Forum Game: Volume the 11th - Count to 20 before a Mod/Staff post 0! Wins - 178 [Highest number in this thread: 141]

2 soon, we needed another ten

3…thats all… and some words to add

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4, you can hide words in <.> as long as it is continues and no special characters like the period.


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Nice hidden chars! 6

7 maybe show meyour best hero -Forum challenge. **Show your hero!** - #2 by Droggo

Define ‘best’, like most used, highest power?


What we have for this interesting game in my pocket 9?

I have many heroes I can post on your thread, just wondering what direction to go, need to think for 10 minutes

No need 11 heroes… only one best

Well I may have 12 heroes I use often

13 is devil’s dozen i suppose

interesting, always heard of that as a bakers dozen.

14 next!

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Yes but it is not my mother language… 15 years i was studying English))

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Ah ok, makes sense.

Contributed to your post, but I should have a stronger power hero in 16 days once I max Max (and LB and emblem)
Alucard could dethrone now if I could LB.

Have Zero heros to level

I am sad for you Dude, hope you pull 1!

2 people are watching the chat

Luckily we don’t have 3 mods watching

4 monkeys messed up our game