Forum Game: Volume the 6th - Count to 20 before a Mod/Staff post 0! Wins - 106 [Highest number in this thread: 191]

7 hopefully gives us luck to get another win

8 little elves :slight_smile:

A lucky 9! Cause it looks so fine!

looks like a 10 is in order, lets get this moving along :stuck_out_tongue: :coffee:

11 just before the reset :slight_smile:

How right you are.


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I am sure that little green can say something other than that?!

Starting again … :one:

I have sensed disturbance in the force and there were you :smiley:
So I was right :smiley:



3 minute break while waiting for code to run

A :four: is next… :grinning:

5 is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away :slight_smile:

:six: miles to the next marker…

7 is here :slight_smile:
Meeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooow @Rook

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:eight: roads diverged in a yellow wood…and I took the one towards COFFEE… :grin:


:coffee: :coffee::coffee: for the :cat2: who has got 9 lives :smiley:

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Wooooooooa, we’re half way there!


Back to :zero:

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Fault, G! That’s not how the song goes!
1 would think you of all people would know the lyrics!

It goes 1… 2


And it’s almost Friday. :hugs:

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