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Any feedback or suggestions regarding our new community forum? What would you like to see changed or added, what would you like to be improved? Is something not working? All feedback about the forum is greatly welcomed under this topic. :slight_smile:

An Open letter to the DEVS regarding nerfing Heroes

It will be good to add here new topic with suggestions from all players of the game about what to improve in further updates about game… and help developers & moderators about ideas from all to see some improvements for the future


Some form of Trello style voting system for updates ?


Not bad idea the vote thing…


Hi Rosbou.

Thanks for the suggestion! We created the category: Ideas & Feature Requests for that purpose:

At least at this point, that is a good place to post all ideas and requests :relaxed:



Maybe can u do sth like “panel” for the leader and his alliance. They can enter there with the password and talking about tactics etc., if it possible of course. That’s mean can be helpful for administration too. I mean like subject, where get into only administrastion(Staff).


I would really really love the ability to send direct messages to others on the forum. I think that would be useful in terms of building a community and potentially for alliance recruitment as well - especially since there is no “add friend/direct message” ability in the game itself yet.


Hi Petri,

  • Posting a post is ■■■■ exhausting, but that you then get this in no decent format, underline you can not put any, then no color selection to make it also optically intersster to lessen …

Since I would be very happy about it, because my contributions are mostly well designed.

  • Secondly what is missing here are the individual languages, currently there is only an English forum, I had written to you via email already had.
    Current statistics from the German chat: 3 people from about 400 active players use the forum. All Others Not as it is English.

“Hi maybe there is someone from the other language regions also times in the chat around to ask for a statistics to create”

  • Polls start missing is also easier for you as a CM to make decisions, but also for us as a community to have more options.
    There are many forum games that only work with it. :wink:

  • private messages are mandatory in any good forum.:love_letter:

  • I also miss signatures. ö_Ö?

This would be my feedback to the forum atm. :wink:

Best regards

With time comes advice, with the Council the act.

Since then they have been kind to each other and treated objectively and objectively.


I’ve enabled tags, so it is easier to identify topics. If you create a new topic, you can add up to 5 tags per topic. Tags can be also added to the existing topics.


Over at Book of Heroes by Venan Games , I am both a chat moderator and a forum moderator.

My favorite part of Empires & Puzzles by Small Giant Games is the lack of whisper (direct chat messages), the lack of player mail (I don’t mind alliance/ guild wide mail) and and the lack of personal messages (direct forum messages).

People behave better in game chats when what they say can be seen by their peer group. People behave worse in game chats were they can create throw away accounts to harass strangers from total anonymity.

A lot of alliance/ guild, cross alliance/ guild friends, and elder players prefer Line, Kik, or a similar service, because it is designed for small groups and gives you more control over trolls and abusive behavior.