Forum Game: Volume the 8th - Count to 20 before a Mod/Staff post 0! Wins - 213 [Highest number in this thread: 163]

I have 1 pengi. Although I’d like 2

Out of those 3+ heroes i do have skadi, but yeah lacking alot

Skadi Skadi Skadi Skadi 4 times

I’m sure we have 5 skadis out in war defenses

I’d definitely max another one

She’s great on offence!

6 times

We have 7 people not using the correct colour for their war tanks

You need a change

8 times

Couldn’t stand an alliance like that

Indeed. Hopefully (and I know I have said this before) I’ll be out after this war.


That’s the reason why I left my first alliance


That was quite a jump in numbers there…

Bit like a leap of faith from one alliance to another.

I’m not certain where you’re at in this game, but I do have connections and have helped more than zero people find new alliances.


Kaffy @littleKAF

Always good to see you :green_heart:

You are number 1

Despite the fact that you don’t know how to count! But it’s alright :turtle:


I’m number 2!

(I think I watched Austin Powers too many times.)

Seriously who throws a shoe?


Yay I love that 4 times

Got all 5 heroes that I’m levelling about to max at almost same time. Poor planning on my part

I don’t even have 6 non duplicates to level

7 is here at the moment.

WIbbily Wobbly timey wimey 8

Zero again and agian