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I'm NEVER coming back! See you tomorrow! Vent thread

Where in the world is the block function on this forum? Desperately needed. Search only turns up stuff about blocking in game chat.


Could you elaborate? Are you looking to block the posts of specific players from your feed of threads?


There is no optional thing like thins one forum. But you can do ask a MOD for help if some one is harrasment you.
And you can use the ( ••• ) under every post to flag it if it was a violation to Forum Rulls
Or contain hate speach.
And If you like the idea you can make a thread on Ideas & Features Section of the forum.


There actually is a way to not see people in your feed. But I want to make sure that’s what he’s asking for.


What that ! Post it I need to know it lol


It’s at the bottom of the Notifications settings page:


If I understand this correctly I will mute the notifications from them only but you still will see threads they make and posts the do. I muted some one but still can read his threads/posts.


I think that’s the best that Discourse offers. That’s what I meant by muting from your feed. Sorry about that.


Its good option too … I think many will like to know about it my friend :smiley:

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Yeah, thanks for trying. Guess I need outside software, if such is available for ios. I’m just looking to block the people deliberately spreading misinformation, etc.


I believe it’s actually possible to effectively do this (make the posts illegible for you) with local CSS customization. You will need a browser that supports it, though.

This link shows a possible way to do it:

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Thanks for sharing the technical stuff! :slight_smile:


I can’t figure out how to post a bug report on this site. Where do I post my issue?

[SOLVED] Servers Down 0:01 GMT 18 February

@Slums Assuming you’ve used the Forum enough to have unlocked the ability to create new topics, bug reports get posted in #bugs-issues.

If you haven’t used the Forum much yet, you may not be able to create new topics yet. If that’s the case, if you tell me a bit about the issue, I can help you find an existing bug report to add to, or create one for you.

FYI, this is the criteria you have to meet to create new topics:


Hi yesterday I leveled to 40 and I didn’t get full Titan energy as usually expected. I mentioned it in my alliance and someone said I should report the bug. I attempted to post.


That’s definitely odd and shouldn’t have happened, but I actually think you should contact Support directly about that: