Forum color scheme- Dark Theme ( Auto? User Toggle? )

Yes, this question/comment is about this site specifically, not the game itself. Is it possible to have user-controlled color schemes on this forum?

My due diligence: I looked in the preferences section and didn’t see anything about this. I searched for dark color, light color, dark theme, light theme, and similar variations, and unsurprisingly was inundated with results about yellow & purple heroes along with some unrelated chaff, but nothing about the forum in general. Apparently this also isn’t a Frequently Asked Question, because it hasn’t been included on that list.

My issue is that from morning through mid-afternoon, my room is full of ambient light. I love windows and natural light, and I have them and it in abundance, and for the most part that is wonderful. But, that also makes this dark web page difficult to read. At night, the opposite is true, so I’d like the ability to switch between dark and light themes at will.

I’m sure this could be solved with a greasemonkey script but it seems absurd to have to hack HTML/CSS for a feature that’s commonplace on the modern web. Ideas welcome.


When I read the subject line I thought this thread will be a load of tosh but actually you have a really good point.

I’ve always thought that it looks a bit cheap with the colours and could do with a more polished appearance, it doesn’t really match with some of the good quality game designs.

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Third party software

Probably better to ask on their forum

Looks like Small Giant has to set it


Seems some interest, but not sure is SGG is interested

I have edited the title, feel free to change it back


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Title change is fine, thanks for the response.

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