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You are the only player I know that don’t keep dupe heroes like I do, will be sad to see one less familiar voice in the F2P thread.

It is also because of the reasons you have stated (heroes being released on conveyor belts and not remembering who any of them are before the next better one comes out, abysmal summoning rates) where I essentially had stopped posting and just browse through forum posts daily to see if I find anything interesting and occasionally post some updates here and there.

I was going to post in the F2P thread to see if anyone got any new shiny new heroes from the Tower, but decided it doesn’t matter coming from me, because it will probably be the same old feeder acquired and fed (it is, by the way, a Balthazar and a Carver). There was a point in time in which I thought maybe I will just 10x on the Tower to see if I can get someone new, but decided against it after thinking back at my last few event summoning results. Then there is also the 250 Gem entry fee to “complete” the tower, so when I reached Impossible 25, I just quit. I just told myself, it really doesn’t matter any more if I don’t get any of them, because they are going to be outdated by the next batch of heroes.

If it is not already clear, I don’t war, I don’t raid, so there is nothing really strategic that I could offer in my post rather than some possibly outdated information, I am simply in the game to collect heroes, play some map levels and pass the time, then it’s moving on and see if this joke of a train with no brakes installed that SGG have invented will ever get stopped.

Hope you can still find it in your own time (away from the forum) and enjoy the pass time this game can offer while just focused on who you have and your own alliance. That’s what I am really doing essentially, because it really doesn’t matter if I fall behind, because it hasn’t since the beginning.


I wish you the best @Muchacho !
We will miss your posts in the F2P topic :frowning:


I can not like posts of genuinely kind people advising us they are leaving :sweat:.

I really appreciated the 4* only quest challenges and…

They made those events a lot more funner. Your many valued contributions will be missed.

I wish you nothing but bliss. Take care.


Thanks for the tag, but I cannot like your post!

I had noticed you were posting less frequently. :frowning: I understand your reasons for leaving the forum. There are too many recurring events, and too many new heroes now.

I agree with @Noble_Weasel - hopefully you can get a couple of great pulls soon. They can make a huge difference to your roster, and more importantly your enjoyment of the game.

I can see RNG starting to shine on you properly now. Somehow, the game knows. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you for the maximum 4* only challenges, they were fun. I’ll miss you.

Good luck to you too, and please take care.


So many old familiar faces are falling by the wayside. Of course I have not been nearly as active here as I used to be way back when … when I used to climb uphill 20 miles each way just to log on … why I used to be regular – must have been the meta(mucil).

Take care @Muchacho and maybe we’ll see you back here sometime. If not, stay safe and stay healthy.


Sad to see you go @Muchacho
Beers for all that will miss you


I understand you, but I cant like this post. Hopefully rngeezus gives you some great heroes, so you can enlighten us again about the best tactics to use them.
Will miss your threads, good luck and happy gaming.


I liked your post, @Muchacho , but only because you chose to tell us you leave, not because you leave. How could I like it for that?

I will miss your contributions, your well thought-out posts. A voice of calm and reason, well formulated, pleasant to read, thoughtful. And even if I did not participate much in the discussion about unpopular or vanilla heroes, simply because I play rather instinctively and too lazily to carefully think about strategies, not because I am not interested in them, I enjoyed hugely to read your discussions with others in the FTP thread.

I think I understand you. In any case, this game does not offer any new easily available heroes. Not even 4* or 3*. Always the same old heroes come to those who don’t pay for pulls, and how many times can one discuss them? Gets boring. And the frustration just goes up when you must face those overpowered brand-new heroes in raids (one hour after they are released). Not enjoyable or entertaining, at all.

I think what keeps me in the game is that I decided to pay for Valor Pass and VIP, and so from time to time, I can obtain nice new heroes. Elradir, Devana, Heimdall plus some circus and S4 4* in the last couple of months. And two days ago, I did 25 pulls in Magic Portal (coins + a 10-pull), and lucked out again: got two event 5*s. Something to work on and look forward to playing with. I could do these pulls only because I am paying, and both VIP and VP gives extra gems and coins.

It’s the saddest thing with this game that FTPs cannot even have a little trickle of new heroes that keep them interested. Wish SG decide to put some altruistic thoughts into the game … but there is absolutely no motivation for this, and won’t do that ever.

So sorry about to see you go from the forum, @Muchacho . I am afraid this is just a prelude to your departure from the game too… where else can these frustrations lead? I hope this will not come soon, and that you come back to the company here.


Remember, you always have a berth on on The Ghost Ship. Once a ghostie, always a ghostie. :smiley:


And honestly, that’s all it would take. If I always had a new hero in each color to work on, that would probably be enough for me. They don’t have to be a one-person wrecking ball, either. Just something new to play around with. I agree that it’s sad that SGG doesn’t care, but honestly, why should they? If people with more money than sense (in my opinion) are willing to spend more than my entire monthly salary on the shiniest new pixels, I’m not surprised they don’t care about use casual, FTP folks.


Thanks for the tag @Muchacho :grinning:

Just like other said, hopefully you can get a couple of great pulls soon.
And more enjoyment in game and real life.

