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Editing bounces posts. Why?

Doesn’t have to be bounced, I think, since most of my edits are just corrections of stupid typos…

What do mean by “bounces posts?”

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I think that was meant to refer to Discourse counting an edit as an update for bumping and notifications.

I think Discourse just doesn’t distinguish between typo corrections and actual substantive post updates, so it just errs toward treating edits as an indication of new content.


I couldn’t find what I’m about to talk about in a thread so let me know if it’s already been discussed. I was thinking while battling a titan that it would sure be nice to have a way to fire all dragon and diamond gems as the time runs out. Call it “last strike” or something. I have considered a couple ways to get this, one just as a standard thing to happen on titan battles, second as a battle item you can activate, or third, based on a certain number of dragon or diamond gems you create each battle. It may not provide a ton of extra points, but may help up the scores a bit. Thoughts?

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Hi @Csinos13!

You can discuss those ideas in this thread where you have the same post:

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Hello I have lost my account and sent the request but they always close my order without reply even though I have provided all the correct information

Hi, still me. :slight_smile:

Same suggestions as over here:

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Hello. I tried to do private message but i cant seem to do so. Will any mod/admin help me with this matter?
My account name is: Mimi4686. CAn you please check my recent account activities since i think my germs got stolen recently. It just went down out of no where even thou i didnt use germs to buy anything.
Thank you so much for answering my question.

Hi @Mimi4686. Only moderators and SG staff are able to initiate a private message on the forum. But nobody on the forum (including SG staff) will be able to help you with individual account issues.

You’ll need to open a support ticket. Here’s how to do that:

Good luck with getting your issue resolved!


thank you so much Garawyn


Agree with all, but some issues need fast responce

You agree with all of what?

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What is in first post, opening thread

That was my initial assumption, but then I’m not clear on how your second comment would be in contrast to anything said in the OP.

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Maybe is seems oposite to you, but not for people with problems

@BorkoW124 Do you have a problem you need help with?

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