Forum Edition: Count to 15 before a mod posts!

But… There are two mods around

Doubt we can make it with Garanwyn around but… 3


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one other thing?


1 translation issue corrected.

2 moderators asleep?

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Three hopeful players

Maybe, but :zero: of the ones who are going to reset you are asleep.

And 1 player sighs…


Two players… Oh what fun can be had.

More than :zero: fun, presumably.

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Indeed… If we could get more than two. Isn’t there a war on… Somewhere?

Reset… back to one :cupcake:.

Rana and Seshat are the 2 heroes I drew !!!


Congratulations and, three cheers.

4 summons it took, it did

Five quickly typed…

6 hours till my TC20 is do e

C :zero: ngrats! :tada:

Seven… Wait here’s trouble

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