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Any feedback or suggestions regarding our new community forum? What would you like to see changed or added, what would you like to be improved? Is something not working? All feedback about the forum is greatly welcomed under this topic. :slight_smile:


It will be good to add here new topic with suggestions from all players of the game about what to improve in further updates about game… and help developers & moderators about ideas from all to see some improvements for the future


Some form of Trello style voting system for updates ?


Not bad idea the vote thing…


Hi Rosbou.

Thanks for the suggestion! We created the category: Ideas & Feature Requests for that purpose: Ideas & Feature Requests - Empires & Puzzles Community Forum

At least at this point, that is a good place to post all ideas and requests :relaxed:



Maybe can u do sth like “panel” for the leader and his alliance. They can enter there with the password and talking about tactics etc., if it possible of course. That’s mean can be helpful for administration too. I mean like subject, where get into only administrastion(Staff).

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I would really really love the ability to send direct messages to others on the forum. I think that would be useful in terms of building a community and potentially for alliance recruitment as well - especially since there is no “add friend/direct message” ability in the game itself yet.


Hi Petri,

  • Posting a post is damn exhausting, but that you then get this in no decent format, underline you can not put any, then no color selection to make it also optically intersster to lessen …

Since I would be very happy about it, because my contributions are mostly well designed.

  • Secondly what is missing here are the individual languages, currently there is only an English forum, I had written to you via email already had.
    Current statistics from the German chat: 3 people from about 400 active players use the forum. All Others Not as it is English.

“Hi maybe there is someone from the other language regions also times in the chat around to ask for a statistics to create”

  • Polls start missing is also easier for you as a CM to make decisions, but also for us as a community to have more options.
    There are many forum games that only work with it. :wink:

  • private messages are mandatory in any good forum.:love_letter:

  • I also miss signatures. ö_Ö?

This would be my feedback to the forum atm. :wink:

Best regards

With time comes advice, with the Council the act.

Since then they have been kind to each other and treated objectively and objectively.

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I’ve enabled tags, so it is easier to identify topics. If you create a new topic, you can add up to 5 tags per topic. Tags can be also added to the existing topics.


Over at Book of Heroes by Venan Games , I am both a chat moderator and a forum moderator.

My favorite part of Empires & Puzzles by Small Giant Games is the lack of whisper (direct chat messages), the lack of player mail (I don’t mind alliance/ guild wide mail) and and the lack of personal messages (direct forum messages).

People behave better in game chats when what they say can be seen by their peer group. People behave worse in game chats were they can create throw away accounts to harass strangers from total anonymity.

A lot of alliance/ guild, cross alliance/ guild friends, and elder players prefer Line, Kik, or a similar service, because it is designed for small groups and gives you more control over trolls and abusive behavior.


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I am seeing loads of toppics with the same problem/question.
In case of: who to level first, questions I can understand people are opening their own toppic to get specific feedback on the team they have.
But when I see about 10 toppics complaing about (i.e.) raids not fair after new update because you cannot revengem, I am really not bothered anymore to reply to those.
I know this is not the way you want it, but when people are too lazy to use search (or check the 5 latest toppics where 3 have same issue) I am not very much motivated to help them anymore.

I see our moderators combining these threads and closing some as well but this feels like there are more toppics than they can handle :wink:

I do not know how to solve this because lazy people will always just open new toppic without checking first.

I am moving a lot of threads to foreign language that clearly are not written in English. Maybe some check if English is included in the post and otherwise automatically post them in Foreign Language category.

Is it an option that players can show what alliance they are in?
Like a subscipt under their name or something like this?

@HarryDeB It would be great if people looked first before opening threads. I hope that, with double the number of moderators, we can keep the thread proliferation under better management, at least going forward.

I apologize in advance if I merge a new thread into the “wrong” related thread. It’s sometimes hard to recall where the main line of the discussion was running among the multiple similar threads.


My thing is all too often people miss a thread and open a new topic, then someone jumps down said persons throat for this. We are all human we all make mistakes. I personally have not opened a dup topic but I feel bad for the ones who do and get chastised for this. I am newer to this forum and when I jump on I see so much my head spins, so I can understand if it happens. I see people calling people lazy but I think more often then not it is probably due to the fact there is so much to read and in so many places. I’m scared to open a new topic in fear of being shot down as lazy. And I read a lot in here. I wish people could be more understanding and not so quick to judge others. This is a game. We like to play and we like to have fun. Being scared to post is not fun at all. I could ask a million different questions but I regress. Every single time. :pensive:

You’re right that there is a lot of stuff on the forum - enough to make your head spin, even. But a significant reason for the volume of stuff is the proliferation of duplicate threads.

As a person who might sometimes be (fairly) accused of jumping down the throats of dupe thread starters, I would make the following three points in my defence.

