply want to contact Small Giant customer support and give them direct feedback, here’s the link for how to contact them:

The forum is a community of players, though, not really a place to give feedback just directed at SG. So if you want to be able to start a new thread and interact with your fellow players in that way, you’ll need to follow the rules for increasing your trust level to the appropriate point.


You are very creative and detailed in your explanations. Curious if your line of work outside of here involves writing? Not asking for personal information or where you work lol. Just curious if it involves writing

@zephyr1 Is the war score here circled the score SG uses for matching up opponents in alliance wars?

Yes, War Score is what’s used for matchmaking in War, and is accessible in the tooltip screen that opens when you tap the :grey_question: icon next to the regular Alliance Score.