Forum Game: Vol. 4 of Count to 20 before a Mod/Staff post a 0! Wins - 226 Highest no. reached 422 [in this thread]

Why. I don’t see zero?

Did some war analysis. We’re in a close one.

And check out the last two still standing on my side.


Oh yeah. Can’t forget this. From the #forum-rules :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Eleven is English.

2 is the newest number

No it is 3 unfortunatelly…

It looks like the secret operation is compromized and against the rules :frowning:

Oh, c’mon! It’s not like we’re writing a novel in Swahili! 1

It’s all good. Here, I’ll help out.


Is it a typo? Or a foreign language? Who knows.

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It is spanish… :frowning:

1 giant 1

Here you go, Kaffy.

The secret word is in it :frowning:

1 or 2 ???

I got 2.

Ok let it be 3. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Four. “What a golfer says?”

I do not know what.

Anyway give me a five.

I’ll take 6 cards, and trade in 4

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Seven is the next. Go-go-go.

8 is quite the heartbreaker

9 is soo high. I will hope we can continue.

10 is 5 before a win

Four to go. It is 11 now.

12 is a dozen, and we all know it’s cheaper by the dozen