Forum Display Issue under IE

I am probably in the minority here that still prefers to read the forum on a PC and probably event less on the minority when I still use IE to read.

Just a few hours ago, the display of the forum seem to have changed from categories (e.g. Announcements, General Discussions, Bugs & Reports, etc.), appearing on the left, and the latest posts on the Right to now the Category appearing at the top, and the latest post beneath those categories.

I am certain the forum appeared normally this morning, but changed from the left/right to top/down under IE. The forum does appear normally under Edge.

Just seeing if it is happening to anyone else, or is this another indirect means of telling me to change browsers again.

Hello Shohoku,

IE is a nightmare for Web developpers.

Edge is a little bit better and the next version should be better as it’s going to use the Chronium platform.


Discourse does technically appear to support IE 11 (see requirements section), but I suspect you’ll be happier in general using a more modern browser, even Edge. Even Microsoft discourages IE usage at this point.

@Menolas and @zephyr1

Thanks for your inputs, IE had previously had trouble displaying preview pane for me as I am typing a message a few months ago, and then one day magically resolved itself. Ok, something changed, programs don’t magically fix themselves, we just don’t know what was changed.

Yes, I am aware Microsoft has been pushing Edge onto users the same way they push new OS versions onto users of old browsers (by stop supporting old versions and no longer releasing updates). But old habits are hard to break, I was using XP and didn’t start using Windows 7 until it had about a year left in its PDLC and the Windows 8 disaster was still floating around.

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Opening in IE I get the same as you with the new posts below the categories.