Forum game: Hero duels ⚔

I propose a new forum game: hero duels.

Rules: take a screenshot of two heroes facing each other. Then the other forum members need to explain why they think that a certain hero would win a potential duel against their opponent - but forget everything you know about the heroes’ special skills!

The winner can be only chosen from two criteria:

  1. the design of the two heroes (e.g. which hero has more deadly weapons)
  2. the elements of the two heroes (strong/weak)
    (NB: The special skills are not part of the criteria!!! Rarity and speed of the heroes do NOT matter either!)

Evelyn Vs Aegir

Aegir has two swords, while Evelyn has a sword and a bow; Evelyn is green which is the strong element against blue.
If these two are in a duel against each other who has higher chances of winning: the ice giant or the green archer girl:

  • Evelyn
  • Aegir

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Next: Alasie Vs. Seshat

Who do you think would win in a duel and why?


Seshat will win because she is look so athletic meanwhile alasie with that thick winter costume will prevent her to do quick action


Nope. Alasie will win since she has already aimed at Seshat and ready to let loose.


Alasie Shooting arrow with such close range isn’t effective. Seshat will just simply dodge it and then seshat will stab alasie right thru her eye using arrow that already on seshat hand


Wahahaha. Dodging at close range? Lol. Unless Seshat is also Neo from the Matrix.


Evelyn would destroy Aegir.

Aegir already has kyphosis and probably extreme back pain from those 20 arrows already shot into his back.


After reading the interesting contributions by @Ultra and @mogulemon, who do you think will win the duel between Seshat and Alasie?

  • Seshat
  • Alasie

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The next duel is Drake Vs Khiona:


As much as I love Bruce Lee (in RL), I’d have to say Khiona wins this fight:

  • Drake’s extended arm is defenseless and within Khiona’s reach. Khiona’s sword will slice through it.

that is true…but he is also the strong color against a purple, and Karate can be very effective against swords. That out-reached hand is bait in my opinion, just waiting for her to strike


Because the rule clearly state that color is one of the defining factor, I have to agree with @Saphirra. Drake might look defenseless with his stretched arm, but thats his kungfu and he are clearly at attacking stance, ready to strike with his double stick…

Khiona might has 2 sword, but her element is weaker and i believe her reflect is below drake. Drake will beat her with his speed.


Do you guys not realize that purple is weak to yellow and yellow is weak to purple? Color is a neutral factor here.

I also notice that Khiona is doing a good job following social guidance as she is wearing a mask. Drake may be weak from exposure and without necessary stamina.


Seshat ganaría por que tiene experiencia en vida natural y cacería

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Ganaría drake. Por que el nunchaku tiene poder de atacar como extensión de su brazo y defensa. Adenas el nunchaku al atacar sale muy rápido

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Agree. Khiona is the clear winner as drake will die first because of corona virus by not wearing mask :rofl:



I was thinking this very point and glad to see someone else said so. :rofl:


She will breath heavily with that mask and her mobility will be lower than Drake with her spauldron and boots. All Drake needs to do is maintain distance, drag on the fight. When Khiona’s stamina drop, use his better mobility to strike or disarm or strangle from behind.


Soo lets asume that because both colors beat each other, whoever landed the first blow wins right? Drake is quicker (Fast vs Average) so he will do the 1st blow… BUT…

Yes… Drake might end up in Hospital because of the virus, about the time Khiona was cleared from the same hospital after she heals from her wound. Drake might need another 2 or 3 weeks in the hospital before being cleared himself…

Soo Drake might win the battle but Khiona might survive the war :sweat_smile:



One suggestion… The dancing Queens.


I love the discussion about the duel between Drake and Khiona :smiley:. So here is the poll:

  • Drake
  • Khiona

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The next one is Natalya Vs Hel as @Tato suggested.


I just realize that Hel have tail…

Can Hel fly? That would give aerial advantage. Just pick up some stones and drop it.