Forum Game: Vol. 4 of Count to 20 before a Mod/Staff post a 0! Wins - 226 Highest no. reached 422 [in this thread]

6 am is way too early yo be awake

I start work at 7am, 6am feels like a dream to me lol

I get to sleep in all the way until :eight:am with this new WFH policy, yet I still somehow feel tired in the morning!

It’s going to be so much harder when things go back to normal(ish)…

9 and a good night…

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10 am and its time to fill some chests.

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Anyone want to be the 11th voter on my post here? :wink:

I have just voted, but the vote count is over 12 now :slight_smile:

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13 minutes since your post… Looks like Joon is going to win.

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14 I just cast my vote for Neith, as I just battled a Neith with 18 emblems and her mana cut kept my heros from using their specials. Was super annoying whereas Joons hit one, I could recover from :thinking:.

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So you have at least 15 votes now :slight_smile:

16 to be precise :slight_smile: . Yeah I was surprised how many voted for Joon considering how I prefaced how I’m slightly overloaded with snipers… or maybe they overlooked that part :thinking:

I have voted for Neith :smiley:


I haven’t voted yet… but I don’t have a preference or I wouldn’t have asked :stuck_out_tongue:


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19 is the last number before a win :slight_smile:

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20 for the win!!! :trophy:


Huuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 21 :slight_smile:

Title updated :slight_smile:


22 (still working after slacking all day, sorry!)

Ok :slight_smile: We need to earn money somewhere what we can spend on this game :smiley:


I do also like what I do :slight_smile:


You are here now :smiley:

Go for 40 ? :smiley:


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