Some of unique challenges from you are fun, thanks :grin:
Goodluck and take care :leaves: :sunglasses:


I came back to respond to the replies. There were a lot more than I expected, which I am very grateful for. :+1: This is a great community if you get past the noise.

Kind of you to say. I enjoyed it myself. “Was it good for you too?” :wink:

I didn’t know about this until you said something, but it seems to me something you do as a footnote of an update as opposed to calling it a balance update of any kind.

Me too. I enjoy the game and intend to play for a while yet. I just think liking the game is different than getting a lot of value from the forum.

Weird, I switched to mono when formations went live and my win rate went up. I am low diamond, I think you go a bit higher than me. To me though I enjoy the closer fights and think raids should be in the 50-75% success range. It would get boring to not be challenged for me at least. :man_shrugging: I don’t have a daily box quota though or anything.

We’ll see, I certainly did try. RNG just said “nope”. My issue was wanting new 4* or 5* heroes, not just 5’s. If SE had even given me Jafar or Jabber it would have made a world of psychological difference. Same with Villains. :man_shrugging:

Props for the awesome LOTR reference :+1:

Glad to know I am not the only weirdo out there … there are 2 of us! :laughing:

That’s exactly it. Everyone’s questions and responses all involve options I couldn’t even say what they do anymore the new heroes come out so fast. They mostly release 5’s, so you can’t even stand a relatively good shot at getting new 4’s to join the convo. Three of my favorite heroes are Quintus, Leonidas, and Elkanen without costumes, if they’re mentioned it’s “don’t waste the time” if anything.

SG is doing itself long term harm IMO by ignoring 4’s as much as they do.

It really has been less stressful and more enjoyable being away. After a while the forums can make you feel like you’re the only person not getting new heroes. Maybe that’s how they’re designed?

Thanks friend. Thanks for all you do around here too!

Glad you liked them @Sarah2 . I hope they can live on for newer players to find and try. What made them fun was the community itself and everyone participating. I don’t think I can take too much credit for that. Many contributions may be an exaggeration too :wink: :laughing:. You’re a very kind person though and I hope you keep making the forum a bright place along with @SamMe :crossed_fingers:

I will come back for costume chamber to let you know if your hope kicked in :wink: You’re the :bomb: @SamMe :+1:

I will pop in from time to time I am sure. That’s a very different meaning than having anything helpful to add :laughing:. It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out your name is backwards, I’ll admit it :laughing:.

Beers great for all occasions. Not counting Tavern of Legends apparently one can avoid a lot of conflict by sitting down and having a beer together instead. :+1:. This is NOT true of @Cheds . :strawberry: ice is a line I won’t cross :wink:

Kind of you to say, glad you enjoyed them! :+1:

Fake it ‘til you make it! :wink:

Per my comment above, they would do themselves a lot of favors making more new 4’s. They wouldn’t even need to tweak the drop rate probably. Most the players just want new things and aren’t chasing the top of the line. You could satisfy a lot of the player base with something like that. There are so many variety of powers these days too, it would be now just combining different existing things for a new power. :man_shrugging:

Nicely done sir! :+1:

Not quite yet. I have enough stuff to do until the end of the year I bet. I will want to tinker with my new maxed heroes too. I will be around the alliance crash pad for a bit yet :wink:

Thanks @sft1965 . I will be popping in before too long for sure to say “howdy” :+1:

Yup, this. 4* would for this bill too.

Glad you liked them @jinbatsu . I remember you and @Silencio crushed them all too! You’re a great mind in this game. The forum is lucky to have you as active as you are!

‘Til next time!



Thanks for tagging me. :wink:

I haven’t been so active lately either but I wanted to tell you that you were the “guilty” of making me trying to face some of the challenges you suggested in this forum. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl: It was a big pleasure.

I wish you all the best and take care. :hugs:


cheers my friend. thanks for the tag - I hope you pop in from time to time. I appreciate the fun challenges you posed, and your initiatives to increase discussion on the vanillas. and i get your reasons for leaving the forums, all very valid. cheers!


Sad do see you go, but I understand only too well, @Muchacho. All best.



@Muchacho, if you’re still checking in, note that our boy Raffale looks like he’s about to get a notable buff. Here was my take on the relevant thread:

I may overstate the case a bit, but I know you like Raffale as much as I do, so I think we can get excited about this.


I have taken a little while to acknowledge this and say hi, there have been many reasons, some personal, some forum-related, and some are just… life.

at least. i am sure you get that last bit.

I always found your insight into how the game worked very useful. it’s one of the reasons i ever bothered to post here.

the challenges you proposed were fun. FUN! and this is a game. aren’t we supposed to be having fun? i think so.

i hope you are doing well, whatever you are doing. when i have the energy, and if the opportunity is still available, i’ll try to continue to make this game as fun for others as you made it for me, for however long that can be done.

Thanks, Muchacho


Glad I could help you find more enjoyment. Keep on keep in’ on.



Just read your profile page, so I gotta ask …

Named after the dog, like Indiana Jones

How does your dog smell? (considering your profile pic and all …)

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Well, the dog of my namesake passed away in June of 2020. I can only imagine I guess?

One of my current ones spends most of her time sleeping on the couch, so no issues there.

The other current one farts so much I may have to register him as a chemical weapon …



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