Forum Game: Vol. 4 of Count to 20 before a Mod/Staff post a 0! Wins - 226 Highest no. reached 422 [in this thread]

It is not *ero, but hero, check again :slight_smile: 1

We’ll start over. Actually, @PlayForFun already did. Here’s 2 the lot of us!


Sorry about that. I have not known this rule before.

But now I will make sure that to not mention the word what we do not call on its name…


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It’s okay if you strike it through. It’s like you’re killing it, and it doesn’t exist.



Ok. And If I make it invisble ? So the foreground color is the same as the background.



And what if I hide it behind a spoiler ?


Spoiler makes it still exist. 8


9 niiiiinnnneeeeeeee

It’s okay. It’s just fun to use someone else’s post for a reset.

They still count I’ve reserved that way before. Watch, like this.


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Hey, diddle, diddle. The cat and the fidd1e. Will the cow jump over the moon?

Ok. It was YYYYYYYYYYYYYerrrrooo before now 2


Kaffy, you should pull my quote here.

Négy which means 4 in my main language :slight_smile:

“Quinque” is not only a fictional weapon, but it’s also a number in Latin.

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It is greek for me: Εξι

Septem. Also Latin.

Åtta is known in Sweden

Nueve for Spanish

Dziesięć is for Polish