Forum FAQ category

My suggestion is not for the game but for the forum. I think a visible FAQ category would be a good thing for a repetitive answer to basic and repetitive questions…

  • why I can’t revenge (version change)
  • raid trophies<> raid power
  • how war matchmaking don’t use alliance score or player level
  • can I delete buildings or make anything else
  • and all I omit…

Only moderators could write in this category (thanks me for a new job :slight_smile: )

Good idea, and there’s a way you can help! :slight_smile:

If you and others write up answers to FAQs, and identify threads that provide further explanation and discussion, then we can make permanent locked posts using that information to answer questions.

You can make use of the Forum’s quote feature to assemble information from multiple places into a single post.

If you make one post per topic in this thread, they can be edited and moved into place thereafter.

Currently there is no FAQ category, but that could perhaps change. In the meantime, they could live in #player-guides, which is typically the home for more authoritative and less discussion-oriented content.


I love this idea. The players guides are awesome and a pinned FAQ thread could perhaps be used for basic, simple, frequently asked questions with links to those guides.

But there is a FAQ section, just add the points mentioned by @Orionis

That FAQ link is about the forums themselves, not the game.

A FAQ would be a nice complement to Master List of E&P Links & Player Guides

You can find answer to most of these questions on our support page:


That would be a good link to add to the forum FAQ page, @Petri.


Thank you @Kerridoc, that we can do easily. I’ll look into this!


The support FAQs page isn’t visible enough. If the articles in there were transferred into a forum category of their own it might help the repetitive, non-bug related questions that flood the Bugs section

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OK I try but english is not easy

Why I can’t revenge raid these players “Note: this player is playing on a different app version

@zephyr1 is something like this you were suggesting ?


Yes! I think that’s a fantastic start for that one. :slight_smile:


Hello, SG team. I have question - How can I see the date I start playing game?

I can tell you for Android. If you go to settings you can see your goals you had with your Google account. Just look when you completed the introduction…