Forum Game: Vol. 4 of Count to 20 before a Mod/Staff post a 0! Wins - 226 Highest no. reached 422 [in this thread]

13 the win is close.

14 and @PlayForFun i’ll let you take the win

It is a wiiiiiiiinn !!! 15


take that Kaffy! 16 hahaha

@littleKAF, would you mind changing 22 to 23?


Got fat fingered doing other moderator stuff.

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It is 1 again. Please update the win count to 23 :slight_smile:

i am not a regular, so i alas can not.


Someone who reads it will do it later @Mothra ?


4 we the ppl ask it to be done. i could tag a lot of ppl, but @Mothra i believe is regular

It is done. Thank you, now go for 24…


Title updated. 6 now.

yes, thank you dear Mothra


Three of us can make it to 24. 8 now,

maybe. you could be rabbit, could be. 9


Less than 10 minutes, Kaffy!


It is 2 again… …

i g2g now. lol. 3 byes to ya’ll

Keep on couning it is 4 444444444444

I need a 5* Ice hero in Wonderland this week.