  1. I don’t think anyone has ever been chastised for starting a thread that duplicates a single other thread, or even a couple of other threads. I’ve never read anyone complain that the subject under discussion was addressed in a thread back in April, then again in July. When originators of duplicate threads are chided, it is because there are literally dozens of threads on the same topic. Can we think of any examples? Events are too hard. Ascension materials are too rare. Boards are not random. Summoning heroes gives disappointing results. Alliance war matches are bad. The game is too hard on paying players. The game is too hard on free players. You can’t always exact vengeance on attackers during an update.

  2. If you’re a regular forum reader then you know the topics that come up repeatedly, but it’s not necessary to be an avid forum participant to check whether a lot of threads already exist that cover the subject you’d like to explore. All a person needs to do is use the search function for 60 seconds. Either a whole bunch of results will immediately jump out, directing you to discussions you can read or join, or they won’t. I think that basic forum etiquette dictates that one ought to do this - it’s not a norm that is unique to this particular venue. I stand to be corrected, but my opinion is that this is just good manners.

  3. One always tries to let players know that they should have done a quick search before starting a dupe thread in a good humoured way. Sometimes this is received with good humour and sometimes offence is taken. I would argue that responsibility for that should probably be shared. I know that sometimes I could be more tactful in what I write. Equally, though, sometimes thread originators could do to be a little bit less sensitive. Being gently scolded for duping a thread does not constitute an insult to your parentage.

The last thing anyone wants is to discourage forum participants. But the proliferation of multiple threads on identical topics, sometimes started within minutes of each other, is itself a disincentive to participate - it fills the forum with repetition, enough to make your head spin. So I feel that it is necessary to let people know that they should do a quick search before they start a new thread. It is also necessary to do so in [sigh] as pleasant a way as possible. I might need to work on that last part a little more.


The “duplicate thread” issue isn’t merely about proliferation of threads – the biggest issue I see is that the poster’s issue/concern/question has most likely already been addressed. When I see a new thread on an old theme, it usually means that the poster hasn’t looked to see if the information they seek is already there.

It’s a bit like walking into a library seeking some knowledge, but instead of looking at the catalog and finding a likely book, you start by asking the reference librarian. I know, people do this all the time, but it does mean that board regulars take turns pitching in as the “reference librarian” for many people who could have easily found answer to their questions.

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Ok how about this. I’m new and In order to start a topic I had to read and be active. Can u set something were u have to use the “SEARCH” option before you can start topics?

Also, i spent yesterday talking to a regular about using the search feature to find a post that i could vote on and it had a ton of links. To help clarify, was looking for in house alliance player tourneys with rewards. Was directed to the forum working on post at the top and found link for player duels. When i went there, the first post is from April and has no replys. I voted yes but am still unsure as to if I can reply, if I can add similar ideas, if the thread is actually dead or been considered already.

Last, last thing I want is to be online and get trolled or chastized for posting on other topics. Think most new ppl find it “safer” just to start a thread to ask a simple question.

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Depending on your software platform, when you start a new topic there is a panel to the right showing suggested, similar topics, and inviting the user to post there instead of creating a new thread. I’m sure this shows up on iPads and in browsers.

And, yes, it’s not always easy to find the right thread because there are so many similar ones. But particularly for the Ideas & Features sections, where we can vote, it’s important to do that hunting. If there are 16 threads all proposing in-alliance dueling, each getting two votes, it’s less impactful than seeing 32 votes for a single idea. But I do see your point: I just searched for “duels” myself and it’s hard to see which thread is the “right” one. I have a feeling that a lot of this discussion was in the huge catch-all thread Shortlist of Frequent Requests (Ruled Out & Considering - Please Read Before Posting!)

So, sorry if my post seemed unfriendly. It’s just hard to keep up with all the similar thoughts and provide meaningful feedback.


@NDarkNS I like that you have a potential idea to help people. Thank you for contributing your input.
@Brobb I agree with you to at least search first. I search and also see multiple topics and choose to read the latest and reply to said post if I feel so inclined to do so. For me it is much safer to do this. I am definitely not calling anyone out on this I just wanted to say for myself anyhow, I would hesitate to start a topic. I am not sure if I am replying correctly when putting @ who ever lol and I cant see the 3rd person I wanted to reply to without backing out of my reply but I definitely see where everyone is coming from. :grin::+1:

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@Kerridoc wasnt any of your posts. I know what it’s like to be a moderator. Mostly past experiences and playing multiplayer other platforms does it for most people. There a thread were someone posted about group attacks on the titan and I replied a possible idea. The response I got was more of a shot down then a conversation as to it didnt relate to “his” idea. So do I start a new thread if I want my idea out there? (Retorical question). Everyone these days feel the need to be heard, hence duplicate threads. I’m all for adding to on going conversations so I’m not “that guy”.

Think education is still the key, but how you tell millions of new players without repeating yourself. Just an idea :slight_smile:

I will see what happens if I try start a topic on duels for reference. I use android galaxy phone only.

Cant post images from my gallery and no suggestions pop up when starting topics

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