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As you can see our forum profiles keep track of a lot of different things but doesn’t keep track of how many flags a player collects. I think it would be useful to see how many we have total and how many we get per day. Hard to beat a personal best if i don’t know what amount to aim for.


34 seems a bit less than I expected. I think you’ve deleted a lot of them.


Awesome thank you. Can only the moderators see those counts or do i have access to them as well?

I think it’s just us.

But discussing discipline is a bit of a breach of forum rules.

So you’ve trapped me in a paradox between providing a solution and flagging myself.

Well played, sir, well played


I just think i should have access to seeing how many flags i accumulate. Wasn’t trying to trap you.

What’s the difference between a helpful flag and a flagges post? Green is always bad in my notifications and definitely doesnt say my post was helpful

@Rigs, you are a smart and level headed player and forum member… I think someone put something in your coffee (or insert beverage of choice here) today…


Honestly just tired of the daily catch 22.

I waa bashed for constructive thoughts.

And flagged for complimenting SG and the direction of the game

Just painted in a corner and if I’m going to be flagged every day then i might as well have some fun with it and try to start keeping track of most flags per day, dumbest thing to be flagged for, usual comment type that gets flagged, how many flags i can get in 1 thread, etc etc

Helpful flags is when you flag something and the mods or staff agree

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Explains why there are only 8 of those lol

I read the thread… yes, you were bashed for constructive thoughts… and then you went overboard with the ‘compliments’
You know how the forum is. Don’t let them get your goat :goat: You’re smarter than that…

Wishing you a peaceful Holiday season.


Lol thanks you too. I’ll be sure not to over compliment anything oe anyone else, just didnt know that was a forum rule


The whole thing skewed horribly off topic, off course!

Anyway, if you want an update on your ongoing flag status (which will henceforth remain at 34, I am sure) PM me.

I’m going to close the topic because having the wider world debate the pros and cons of Rigs is the stuff of moderator nightmares.


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