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Make that 3 scoops plus freshly made wafer biscuits


Can Zed do chocolate with mint 4 us too? Its so christmasy.


You are a good counter of Zero :sweat_smile:


Gonna do that 1 big pull… hope i don’t get the ouch.

Anyone else having trouble claiming the Black Friday gift? Made at least 2 attempts.

Will wait for the new day of POV/G missions to do my 30-pull.


I was able to do it the 3rd time. I think the traffic got jammed.

Good luck!

Sure. 4 options for chocolate :

White creamy choc
Milk choc
Dark choc
Extra dark choc

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Each cup with 5 marshmallow… yummy

Next comes half a dozen and six

7 virtual slices of dark chocolate brownies with raspberries for Coppersky (virtual because I can’t actually bake :grinning: , and my budget is a little tight, sorry)

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Please leave my dragons :face_holding_back_tears:
I’m nothing without them :face_holding_back_tears:

1 acting mod have done it again…

Yeah. Two coming in again so soon

Hope 3 can work it’s magic.

Did a 30-pull in Black Friday and got less than 4 new heroes. No HOTM either, so not fun

Keeping hope alive with a 5.

6 comes next nooooooooow

7 shakes at the bugs being reported

8 is here right nooooooooooow