Forum Faces (Forum Game)

Mine has never been broken, surprisingly, considering that it’s been punched more times than I can remember. Could maybe be all the milk I drank growing up? Appears that even my cartilage is as strong as steel. (I’ve never broken a tooth or a bone in my life)

As for my nose… well I think my problem early on wasn’t that I had a big nose, but rather that I had a small head. Eventually my head grew in to fit my nose (or maybe it was just my hair), so it hardly gets commented on anymore.

Won’t go into details of the names I used to get called. Let’s just say that people assumed I was of a certain culture/ethnicity based on my facial features, and I was called many hateful slurs because of it.

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The last time it was more than 4 months before it started feeling remotely solid now it points in the other direction. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m almost afraid to ask… actually I won’t ask. Was going to ask how you managed to get your nose broken so many times, but I imagine it probably happened in scenarios that you’d prefer to not mention or think about, so I’ll drop the subject. :slightly_smiling_face:


Definitely NSFW.

20 bits of awfulness.

EDIT: I’ll tell you about it sometime in private; it’s actually a tragedy but am happy about the outcome (not the going to hospital part…)


Figured as much. :wink:

You can tell me on Discord if you want. Or not if you don’t feel like talking about it.


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