Forum game : what hero is it?

The objection of the game is to guess what hero it is based on description. No pic allowed.

Everybody can guess and give question.
After you guess (doesn’t matter if it is right or wrong) you also must give 1 question.

Tag the person who give the question so they can confirm whether your answer is right or wrong.

Ok start from me:

What hero who use different shape of shoes? (The left shoes and right shoes is different)

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ANSWER: Telluria. Since her feet are hooved, she may use horseshoes which are usually U-shaped, thus of a different shape than the shoes used by most heroes.

My turn. Who is the hero that uses feathers as swords?

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No it is not telluria. I added description where the hero already wore the shoes, but the hero right and left shoes is different

What?!? You’re no fun. You edited your post to tailorfit the hero you have in mind. You should have been accurate and precise in the first place since my response was pretty spot on to your original question. :wink: :wink: :wink:

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I guess your answer should be Noor @mogulemon,

This hero is a student… Guess who?

@Oliz I’m pretty sure it’s Hikaru~
What hero doesn’t have a neck?

Hikaru it is

Sounds like CC aka Cheshire Cat.

With a scepter, spits no fire, yet the appearance is like of a terrible beast and so is the performance…who will this be?

Correct, it is the cat😉
What hero’s hands are as big as their head?

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Hey? you started a game you won’t play?

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@Ultra @Oliz

It is Kiril with different shoes. But i found noor also correct answer as oliz said :blush::+1:

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@Maltkitty the answer is skadi?

What useless 3 star has the same feet as Falcon?

Balthazaar because he is bring book

It is isshtak, right?

Balthazar’s appearance is not like that of a beast :blush:

No cigar for you.


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I’m confused. Kiril has the same shoes on both feet and so does Noor. It’s just that the angle of his foot in the picture makes it seems like different shoes.


As you can see, both are pointed steel-toe’d shoes, it’s just that one is at a different angle. Sorry for posting pic but you gave the supposed answer already so I thought it would be ok.

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Guys, you missed answering this.

Not missed, but haven’t found the answer yet :thinking:

Athena popped up in my mind since she got nice white feather wings, but i don’t think it is the right answer

The shoes is different. Not because the angle

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